Of Schools and Ale

Many days later, Antien was found to be lying outside of an old rundown pub. No one saw him enter, and no one saw him leave; he just vanished.

Selfinia was sitting down at her desk, grading students' artwork. Though she loved teaching art, she hated the administrative aspects. As she shut her grade book, a mug of a frothy brew was slammed down on her desk. She turned her gaze up and saw the face of Antien. He had the widest, most stupid grin you had ever seen. "I'm home, I'm free", he said, his smile showing even in his voice. Selfinia leapt out of her chair and knocked Antien to the ground. She held him tightly, eyes overflowing with tears of happiness.
Venia walked pass the art room, and noticed Antien and Selfinia within.
'All is well at last' she thought while ducking an empty mug that came flying her way.