A/N: I have re-posted the main poem of this selection, Glory. I hope that after reading all the other poems, you can draw more meaning from this one the second time around.


"Glory to the brave people

which shook off the yoke.

The Law respecting

virtue and honour."

-Gloria al Bravo Pueblo, Venezuela's National Anthem

Have you no shame? To treat our lives so carelessly.

You fooled and betrayed us.

You've split us in half to fight wars against our own

And die for a cause that doesn't exist.

We were so easily trapped

By the taste of your lies,

Your half-truths with rum.

We thought you were different,

You did not prove us wrong.

Yet few then would have been able to see why.

For you are the Saviour of the Corrupt,

The killer of your mother and child.

After clouds of despair covered our sun,

We chose you to guide us to our former splendour.

Trusted your path which only led us to now,

To our innocence gone, to our lives withered.

To this world we live in, that is not our own,

But the one you created for us.

A world which pushes us face down in the mud

And stands on our backs so we can't get up.

That laughs and mocks us for having faith in you,

Faith in the change that never came.

We no longer have the will to fight,

Ourselves or you.

We no longer have the strength to care.

You have taken our soul, our spirit,

To replace it with a shadow of what it was.

Now, we are no more than bloody stumps

Dragging after your wild fantasies and megalomaniac dreams.

Glory to the Brave People!