Chapter 1

"This is stubborn Sire!" Amos calls from behind me. His breath is heavy from chasing me around the forest that lies outside of our castle grounds. "What's so bad about inheriting the kindom?"

"Well Amos, it's not the fact that I am inheriting more land than I can handle, it's the fact that I might have to marry that beastly woman!" I shout back to him. "And maybe, just maybe I don't want to be the 'King of the Tigers'!"

"Well can you at least stop running!" he yells. "You know my scrawny human legs are no match for your beastly strength!" I stop running and start to walk back toward him. I see him leaning against a tree, heaving for air.

"Ah so now I am beastly?" I ask with a smile. "Well if I am so beastly, then perhaps I should eat you!" I take a step toward him with one large white paw after another.

"Well, you don't have to quite do that Sire!" he exclaims. He cautiously takes a step back. "I mean, who else has the guts to come chasing after you this early in the morning?"

"I swear if you were not my best friend Amos, you would have been my dinner long ago," I say with a chuckle. "So, did you bring me clothes this time?"

"Well of course," he replies. "Seeing your bare bottom last time was enough. That's a part of you I never want to see again!" He sets a pair of black breeches and a white tunic beside me. Amos turns his head away from me as I start to take human form again. My long white and black striped tail starts to shrink back into just a regular human spine and my white and black striped fur starts to fade back into smooth human flesh.

My bones snap back to fit the human bone structer. My face looses the tiger like features and returns to the normal face of an eighteen year old male. As I stand up on only two human feet, my teeth shrink down to fit my human mouth. I then grab the clothes and slide them on over my naked human body.

"Is it safe to look now?" Amos asks.

"As safe as it's going to get," I reply. Amos turns back around to face me.

"So, can we head back before breakfast starts?" he asks. "Last time we missed it and I was nearly famished."

"Oh quit your whining," I say. "You got lunch and dinner didn't you? Come on, I've never been further than here, it's time for a new adventure!"

"Fine, but only if you let me have a steak tonight at supper!" Amos exclaims.

"Alright, I'll see what I can do," I reply. I start to walk North and Amos walks beside me.

"So, what's wrong with Gabrielle?" Amos asks after we have been walking for about an hour in silence.

"She is a complete stuck-up Royal Bitch," I reply. Amos laughs.

"True, but she's not hard to lo-"

"Shh, do you hear that?" I cut him off. The sound of splashes of water and laughter echos through the forest.

"What is it?" Amos asks.

"It sounds like girls," I reply. "Come on lets go see!" I start to run toward the sounds.

"I said no more running!" Amos whines. I can hear him start to run after me. I stop running when I reach the bank of a small lake. There are about seven girls playing and pushing eachother into the water on the opposite side of the lake from me.

"What, why'd you stop?" Amos asks without looking up. He is heaving for air again.

"Shut up!" I say and pull him into the bush that I had just jumped behind.

Chapter 2

I swim up to the surface of the lake for air. As I look around I hear, over the sounds of my friends' laughing, a branch crack from the opposite side of the lake. I snap my head in the direction of the sound.

"What is it Dawn?" asks Dusk, my twin sister. I scan the side of the lake and see nothing but more forest. Then I hear howling. All of a sudden seven boys with no shirts on break through a patch of bushes behind me. All my friends scream as the boys jump into the lake. We all scatter across the lake. I see my brother, Saturn, pick up my friend Cloud, his girlfriend, and throw her into the lake. I duck back under and start to swim to the opposite side of the lake. Before I could get much further, I feel muscular arms pull me out of the water. I turn to see Pluto.

"Let me go!" I exclaim. He laughs.

"Why?" he asks. I push away and then jump on his back and push him under the water. I then quickly turn and swim as fast as I can away from him.

After I get away from all the shouting and splashing I sit on the bank and watch. I see my cousin, Skye, try to get out of Pluto's strong grip. I shake my head. Everytime we try to go swimming the boys always have to interfear. Especially Pluto and Mars. They are in a fued over me. My sister and I are the only single girls their age, and Lupe really likes me and he is over protective of me. My sister flirts with all three. Being seventeen was a bitch.

