Please Don't Lie

She ran out of the door crying, her eyes red a puffy, while her face was streaked by tears. Behind her she heard the door opened and turned to look him in the face one last time, before she silently opened the door to her car and slammed it. Driving down the street she looked in the mirror to see him still watching her, and she began to cry again knowing that he was just waiting until she was gone. Until it was like she'd never been there at all…

Three Days Ago

She watched his face carefully, looking for anything to tell her that he knew where her books went. Behind that poker face of his, his eyes were laughing at her, mocking her. She glared at him with a threat in her eye and he began to laugh at the sorry attempt. She soon joined in and they both lay next to each other on the grass.

"You know, I'll really need those books soon, lunch is almost over," She whispered quietly, placing her head gently on his shoulder.

"Nah," He joked. "We could always just skip and head back to my place for some one-on-one time,"

"You pervert," She laughed.

He sighed. "We've been dating for months, aren't you ready?"

"No, it's not something that I'm going to give up just like that," They'd already had this talk before. Six months ago they'd been the cliché couple of the plain Jane girl and the playboy turned single.

"But it's not something you can keep forever, don't you love me?" He asked.

"It's not a question of love; it's more of a question of want." She whispered feeling his eyes on her. She knew he wanted to, and he'd been holding out for months, and she was proud of him. Most ex-playboys wouldn't have even lasted this long, but she knew he couldn't wait forever.

"I know, I know, and I have to hold out for a while longer," He snapped almost irritably.

"What's wrong with you?" She asked in disbelief. "You've never acted this way when I'd say no before, why do you need it so bad now?"

"Because, I love you, I really do, and I think we should take it farther than where we've gone!"

"I'm not a piece of ass, you know, I'm a person, too."

"Hello, I wouldn't be dating you for months if I didn't like your personality; it's just that sometimes I want more."

"Well, that's something I can't give you right now," She said.

"Fine," He practically yelled, and by now he was standing up and packing his bag. She watched him as he walked quickly away to join his friends that were gathering by the door, and flirted slightly with some girls near-by. She felt the pang of jealousy in her stomach, but she convinced herself over and over again that she trusted him.

"I love him, and he loves me, and there's nothing that will come in-between," She rhymed. I trust him, I trust him, right?

Earlier that day

"Sweetie, you haven't talked to him in two whole days, isn't it time that you finally forgive him? He's a boy, all boys are like that." Her mother told as they were washing the dishes. She smiled at that.

"You're right mom; can I go visit him now?"

"Yes, but hurry home, I don't want another little one running around in nine months," She warned, deathly serious.

She nodded and quickly got into her car excited to see him. She was thinking about how she'd tell him that she did love him and that she was ready, if he'd wait another month or two. She smiled as she imagined his face.

She stopped outside his house, barely questioning the other unfamiliar car outside and ran into the unlocked house. She noticed that there were cloths, both boys and girls cloths, scattered all over the living room. She barely questioned it though, because he had three sisters living here and they were all fairly messy.

A slight banging noise was coming from upstairs so she figured that he was working out and she ran up towards him room. Soon voices joined the noise, voices that belonged to both him and another girl. She soon realized what they were doing.

She opened the door, already knowing what she'd find, and stared in shock at the bundle of flesh on the bed. He looked up and saw her, but there was no guilt in his eyes. The blonde on the bed quickly reached her climax and when he was finally finished with her, he pulled out. He stood and put on some pants while looking her straight in the eye, leaving the girl on the bed to sleep until she was ready again.

"Hey," Was all he said to her, staring at her face and eyes filling with tears as though it was natural. "What are you doing here?"

"I," She started but couldn't finish. She lashed out at him, smacking him in the cheek and screaming profanities at him. "You bastard! You lying, cheating, scum, son of a bitch BASTARD!"

He grabbed her wrist so that she couldn't strike her again, but said nothing to the accusations. He watched her through stone eyes, empty and devoid of the love she once saw in them, once again the player that he'd always been.

