Allannah would have liked to think of herself as a normal, ten year old, year 4 student – but she couldn't.


Many years ago (to be approximate, 10 years ago), a young lady by the name of Sinthia was found lying pregnant, and unconscious outside a farmhouse, of whom the owners at that time where Joe Kennings and Miss Fairweather, who were not a couple, nor relatives – just housemates.

Miss Fairweather was first to find the young Sinthia lying on the ground, and quite pregnant at the time.

"Oh my goodness, the poor lass! Joe? JOE! Get your ol' hammock – I need a little help out 'ere!"

After Joe and Miss Fairweather had hoisted her onto the hammock and had gently dragged her inside, they lay Sinthia on a spare bed at the end of the house. They dabbed a wet cloth on her forehead and made sure she was tucked in, cosy and warm.

The day went normally to Joe and Miss Fairweather. They did the normal chores around the farm, and had their normal meals – except, every now and then, one of them would pop their head in the back door to check on the poor young lady.

By nightfall, the farm owners were as tired as any other night, but before they lay to rest, Miss Fairweather added another blanket onto Sinthia as the nights were chilly up in the farms, and Joe lit a candle in case she woke up in the middle of the night.

After whispered goodnights, Joe Kennings and Miss Fairweather went to bed, to await what the next day would bring.

In early morning, Miss Fairweather rushed to make breakfast, while Joe went to check up on Sinthia. Just as Joe had finished making his bed, he heard a strange wailing sound – like a baby's crying.

Joe was the first to rush into Sinthia's room, where the wailing was coming from – and there, right before his eyes, lay a beautiful, blonde haired and blue eyed baby, staring at Joe with upmost interest.

While Joe stood, frozen to the spot, Miss Fairweather came rushing in with a tea towel over her shoulder and her cooking apron rapped around her waist.

"A baby? Oh my goodness, what has happened?"

"I think our young visitor has turned into a BABY!" exclaimed Joe and rushed out of the room.

Miss Fairweather walked over to where Sinthia had once lay, now lay the most beautiful baby she had ever seen. On the bedside table where Joe had placed the candle, now lay a note, in the most finest handwriting, and on the most expensive paper. It said:

Dear Kind Friends,

I bless, and thankyou for your hospitality in my time of need, for without it, I would have surely passed on.

My name is Sinthia, and I am from an unknown land, which teaches and practices the culture of magic arts. With you, I have left my baby. I wish not to raise her in an environment of which I currently live. Although it is a civilised place, the magical atmosphere is too strong for a baby of mine.

Please take her into your wondrous caring hands. I wish not to lay the largest burden, so I give you a choice. You may raise the baby as your own, and care and love her, just as I would have done – or you may give her away, if you cannot manage this task.

Once again, I thank you greatly for your care. With this note, I have left a charm for you. It will give you everything you need if you decide to keep my baby, but if you do not, it will protect you from the many dangers of life.

Sincerely Yours,


Chapter One

Allannah sat at her usual desk, in her usual classroom of year 4 Red, awaiting the biggest test they had probably had all year. This was a massive burden on especially Allannah, as her chores around the farm usually took all night. But, she had managed to pull through, and study as much as possible. Her friends, of course, didn't carry this burden – they lived in little city houses, or apartments – with all the time in the world to sit down and read a book, study, or even play games.

When the hometime bell rang at last, Allannah rushed out of her classroom, out of the school and down the street, where her Auntie would usually pick her up. Waiting at the curve, she sat cross-legged, waiting. Eventually, she got so bored that she had to try out her gift that she had not yet told anyone about – even her Auntie – magical powers.

One day, while doing one of her least favourite chores (milking the cows), Allannah felt a bee land on her ear. Scared as anything, she screamed and ran from the milking shed, leaving the cow panicked, which lead to the full bucket of milk being tipped over. Nothing like this had ever happened at the farm before, so when she came to continue milking her frustration was so big, so INTENSE, that a large red bubble formed around her, and when she finally relieved her frustration, the bubble flew up into the sky, and made a stunning display of fireworks.

Allannah was hungry at the time when she wanted to try out her powers, so, she laid a finger to the ground thought of a big tasty chocolate bar, closed her eyes and thought with all her might, and WOOOOSH.


Not surprised one bit by this amazing magical existence of the chocolate bar, she picked it up and ate it – the most delicious, magically made chocolate bar ever been eaten! Right about then, her Aunt – Tansy Fairweather – pulled up next to the curve.

"Hop in sweety! Today is a very exciting day of the year! Quickly!"

Allannah hopped into the car, finishing her chocolate bar on the way home. When they got there, her Auntie took her around the back way, and through the back door – which was strange. She sat Allannah down on her bed, and talked to her.

"Now Allannah. Today is a special day for the whole world. Not many people know about today, but the people who do, are the happiest people in the world – or to say, the people that have been INVOLVED in it."

"What is it Auntie?"

"Let me tell you. Today is called Riunitation Day. People from all over the world have found lost loved ones, unknown siblings and biological parents. And this year's Riunitation Day will be very exciting for you."

Allannah was a very bright girl, therefore she could take this all in very quickly, process it, and then understand it and be able to ask questions about the subject.

"Am I being reunited with my biological mum? Who is it Auntie, who is it?"

"No, I'm sorry Allannah; it is not your mother."

Allannah had only been told a bit of the story truthfully. In Miss Fairweather's eyes, as her "adopted" daughter, Allannah was not ready for the full version of her mother's journey – but she had kept the letter, and had made an oath to herself and Joe – when she is 16, she will be told.

"I will tell you when you meet him."

"A him?" Allannah thought. She did not know any relatives of her's that was "a him" - well, she didn't really have any relatives – except for her guardians, he Aunt Tansy and her Uncle Joe, of course.

Aunt Tansy brought Allannah into the living room. There sat a boy, obviously older than Allannah, wavy blonde her and blue eyes. He was talking with Uncle Joe.

"Allannah, this is…"

But Allannah was busy staring into those beautiful blue eyes.

"Woa. He's so beautiful…I….I hope he's not too much older than me…" she thought.

"…your brother."

"Aaah! But your so beautiful!" this time, she forgot to keep her thoughts inside her head.

The first person to start giggling was Allannah's "brother". Allannah went bright red, but managed to stay in the room – she hid behind Aunt Tansy, but she moved away. Allannah had no choice but to let Aunt Tansy push her down into a chair, and listen to Uncle Joe introduce him.

"Allannah, as I said, this is your brother. His name is Aden…."

How did Joe and Tansy come across or find Aden? Where was Aden all this time? All this information will be revealed in Chapter 2…