" It was a cold day, really cold, so I walked into some little drug store to warm up. You know what I'm talking about? One of those tiny 'Mom & Pop' stores with no room to breathe. I figured it would be a good place just to hang out for a little and warm up. This guy walks in, probably about six foot four, comes up to me and says, 'look kid you better get out of the store if ya know what's best for ya.'

I didn't even think about what he said to me. There are a lot of nuts in New York so I'm used to people saying strange things to me. Anyways, I walked over to the counter to buy some gum (I bet the store still has the receipt) and while I was up there, the nut job I was talking about comes over and shoots the guy behind the counter square in the forehead. That's why you guys found gun residue on me."

I looked out from the stand to see how my mom's doing. She's crying. No surprise there.

"Mr. Brando. Do you remember what the man you talked to looked like?" Mr. O'Neil asks me, as if he's accusing me of lying.

"Not really. He was cold so he was wearing one of those pieces of cloth that cover half of your face. I couldn't blame him I was wearing one too. It was freezing."

"So you claim that you were wearing the same article of clothing as the man who shot the clerk." He pretends to ponder the thought. "Fascinating." He looks back at me with that strange prosecutor expression you see in the old law movies. You know, the one that says, I've got you now! You shouldn't have said that.

"Do you remember what the clerk looked like by any chance?"

I think about that one for a moment. I do remember but I have to be careful how I phrase it because his family is here. He looked like a tall Chinese man who had been squashed by that giant ball from Indiana Jones. I hate this stupid stand thing they put me in. It makes me so claustrophobic. How am I supposed to think under these conditions?

"He was Asian." I finally say. "Pretty short."

"Hmmm," says the Prosecutor, I know he's got something good coming up. "So the alleged 'killer' was how tall?"

"Six three. Six four. I don't really know. Taller than me."

"And how tall was the clerk would you say?"

"My height. About."

"Nothing Further"

The pictures they show today are horrible. They have to show them , I think, otherwise how would the jury know what the crime scene looked like.

"As you can see on this picture," O'Neil say pointing to a picture on a small easel, "The bullet entered practically straight into the frontal lobe." The picture shows the man's head with a hole right in the center. Its horrible to look at it. That this man's life was taken.

"Now as you see, there is significant bleeding all around, the head and torso area." He shows a picture that looks like the man is standing in front of a red canvas. I feel like I'm going to puke.

"Do you have a verdict."

"Yes your honor," Says a lady with bushy brown hair. "In the case of Steven J. Brando we find the defendant…"

What Should the Verdict be? You be the Jury.


(For answer scroll down)

Guilty….. If you read carefully enough, you would've seen that the bullet was shot straight into the head. If it was this man of 6 foot four who committed the murder, the bullet would've enter in a downward motion. Therefore the person must have been the same height as the clerk. Being that Steven had gun shot residue all over him, that should have been obvious.