"Are you done?" He asked once she'd finished her rant.

Her eyes brimmed with tears as she saw that he cared nothing, that she was nothing to him, and that all he'd ever seen of her was another girl to fuck.

"You don't even feel bad do you?" She asked.

"Why should I? You weren't putting out anything and she was more than willing to. By the time she got to me, she was already on her back with her legs opened wide, ready to receive and relieve me."

It was then that she realized why she'd recognized the blonde faintly, it was the girl he'd flirted with three days ago outside of school. Fresh waves of tears were coming, but she wouldn't let him see them fall again.

"So is there we are then?" She whispered out.

"Baby, there is no we, there's only me and a she in there probably ready again, unless you'd like to join us?" He smirked.

She choked back a sob and ripped herself out of his arms, and hopefully his life. She ran down the stairs she'd previously gone up and out the door.

She ran out of the door crying, her eyes red a puffy, while her face was streaked by tears. Behind her she heard the door opened and turned to look him in the face one last time, before she silently opened the door to her car and slammed it. Driving down the street she looked in the mirror to see him still watching her, and she began to cry again knowing that he was just waiting until she was gone. Until it was like she'd never been there at all.

Ten Years Later

She walked into the gymnasium already full of her old classmates. She laughed and smiled with a few of her old girlfriends, pulling her over-revealing dress up. Curse her sister for forcing her into it unexpectedly.

A few guys were staring at her, and she didn't really blame them. She'd changed over the years that she'd been away; she was no longer the plain Jane that she had been all those years ago. But that confidence faded away when she saw Him.

He was just as perfect as always, blonde hair perfectly tousled and blue eyes laughing along with his gorgeous smile. Attached to his arm was the pretty young blonde from all those years ago, her belly slightly pudgy, and she knew that it was a baby. She looked for a wedding ring, but she found none. Something inside of her felt triumphant at the fact that they'd never married, but she wondered if the child was his.

He looked over at that moment and caught her eye. They stared for a few minutes, watching each other like a cat and mouse would, until finally he smiled and walked over to her. Each step he took made her feel more afraid, the cat was coming to claim his prey, and she couldn't do anything.

"How have you been?" He asked his voice still low and gentle.

"I've been good, I see you've finally gotten rid of your personal leech," I said bluntly.

He laughed good naturedly. "Yeah, she's my date for the night, since her husband's in Buffalo, and she's afraid that she might do something to kill her baby."

"Oh, I thought that you and she would have gotten married, at least?"

"No, you thought that the child was mine," He said without any malice in his tone.

"Yeah, just a little bit," She admitted.

He smirked and leaned forward so that his lips were against her ear. "Darling, I'm always careful."

"Yeah, but you're not careful about who finds out," She whispered against his skin. He pulled back and she barely registered the hurt before his eyes returned to normal.

"Touché, madam," He said laughing.

"I've had years to think of something to say to you," She retorted.

"I'll bet you have," He said seriously, staring into her eyes for a few moments before continuing. "You know, I never meant for that to happen." He whispered. "And I looked like I didn't care because I couldn't tell you how much I cared and how much it hurt me when I saw you. The guilt was killing me, but I couldn't stop. I thought that I could be the player again, but I loved you and it killed me."

She looked at him for a moment, and then sighed. "You're just a little too late, you know? It's been ten years."

"But you moved away two weeks later," He pleaded.

"Two weeks was a life time for me, seeing as she made sure to show you off every time I was near you."

"But I wanted to talk to you, I tried to,"

"I didn't want you to talk to me, I wanted you to love me, and you didn't."

"But I did and I still do! Why do you think I haven't had a girlfriend since I've graduated? I've been with no one hoping that at this reunion you could forgive me."

"I don't want to be with you right now, not really. But we can start over under one condition," She asked with a softness in her eye that he hadn't seen in years.

"And what's that?" He asked in relief.

She looked at him sadly, her lip trembling slightly and tears in her eyes.

"Please don't lie…"