Part VIII: Movie Night.

Logan and Joshua's place was about the same size as Hannah and Allison's apartment, but a lot less organized. There were dishes in the kitchen's sink and some dirty clothes on the bathroom floor. Logan's bedroom was the only room in the house that had things in their places. It wasn't really surprising, because had never given the impression of being untidy or messy. He wasn't a neat-freak like Allison sometimes was, but he kept things in order. Hannah felt nearly embarrassed when she remembered that he had seen her room on that morning and realized she had no sense of organization. Well, she did have a sense of organization, she just didn't use it much.

As they picked up the stuff scattered around the small living room and talked about the sleeping arrangements, Hannah realized that she had left her place in such a hurry that she hadn't even thought about grabbing her pajamas, a set of clean clothes or her toothbrush. When Logan offered her to use something of his, she wrinkled her nose and thanked the offer saying she would rather not use his toothbrush. He laughed at her and explained that she could wear some of his clothes to sleep and, as for the toothbrush, they had an extra one somewhere. The girl accepted the offer, blushing slightly; wearing his clothes to sleep was such an intimate thing. Something that only couples did. She didn't have much time to focus on that because Logan asked if she wanted to sleep in her cousin's room.

"I'd rather take the couch," she said. "Joshua's room was kind of smelly. There's probably a rotten hamburger under his bed or wet underwear."

"You're probably right," he agreed after a moment. "You can take my room then."

Hannah was surprised with the offer. Had it been the other way around, she wasn't too sure she would have willingly given her comfy bed for another person to use, even if said person was Logan Vineyard. She loved a soft cushion too much. And yet she was having second thoughts about sleeping in his bedroom. It wasn't like he was asking her for a night of steamy, hot sex. He didn't even mention the two sharing the bed, so she shouldn't be feeling so confused. Deciding to ignore her own mind, Hannah protested against the idea, claiming that the couch was okay with her.

In an attempt to finish the little arguement, Logan suggested they could change into their pajamas and watch some movies before going to sleep and only then they would decide where each one would sleep. It seemed good enough for the girl and she smiled to him, before giving him a lingering kiss. He was the one to break it, saying that they should go change before things got out of control. She blushed and followed him into his bedroom, throwing herself on his bed while he searched for a spare T-shirt for her. After a few moments, Logan threw a blue basketball shirt to the girl before leaving the room with his own set of pajamas.

Hannah changed out of her dress and took the shirt in her hands, so she could take a good look at it. Logan's last name was on the back of the shirt and his number was twenty-one. She smelled the shirt before changing into it and realizing that it only covered down to her mid-thighs. The brunette searched for a pair of pants to put on as well, not feeling quite comfortable with showing that much sking. Finally, she decided to grab a pair of boxers from Logan's top drawer and slipped it on before leaving his bedroom. He was in the living room, already weraing his navy blue pajamas and setting up the DVD player. It took him a moment or two to notice the girl and, when he did, he nearly gaped at her.

"I hope you don't mind that I took one of your boxers."

"Uh... what?"

"I put one of your boxers," she said, poiting to the black pair she was wearing. "I'm tall, so your shirt wasn't that long for me."

"Oh, it's okay. I gave you that one because it's one of the old shirts and probably the only thing that would get close to fitting you."

"It's okay," Hannah shrugged and turned her attention to the small selection of DVD's available. "Which one are we watching?"

"I've seen all of them at least fifteen times, so I don't really mind any. You can pick if you want," he told her.

"I forgot that you were such a movie junkie, Logan," she chuckled and he laughed for a moment. "I guess Beetle Juice is a good enough choice. Tim Burton's a good director and I happen to like Geena Davis a lot."

"So do I, but, honestly, Michael Keaton is my favorite one," he admitted. "I'm a big fan of his work. I read somewhere that Beetle Juice is the movie he most enjoyed shooting."

"He doesn't appear for more than twenty minutes!"

They didn't talk much after that and sat on the couch next to each other. At first, Hannah couldn't quite feel relaxed around Logan. That should be weird, because they had been in that same situation many times before, watching movies together or with Allison and Joshua as well. She knew it felt different because they had never been romantically together before as they were on that moment. They weren't just two friends enjoying a dark comedy anymore. They were a couple and that was what made things strange. She would have to get used to that fact. It was almost foreign to her to be dating someone after such a long time. Her first meaningful relationship had also been her worst and ugliest break up, so she hadn't dated around a lot after that.

Hannah sat with her legs crossed, Indian style, and bracing herself. When Logan asked if she was cold, he didn't even wait for her answer before moving close to the girl and wrapping her in his arms, making Hannah rest her head on his chest. She was surprised to catch herself sighing happily and liking the feeling of Logan so close to her. She could feel his body heat and his muscles tensing up slightly from laughing at the movie's funny sequences and lines. Every now and then, they would laugh and Logan would sometimes caught Hannah watching him. Whenever such thing happened, he leaned down and kissed her softly on the lips.

More than once the girl felt tempted to deepen the kiss and move on to second or third base, but she stopped herself. Hannah didn't want to turn whatever was going on between Logan and her into an one-night stand. She knew such thing wouldn't happen even if they did have sex, but she thought it was too soon for that. Usually, she would try to take her clothes off in the fastest way possible and leave as soon as the sex was done, but Logan didn't make her feel that. If anything, he made her wish to stay.

And she did stay, watching a silly movie about a recently deceased couple that ripped their heads off in an attempt to scare the people living in their house, even though the people couldn't even see them. Staying had never felt that good before and she had a guess that it meant something more than just enjoying Logan's company or his kisses. It meant liking him.

Oddly enough, the exact thing that would make Hannah scared shitless, was what made her feel good on that night. With a last sigh, she tiredly closed her eyes and fell asleep in Logan's arms.