this is for the times the world beats you down
and all you are able to manage is a frown
when your friends just seem to turn their backs
and all you can do is wait for the tears to pass

this is for the days you just came up a little short
and you just can continue to ingore the hurt
when your best attempts just are never good enough
and you just can't seem to continue acting tough

this is for the weeks where nothing is going right
and you cry yourself to sleep each and every night
when you pretend to smile and force the laugh
and all the while you feel like you're torn in half

this is for the flat tire on the day you woke up late
the two weeks being grounded for a bad grade
when you lose your way and find yourself in a rute
this is for those times you just want to give up

just remember; no matter what goes wrong, you'll be okay
i'm here to cry to, doesn't matter; night or day
because this is to make you smile, and help you through
and to always help you remember; i love you.