The darkness in our hearts and the darkness in our lives

Keep us apart and are our blessing in disguise

Together our worlds should never be intertwined

Because we both know what's going on in our minds

Betrayal, hurt, and pain

Wanting the ones who caused it to feel the same

Together we could never find the blame

Because we both know it just wouldn't be the same

We'd be worried about the other's thoughts

And unsure quite when to stop

We're a distraction to each other's thoughts

Not wanting the other to drop

Tangled in the we're in

Knowing we may never win

But together we're a lost cause

Worrying about the other's thoughts

So despite the love we have for each other

We should never bother the other

Because then who could we blame

When we cause each other pain?

Like all of my other poetry, some people may find this completely confusing. haha Most of the time it doesn't even make sense to myself.

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