Some people are so afraid that they can't see when love is really true. The become paranoid and hide in their 'shell' that they think will protect them. The truth is, they're not protecting themselves. They're doing the exact opposite. By not opening up to love, they are keeping the desire to be with someone within themselves, therefore hurting their heart. These people bcome lonely. That is how they are hurting. It may not be pysical, and in some cases, not even emotional. But what it is goes beyond those levels. It becomes internal.

For those who don't feel lonely, and still don't open up to love, they are working hard. Keeping up with work. Forgetting about social lives. It's a good thing that the are so into their work, but it's also a bad thing if it consumes them. The empty feeling is replaced with worry about deadlines, keeping their jobs, financial disruptions.

Then, there are some pushing away from love. They may not be against it, and they may be open to it. But they are pushing away. These people will flirt, perhaps maybe even a kiss or two. But when it starts to become serious, they'll push away. Move on. These people judge from the beginning stages. They'll make thir judgement based on what other people think. Or they'll be more woried about what people think of them. They don't want others saying, "I told you so." if it turns out bad. They don't want to be blamed for ad decisions. If they don't like it, they'll go away. And if the do, well, that's unpredictable.

The point is, the people in any of the categories above, have reson to do what they are doing. They could have been hurt from a past love. They could have been decieved or lied to many times during several relationships. It just takes one mistake from a person you love to trigger soemthing drastic. Just a single, little thing. And sometimes, people just can't deal with it so they try and find an outlet. They try to live the perfect life, a fairy tale, without love.

But when that happens, it's not a fairy tale anymore. It's not perfect. It's not full of life. You know why? Love is extinct in these people's minds. They'll go to weddings and they'll say congratulations. They'll be happy for the couple. But deep inside, even if the don't notice, they're wishing they were the happy couple.

The people that have no desire for love, they just don't notice it. They do, everyone does. And if they don't like it, they're going to have to deal with it. They're going to have to overcome their pride, their fears, the past. They're going to live in torment unless they open up. It's not about being hurt. It's about finding the one person that will bring you up when you're down. And even if friends can do that, there is always soemthing about your partner that makes it much, much better.