a/n: this was written as a song, but the tune wasn't working out, so if there is any inconsistancy in the meter (and oh, there is. ), just leave it at that. Oh, and I'm sorry for the "o"s. TextEdit won't let me insert line breaks between the quatrains. Please enjoy and review! ...

The ocean is burning

The pages are turning

As we fall, fall into the abyss

Fall, fall away from all this

Into peace and silence


Truth gets lost in talk

The shepherd abandons the flock

And we're left stumbling, falling

Wondering why. Mumbling, calling

Into peace and silence


Where do you want an answer from?

Do you expect a shunned savior to once again come?

Still, we let ourselves fall, fail

Somehow surprised. Gazing with blank eyes

Into peace and silence


So we repeat the dance of time

We'll once again cross the line

And we'll fall, fall like the Romans

Fall like Dido at love's raging summons

Into peace and silence


Destruction brings rebirth

And the peace won't last long on earth

But hopefully we've learned,

Hopefully we'll earn

Peace and silence