A dark lonesome night,

A fearful sight,

As boy and girl lay still,

A wicked moon and eerie chill.

Sat around a gnarled dead tree,

So dark not even the moon could see.

But both sat in mourn, still and alone,

Not until day light could the truth be shown.

Upon the branches of the tree a rope,

And for the victim there was no hope.

Boy and girl sat very still,

They felt sorrowed and somewhat ill.

Not all was as it seemed to others,

As the girl cried to the dead boys mother.

She feared for him she wailed in pain,

A small smile she had to refrain.

As boy and girl sat alone that night,

The girl still teary from the sight.

The boy tried hard to let her see the light,

Until he heard her mutter" Served him right."

The lesson of course is to handle the heart with care,

Or the dead boys fate you may just share.