I must admit, I'm scared today

A monster's on my tracks

There's a good chance I won't live to tell

For a tongue my body lacks

And I will keep on running

The monster will not care

For that's the way the story goes

And change it, I do not dare

He usually comes at night

With gnarled hands and feet

To touch the sleeping children

His tender, tasty meat

For a while he will leave you alone

For a while he won't care

But then you'll see him watching you

With his cold and icy stare.

That's when you'd better start running

You may save yourself some weeks

And ward him off a little longer

While after you, he seeks

But no matter how fast you run

Or how much you hide

He'll find you fast, you will see

You'll wish that you had died

For first he'll take your ears

And then he'll take your tongue

And then he'll take some fingers too

If you're lucky, then just one

But worst of all, I warn you

Worst of all, I warn you well

That if he ever catches you

Never, never tell

For those you tell will be subjected

To a wicked, wicked fate

The ones you tell will be caught, too

And then it is too late

So my friend, I'm sorry

And as I sit here I do

Regret relaying my story

For now he's after you