Spiral - depression - life.

You wake up, you sleep...

In a sick, bittersweet way,

The answer is closer in your nightmare

Than it is in real life

And you're falling ever closer

Into a place you'd rather not see,

But you know you have to.

While you're falling, you can look up -

And at any given time

See the light of day within your reach,

Eluding your grasp, your gaze,

Letting you fall.

Waking up in twisting delirium,

So relieved to see familiar surroundings,

Then realizing the nightmare from which

You've just woken up has come back.

The emotion inside your heart

That you once called love

Is completely warped into a dark sensation

You cannot quite describe.

Deep within you, you know what's wrong,

So why can't you bring it out?

Because you know the light will disappear if you do.

The dream will be over...

And the nightmare will begin anew.