"Friends Forever"

I've lost you.
I walk past you in the hallway
And I wonder what happened
To make you hate me so much.

I sat next to you once
And I tried to catch up.
But when I looked you in the eyes –
When you spoke to me –
You didn't want me there.

What happened?
I'm so confused and
We went through so much
And you stuck with me through it all.

But it all fell apart.

We didn't work.
Something wasn't right.
So I could understand us
Drifting apart …

But in you eyes …
You hate me.
And it hurts.
And I'm sorry
If I ever hurt you.

And though I don't want it back
I wish you wouldn't look at me
Like that.

I've lost you.
And as I look at the friend I once had –
The one I cared for,
The one I cried with,
The one who loved me –
I wonder …

What happened
To make you hate me so much?