Am I Your Reason ?

With these words do you comprehend?

When I just cry to bring you're heart a lead

Will this pain consume or will it end?

Is it the sparkle in the iris of the eyes?

That leads you to my silent demise

When the time goes by you say not a word

Letting the time lend an ear to what should

Is this the promise land that you died for?

Will the numbness of your heart be more?

I am the actress that you seemingly need

The one that burns your heart's seed

Don't stare when the air is smoke

Lingering just enough to make me choke

The bitterness is etched upon your languid face

The table will not set will be rusted with crippled lace

Lead me astray and lead me far in treason

But once more I am not your reason

January 12, 2007

Tiffany P (TSP)