A Simple Flame

A simple dying flame

In the heart of wind's fury

Innocent, none to blame

Of that wind's jury

I take in my hand

With smiles and masks of pleasantry

But flames are never banned

From our ender's entity

This flame I keep alive

Though senses leave my palm

I pray thee survive

Against the inevitable qualm

It speaks softly within

My heart rises to reaffirm

I, disguised with a grin

Asking it never escape and return

With all the fears and cries

The flame moved not a bit

With all my struggles and tries

My own tears came to kill it

Funny if you might guess

My own helplessness

My ignorance to repress

My obvious listlessness

How futile to address

My battle so endless

Thus I dream simply

Of the oblivion unmanned

Grasping still gently

The flame living in my hand