Will this be the chapter where Larni and Aden find each other? How will they? Will Larni forgive Aden for their fight? Read Chapter 8…

Chapter Eight

"Excuse me, Shamika," said Larni. "May I have a little bit of a wander out in the streets?"

Shamika knew very well that the streets were perfectly safe at this hour, and most of the magic folk were quite friendly – but as nice as Shamika was, she didn't want to lose her "catch". Larni was worth a lot, but until the agency came around to collect her, she would have to take care of her.

"Maybe later, child, as you are knew to this area and I don't want you getting lost!" she chuckled.

Larni tried to hide her disappointment. It wasn't immense, but she did want to go out and explore a bit. It looked like she would be here for a bit, so she asked Shamika what she would be able to do while she stayed.

"Well, there's a bit of washing to put away if you wouldn't mind…" she said, and indicated the washing pile that Larni had landed on - only about half an hour ago.

Shamika now wanted to use Larni as a bit of a slave – but she didn't want to make it obvious, or make it sound mean. So she added,

"If you could get on with that, I'll get some milk and chocolate chip cookies ready."

Larni could never turn down an offer of milk and cookies, as old as she thought she could be, so she happily agreed to help Shamika with the washing.

While time went by slowly, and Larni could hear Shamika clattering around in the kitchen, and smelling the comforting smell of baking cookies, she couldn't help to think of how absurd this had all been!

In one night, she had met her long lost brother, only to loose him again, discovered that she is a wizardess and an honorary member of the "Kinjan clan", AND now she had a wand!

It was a lot to take in, but it made Larni feel grown up and important – so whilst she folded the washing a placed them into neat little piles, she hummed along happily.

When Sarah had re-morphed back into herself, Aden touched her face in awe. He was still new to Kinjan, as well as Larni, but watching people morph and perform magic, even when he did it himself, amazed him. He looked deep into her eyes, for what seemed like hours.

What seemed to be a special moment obviously didn't to Saz. Saz gave him a half playful, half get-the-hell-off-me punch in the gut, and he doubled over, winded and slightly shocked.

"Why…why the hell?…." he said through gasps for air. He didn't need to finish his question as Saz replied.

"I guess I just don't like people….having intimate moments with me. I don't like it any more and I don't want to start again…a relationship I mean."

Saz of course had been referring to her partner, her lover, for what had seemed like an age they had been together. Their love for one another was admirable, and everyone wanted a relationship like them – until just recently, when Saz found out that Richard had been in another relationship all along.

"That's not what I was trying to get across." Said Aden, now standing but still holding his stomach, paled in the face and splotchy red cheeks.

Passers by were now slowing as they saw the somewhat commotion. It was getting uncomfortable in the middle of the town.

"Come with me." Said Saz, as she led him away from the streets and into a house.

Saz explained in a few sentences that the house was her parent's, but they had "disowned her" when she decided to live with humans.

"They hated the idea of me mingling with humans – and I was, but it was for a good cause – I wanted to make sure you guys got here safely!" said Saz.

Aden corrected her though. She explained once again that Larni and himself had been separated. He was sure that Larni had made it to Sinainty, but she just didn't know where she could be.

"Now, sit down," said Saz, hands on her hips. "I wanna hear this story of what happened and when you last saw Larni."

So, Aden sat down on the couch. As he started Larni held up a hand to indicate him to stop talking, then said:

"We need some hot chocolate and bickies. Want some?"

Aden hadn't realized that Larni and himself hadn't eaten for the duration of their journeying together, which made him only feel worse about losing her, hoping that she was somewhere with food.

But, thinking only of himself he agreed to have some hot chocolate and biscuits, even though it was the middle of spring and quite a warm day outside – but his stomach WAS rumbling.

While Saz went inside the kitchen – which located further down the house – Aden took some time out to look around the house. He didn't get up though; he didn't want to "snoop". So, while seated, he observed where he currently sat – in the lounge room.

You could tell that a family lived here. There were so many portraits and photos of happy people together, and Certificates and trophies and badges. Aden spotted Sarah in quite a few of these photos, and discovered that she was an only child.

Even just by looking at the first picture on the mantelpiece of Saz as a baby with her mum and Dad, to the last where Saz was holding a wand (must have been her first) with her mum and dad beside her, you could tell that they were all very close.

