Low tide

do you still remember
when you left me along
the shoreline that
one summer day?

of course you don't
because you couldn't
wait to be set afloat
and you have to make it
before the opposite
shore drinks all of
the sea water away

so i had no choice
but hide in a sea shell
dug among the wilted
seaweeds, crushed corals
and virgin white sand

… … …

why, don't you know?
it's just this fragile seashell
and the song of tides
and mermaids that's
keeping me warm all these
cold summer nights

and it seems that i just
have to wait until the
seawater carries you back

so, come back now please
cause i'm dying of thirst
for the seawater and you

or was your promise
just as delicate
as this sea shell i'm in
or perhaps just as breakable
as that sandcastle nearby?