tonight it's just me and the headlights
tonight you're tending your wounds from the fights
so many words we never meant to slurr
so many questions we never go to answer

as you cover the imperfections with clever lies
i'm watching a steady stream of yellow lines
there's too many regrets to over come again
there's too many people to try to pretend

minutes turn to seconds as you answer the door
seconds turn to minutes as my heart hits the floor
here's the last chance to turn our lives around
here's to the car speeding to escape this town

tires start screaming as you're worst fear comes true
headlights beaming as i scream my final "i believe you"
now so many moments in my head begin to slurr
there's just too many questions for us to try to answer

sirens tell the tale that reads in the morning paper
"teenage life taken by girl and drunken driver"
the article lays pinned to your wall amoung the pictures
but you have so many questions that need simple answers

tonight it's just you and the streaming headlights
tonight you're regretting all the words you spoke that night
the one drink she had that turned to three or four
the note you never found that i left by your door

when you find the paper stained in tears
try not to cry as you read all my fears
"i just came around to tell you goodbye"
"i just wanted you to know, i won't let my hope die"