The answer is a bomb inside of my head
Whoever finds it first, the other side's dead
And the winner gets full control over this place
Welcome to my soul's very own arms race

First, let us meet the competition, the players in this game
On this side of my brain, there's a man with but one name
General Pessimism, and destruction is his game
He says She's not worth the wait
And is working toward a change
"The world revolves around others
And let's them give it a name
But while it sits around and waits
It simply erodes away"

Now manning his troops way o'er on the other side
Is the one set to put a halt to this Hope Genocide
He aims to keep peace and let nature take its course
General Optimism will not resort to force
He believes she's worth the trouble
That the ends will justify the means
"The destruction of nature
Will turn the world to a machine"

And somewhere buried deep within the gray matter
Lies the key to victory, and the unlocking of the answers

The war begins with a bang
As pessimistic missiles fire into the valleys of shame
Knowing that this is an area in which they should lay
Their camps and their barracks to manipulate the planes
Making the foundation of the world weak
Things start to fall apart, and lo!
The ground gives way to where they really want to go:
The heart, to destroy it! Flooding the land in blood
Then digging out the hope and dragging it through the mud
And replacing it with a simple blood transport device
Giving way to an emotionless age of ice

Meanwhile, up North, the Optimists go forth
To where they can combat this ice age with some warmth
They take refuge on the emotional banks of memory
Dump warming pollutants in the water to remind the seas
Of the rewards of patience and the happiness it could achieve
Each wave breaks with thoughts of what the world could someday be
Soon the lurid imagery begins to be too much
And the water overflows, spilling out tear ducts

But this chemical warfare has some unfair consequences
The atmosphere gets polluted and apocalypse commences
The world gets dim as it loses its senses
Spiraling into debt from the expenses of pretenses

Everything's dim
Society is in ruin
And a single structure stands:
An unanswered question.

Perhaps that's the way
It will always remain