The next morning I awoke to a soft tap at my door. The sun was just barely coming up, but the sky was pink and orange. It was so beautiful. Again a soft tap came at my door. I got up, not even thinking about my cloak, and answered the door.

"Good morning, Medei. You look lovely." Of course I was surprised to see Braedan standing at my door so early in the morning.

"I was wondering if you would care to join me in a walk before breakfast?" He asked politely. I didn't think twice before giving him my answer.

"Braedan, I would love to go on a walk with you." I turned to put my cloak on, but he took my arm and shook his head. I looked confused and Braedan smiled.

"Miss Medei, you don't need that cloak. You have nothing to be ashamed of with me." He smiled again and led me down the stairs quietly. He held open the door for me, being so cordial. He was so nice to me; I was wondering why he was being that way.

"Braedan, why are you being so nice to me? You've barely known me a day." I was curious and I wanted to know his true intentions.

"Well, that's why I asked you to come walk with me before breakfast. I think I am beginning to like you. This to me seems impossible, because I don't know you very well. You see I left because I didn't want to find love, or even a relationship, but I think it's found me. You make me feel so calm. I could tell you everything, and you wouldn't judge me." He explained. The whole time we walked, he never let go of my arm, but moved down to hold my hand. I knew what he was feeling, and it was confusing. Two strangers who barely knew each other and yet having the feelings that people who have known each other for years, have. All I did was think. I didn't blush, didn't smile, nothing. I didn't know what to say or do. We walked back to the Tavern in silence. Upon entering, we let our hands fall to our sides. We didn't want Frank and Lyndi to think anything of us.

"We can talk later, if that's alright." Braedan whispered in my ear. I nodded and took a seat at a table. Braedan sat across from me. We ate breakfast in silence as well. Lyndi even got after us about it.

"What's going on with you children? You've done nothing but sit there in silence, eating in silence! What's wrong? Medei? Braedan?" After a few minutes of no answer from either of us, she got fed up and left in a huff. I took a chance and glanced up at Braedan. At the same time, he too chanced a look and we caught each other's eyes. I was the first to look away. He got up, but not before sliding me a note, written on his napkin. I waited until he was gone before reading it. Meet Me At Noon Upstairs it said. His handwriting was so elegant, but it fit him perfectly. I looked at the clock behind the bar. It read half past eleven. I went to find Lyndi or Frank to see if they needed any help. There must be something I could do to keep busy until noon. I took my plate back to the kitchen and found a note from Frank. It said that him and Lyndi were going into town and wouldn't be back until late that evening or early the next morning. I looked back at the clock. Only five minutes had passed. I saw a broom in the corner and picked it up. After the sweeping was done, the floor looked cleaner and it was almost noon. My heart began to race. What was Braedan going to say to me? I got nervous as I started to climb the stairs. Once I was on the second floor, I saw another note. Join Me On The Roof. I headed for the stairs leading to the roof, and I slowly pulled open the door looking around.

"I'm so glad you have decided to come and join me. We have all day to ourselves. I know Lyndi and Frank have gone into town for some Pagan Festival. Lammas I believe." He said smoothly.

"I know. I found the note. What did you ask me here for?" I asked him quietly. Inside I was worried about what he was thinking. I sat down and listened anyway, going to pull my cloak around me, before realizing I'd left it in my room.

"I've been up here a while, thinking. What I told you this morning was true. I do have feelings for you." I could see in his eyes a reflection of my own. They turned light brown with worry. He took my hands to comfort me, for I must have had a look upon my face that made him do so.

"Braedan, I don't know what to tell you. I like you too, but would anything ever come of it? What if you finally decide to return home?" I was trying to think realistically, but in my heart I wanted to say so much more to him. He squeezed my hands with his and looked at me. As he looked at me, his eyes seemed to pierce right through to my soul.

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