At this point, Saz came back into the lounge with a plate of chocolate chip cookies and a mug of hot chocolate for each of them.

Aden "politely" dove into the platter of food, wiping wis mouth when the cookie crumbled when he chewed. After his cookie, he sipped his hot chocolate, while really taking a huge gulp.

Saz noticed. She smiled and took a sip of her hot chocolate, then nibbled at her cookie. She seemed to study Aden, as he seemed "addicted" to the food before him. Obviously he hadn't eaten in a while.

Suddenly, the front door wrenched open, and a heavy pair of feet stomped down the hallway. Who was breaking into the house?

Saz and Aden where frozen with shock. Aden felt he had to do something, so without making as much noise as a mouse, he placed his third cookie on the platter and stood. The "burglar" was now in the kitchen. Aden followed.

Walking down the hallway, Aden saw Saz signal to him, telling him to stop, to don't. He ignored her and went into the kitchen, where the man had his back turned.

Now, Aden didn't know many a spell, and didn't quite use spells as often, as, say Saz and her family, but when he did cast his spells, they were usually quite good.

When Aden was 100 sure that the man was not about to turn around, he raised hi hands silently above his head, double checked once again that the man was stationary, and then…

"Pazippia!" he yelled, forcing all of his energy into that spell.

The spell, as if in slow motion to Aden, slowly made it's way across the room, in a streak of green light to the man. In one, quick unexpected movement, the man had turned around, backfired the spell and frozen Aden.

The man swore, while Aden had been frozen in the position he had cast the spell in. A green glow surrounded Aden, while he stood there, unable to do anything.

Saz came running into the room. She looked at Aden, then to the man, then back at Aden once again.

"What the hell!?" Saz both screamed and questioned and the situation.

In three long strides (Saz had long, graceful and not to mention useful legs) she ran over to the intruder and placed her hands on his shoulders.

"Who are you and what the hell are you doing in my house?!" she yelled in his face.

She glanced down at the table where the intruder's left hand was leaning. It was holding her and her parent's mail, as well as junk mail too.

"And why are you going through my mail? Explain yourself now or I'll get the wizarding police onto you!"

The man, gently but abruptly, pushed her off his shoulders, and looked her in the eye. He seemed to blush and give a little smile.

"Hi there – you must be Sarah Tubet? I'm Sam – I live down the street. Your parents - before they left - told me to get their mail and keep half an eye on their house – now that you're here I'll leave you to it," he said, and started walking out of the kitchen and down the hallway. "Sorry for the confusion!"

He glanced back at the kitchen where Aden stood still, still frozen by the eerie green light.

"Oh, and I better undo this as well." He cast his hand at the "frozen Aden and undid the spell – Hoala – and walked out the door, shutting it behind him.

Aden dropped to the ground and looked up at Saz with disbelief. Saz helped him up without words and guided him back into the lounge room.

Larni and Shamika had now sat down to the freshly baked cookies and milk. The washing had taken a long time to put away, and now Larni's back hurt – but the reward of milk and cookies was one hard to turn down.

"Thank you dear, for that favour. While you stay here, would you mind just keeping the house tidy and – uhem – occasionally helping with the chores?" said Shamika.


Larni hear a strange word, whispered in the air.

"Shamika, did you….." started Larni.


Larni decided not to tell Shamika. Somehow she knew that Shamika could not hear what she was hearing.


This time, Larni sensed that it was a spell, and for some reason, she could feel Aden. She could feel Aden because of the word that was being whispered to her by magic.

Subconsciously, she tried the spell.

"Pazippia!" yelled Larni, waving her hands in Shamika's direction.

Shamika yelped and hadn't a chance to block the spell – the green light hit her with force. She would have gone flying across the room, but she remained stationary, with a horrified look on her face and her arms "waving" about.

Larni gasped. She hadn't meant for any of that to happen. What had made her want to try the spell?

"SHAMIKA!" she cried, yelling at the top of her lungs to try and get her attention. Nothing happened.

"That's it," Larni thought "I'm going to do the Valuar Incanquest and I'm going to do it now."

With one glance back at Shamika, promising herself that she would return to free her, she cats the Valuar Incanquest.

Will Larni find Aden? Has she finally seized the chance to locate her brother and continue their quest to find their mother? Read on the chapter nine to find out….