Holding On (Most likely WT, maybe not)

She glared right at him in the hallway. Or maybe the correct term would be through him. Her piercing glare was receiving all sorts of scared glances and a general running away effect. Hurriedly, he slammed his locker, turned, and strutted arrogantly away. Jerk, she thought. Why does he get away with doing such an awful thing? He had broken her family apart, taking her older sister and turning her into a drug addict. He turned her parents into over-possessive freaks, and now she could do nothing about it. She hated him for his feelings, or rather, the lack thereof.

Jake. Jake Marine went to Silverton High with me, but he's a senior, like my sister Kari, while I'm a freshman. A freshman who has so many problems that one could only hope they worked themselves out; you could kill yourself stressing over trying to solve my problems. The only person I can count on is a fifteen year old girl who wears jeans and tee shirts, usually both blue. A girl who HAD some friends that ditched her when they found out that her sister was in prison not only for selling drugs, but for keeping them, using them, and making them. A girl who was a year younger than the rest of her grade, was in all honors classes, and was top in her French class. I was the only person I could count on; I was all I had to hold on to.