When Pigs Fly

When pigs fly,

And fat is slim.

When angels cry,

And good becomes sin.

When immortality is achievable,

And beauty is only skin deep.

When fantasy is believable,

And promises are easy to keep.

When the poor become rich,

And pirates are honest.

When math is a cinch,

And models are modest.

When night is day,

And war is peaceful.

When crime does pay,

And mothers are forgetful.

When the devil is fair,

And the Lord is merciless.

When Rapunzel cuts her hair,

And Bill Gates is penniless.

When magnetism isn't attractive,

And acid has a pH of nine.

When reactions aren't active,

And gas costs a dime.

When grass is blue,

And the sky turns green.

When lies ring true,

And money grows on trees.

When miracles are commonplace,

And Brussels sprouts taste great.

When Harper has a friendly face,

And Cupid swells with hate.

When all is fair in love and war,

And victory is certain.

When humankind has gone too far

And nature closes the curtain.

Despite all this, it never ends,

The world continues to spin.

None can defeat, no hero will defend,

A battle they cannot win.

No level of pain, no measure of trust

No efforts to try and mend,

Will ever grant us what we lust,

For time will win in the end.