The Ultimate Hiding Place

Now I'm sure you've all read of heard about Waldo. He's the geeky guy with the thick black-rimmed glasses, red and white striped shirt and jeans. I'm sure you've all seen him in those "Where's Waldo?" books.

For those of you who don't know—Waldo is always hiding, hence the title "Where's Waldo?" because you have to find him. Now perhaps this series of books was created to increase observation in children (or people of all ages) but I doubt anyone considered Waldo's feelings on the matter. I am here to tell you the story from Waldo's perspective.

When Waldo was approached to star in the books he was please to be able to positively influence today's youth. He was approached specifically because Waldo was very shy and had trouble finding work. He went and hid each day and got paid for it, so things started off just dandy. Even though Waldo's greatest fear was conversation, he was a very bright boy. Thus his hiding places became increasingly creative and difficult to discover. This please Waldo's employers fine, they were making money and could proceed to publishing increasingly difficult books such as "Where in Time is Waldo?".

Things went on like this for a while—with everyone satisfied. Then came the fateful day that Waldo set foot on his first live interview. Waldo was very shy and barely ever left his house except for work. Because of this he was completely oblivious to his rising fame, which had then reached an alarming height.

The applause erupted as Waldo hesitantly crawled on stage. He had many nervous habits such as adjusting his glasses and twitching his left toe and right ankle. His anxiety, shyness and general reception from the public only created an excess of these habits.

Throughout the whole interview he sat there twitching trying his best to answer the questions while being stared at in awe. It was enough to spook our dear, shy, Waldo.

After that interview, it was uproar. He could barely get to work without being chased by a mob of fans. Luckily he didn't get a profession in hiding for nothing; therefore he was often capable of escape from the throng of admirers.

The only problem was many people read the books and already knew his best hiding places.

The last straw was when he was hiding behind a large Ronald McDonald poster. He was caught by paparazzi that'd read, "Where's Waldo in McDonalds?" (before it had hit the stores, I might add). The cameras were flashing before he even knew he'd been caught. It was pure madness, worse than it'd ever been. Waldo passed out from the camera flashes and the twitching and the nervousness.

His first thought upon waking up and realizing he was in a hospital was "this is the last straw." He recovered fully two days later and was discharged from the hospital.

He then quit his job and withdrew all his money from his bank account (which had grown substantially throughout his fame). Waldo then spent the next few days in his house to come up with a plan—the ultimate hiding place.

Nearly a week later, he had it. He had his one friend he'd made at work buy a private jet and a Caribbean island for him with the withdrawn funds. He then discreetly got in his friend's car and they drove the airport. Waldo boarded his private jet and flew to Barbados; he was still famous there so he was once again discreet. He bought a small boat, ordered his friend to sell the jet, and then sailed to his island.

There was an abandoned house on the island. There was no vandalism because it was it's own island, and the windows were boarded up. The only damage was the salt-stained exterior from many years of being alone by the sea. The usually whitewashed exterior walls had adopted a yellowish tone. Upon a tour of the interior, everything was in good condition. Waldo's friend brought him resources using the boat. Waldo was then able to change the wooden boards in the windows for glass and washed the exterior and painted some of the inside, all with the enlisted help of his friend. By the time they were finished, the house was then a desirable place to live.

Waldo currently lives there as a permanent residence. His new best friend is a sea turtle. Waldo doesn't have to worry about the sea turtle staring at him or chasing after him because the sea turtle is blind and wears sunglasses. He is also a turtle and thus slower than Waldo.

Occasionally Waldo's friend from work (who's name is Jerry) still visits him. It's from Jerry that we have solved the mystery of "Where's Waldo?". Though he would not give us greater details about the island where Waldo currently resides.

I guess Waldo can rejoice in his success—the ultimate hiding place.

AN: This story was inspired by Chloe's weekly writing...She asked what she should write about and I gave her this idea. It's pretty random. But rather like my story about Stacy, there IS a moral. This one is just obscured by sillyness. I didn't publish this story for it's cleverness or wit like I did with Stacy...this one was just for fun, but if you can find the moral please do tell me what you think it is. :)