Walking up to an old, wooden Tavern door, I slowly pushed it open. It barely made a sound as I quietly slipped through. Finding a seat near the back of the Tavern, I looked in the direction of the bar keep and nodded. My dark green cloak hid most of my body and my ever-faithful hood concealed the face that I rarely let anyone look upon. The barkeep smiled at me in return of my nod.
"If you need anything, you let me know." He winked at me. Her was an elderly man of maybe around sixty.

"Lyndala! We have a guest tonight! Get down here right now woman!" Again he winked and smiled at me. A woman either the age of sixty or sixty-two came down the stairs.

"Now Frank, what's all this yelling about another guest?" Retorted the old woman. Frank pointed to me and repeated what he said about having a guest.

"Well! Come here then! What's your name child?" Lyndala asked me as I walked towards her. She took my hands in hers.

"My full name?" I asked.

"Yes, Your full name." She said softly.

"Medei Chihiro Bloodrose, M'am." I said quietly. She smiled and nodded.

"That's a lovely name. Now, if you'll let me get a look at you, we can become more acquainted. You can tell so much by a person's face, you know." This old woman seemed so gentle. I grew hesitant, but I discarded it once I saw the woman's eyes.

"Come on, no need to be shy." Her voice comforted me and I slowly removed the green hood that had for so long protected me from hateful eyes. The old woman gasped and smiled.

"My! How pretty a face you own! Frank! Doesn't she have a gorgeous face?" The woman exclaimed.

"Aye, Lyndi she does." Replied Frank. I could do nothing but blush deeply. The woman insisted that I call her Lyndi, and I could stay as long as I wanted.

"Thank you Lyndi and Frank. It's quiet here, so I'd like to stay for a while." Lyndi and Frank couldn't have looked happier.

"Frank, did you tell her about Braedan?" Asked Lyndi.

"Well, no, because you have been hoggin' her." Frank retaliated. You could tell there was love between the elderly couple.

"Well I'll tell her then, since you are so busy Frank. Braedan is-"

"Here." A tall elegantly dressed man, with hair so black it was blue, had come down. His eyes were a deep green and he was so beautiful to look at. He looked into my eyes, and I knew they were changing from a light purple to a light blue. I had to look away to avoid embarrassment. Braedan just smiled and held out his hand for me to take.

"My name is Medei, it's a pleasure to make your acquaintance." I answered softly. When I took his hand it was so tender! He had the gentlest face and manner.

"You have the most beautiful eyes," He replied. His voice was like velvet. Again I blushed. I wasn't used to so many compliments, "How long will you be staying?" Braedan inquired of me.

"Well, I'd like to stay for a while. It's nice here, and both Frank and Lyndi are so nice." I said. He nodded and then told me he had been living here for almost a month. I must have looked surprised because he soon explained to me why.

"I left home because my parents are forcing me to marry this hideous woman. Now, she has a pretty face. It's her personality. She doesn't know how to love anyone. She has a heart of ice." He said. I knew exactly what he was going through and told him so. My grandfather was trying to do the same thing to me.
"Fate has been strange to us, Medei." He said in a distant far away voice. He was right though. Both of us had been forced into something that wouldn't have worked, and then fled. I couldn't stifle a yawn that overtook me.

"We better get you to bed, young lady." Braedan said after he saw me yawn for the third time. I didn't resist, but I told him I needed to tell Lyndi first.

"I'm going to bed Lyndi, what room should I use?" I asked.

"Oh, you can take the suite next to Braedan's. Just ask him to show you." She winked and smiled at me as I turned.

"Lyndi told me I could have the suite next to yours, and you are to show me." I said in a tired voice. Braedan smiled and shook his head.

"That Lyndi. I swear. She thinks I need someone. Perhaps she's right. Maybe I need you, Medei." He smiled again and opened my door once we got to the second floor.
"There you are, Madam. Your room awaits you." He bowed like a butler and laughed. We said goodnight and I closed my door. I turned on a light and was glad when it was a dim one. Then I thought about what Braedan said. "Maybe I need you, Medei." The way he said it sounded almost serious, though he was only joking. Or was he? I put my head on the pillow and didn't even remember falling asleep.

I know that there are grammatical errors, but this is the first story I'm letting anyone else read. I had to space out the dialogue, since I can't tab it on here. Well, I hope you enjoy. If you like it, let me know. If not, that's cool too. I don't mind Constructive Criticism! - Dus'kin.