Stars glistening in the sky tonight
Everything seems so clear and bright
I see you in a distance
I run until I reach you
and as if on cue
you look me in the eye
and I can't help but let out a sigh.
You look at me with such an intense gaze
everything seems to happen in such a haze.

One minute we're sitting, listening to the ocean tide
And the next you're pulling me to your side
Whispering sweet nonsense into my ear,
knowing it's all I want to hear.
I want this to last forever
but we both know that fate is oh so clever.

Destiny's playing tricks on me again
Just as She did back then
Because you seem so real tonight
Until I wake up and you're nowhere in sight.
A gust of wind blows by
"Just believe " you say
and I do.
Till that day...
I'll continue to believe in you...

I promise