"DAWN! COME ON!" I hear Moon exclaim. I shake my head. Moon then disappears under the water. I then hear an unfamiliar voice. I quickly turn my head around to the bushes behind me. I listen carefully. I can hear two heartbeats. A human heartbeat and another one. A deep growl comes from deep inside my chest as I cautiously stand up.

"Who's in there?" I demand.

"Uh, no one it's just a talking bush go away!" says a deep voice.

"Yeah she's really going to believe that," whispers a softer voice. They are both male.

I slowly stalk toward the bush.

"Who are you? Show yourself!" I demand again but with more force in my voice.

"Make her go away Amos," whispers the deeper voice. Then a boy about Moon and Skye's age is pushed out of the bush.

"Well, uh..." he stutters. "That's no way to speak to royalty."

"Royalty? I am royalty!" I growl. I take a step forward and the human flinches.

"Yes, well of course you are," he replies and then without hesitation flees into the woods like a coward.

"Amos you whimp!" exclaims the deeper voice.

"Show yourself!" I yell again. I was getting very aggitated.

"Now why would I go and do a thing like that?" he asks.

"You are on my father's land!" I growl.

"I beg your pardon? No, this is my father's land, and it's soon to be mine!"

"You are in wolf territory!" I exclaim. "Jupiter Lupen's land!"

"Wait! You are Jupiter's daughter?" he asks. Then a tall boy, about my age steps out of the bushes. His blonde hair reaches his chin and his eyes shine an icey blue. His broad shoulders show that he is very strong. I take a step back to give him room.

"Yes, I am," I state. I then realize he is also of royalty and I was half naked. I self consciously wrap my arms around my chest.

"Really? Well our father's know eachother," he says. "My father is King Catullus of the Tiger Kingdom!"

"So then that makes you Prince Remedios," I say. I again look him over. He is quite handsome for a tiger. "It's very nice to meet you, but can I ask why you are on my father's land?"

"Your father's land starts on the other side of the lake," he says. "And they share the lake, so technically you are on my father's land."

"Well you should have some men come out and make some scent marks. Yours faded long ago," I say.

"Well if you insist," he replies and starts to unbutton his breeches.

"EW!" I exclaim. "Could you atleast wait until I leave?" I give him a look of disgust. I then hear running and turn my head to see Lupe running around the lake toward me.

"Well of course, I was just joking anyways," he says. I ignore him and prepare myself for Lupe. When he reaches me he leaps in front of me and growls at Prince Remedios.

"Are you alright Dawn? Who is this? Who are you?" Lupe exclaims. I roll my eyes as Prince Remedios takes a slight step back.

"LUPE!" I yell. "Stop!" I push him away, toward the lake. Lupe looks at the prince and then back at me.

"Who's the trespasser?" he asks.

"This is Prince Remedios of the Tiger Kingdom and we are on his land you idiot!" I yell. Lupe gives me a confused look. I roll my eyes again. "I'm fine go away!"

I then look back at Prince Remedios.

"He's really big!" Prince Remedios says. Then I hear running come from behind the Prince.

"Oh Sire!" calls the human that had run off minutes ago. "Don't you think th...Who's the huge guy?"

"Um, Amos this is Lupe, Dawn's body gaurd," Prince Remedios says. "And the lady is Dawn, Jupiter's daughter."

"Yes well, I think we should get back to the castle soon," Amos says. "Your father is probably wondering where you are."

"Yes, of course, well nice meeting you both," Prince Remedios says and him and Amos start to walk into the forest.

"He's not my bodygaurd!" I yell after them. I then turn back to Lupe. He was standing behind me with a slight grin. "What?"

"Bodygaurd...I like the sound of that," he says.

"NO! I'm not a pup anymore, I don't need your protection!" I yell and start to walk around the lake.

"Oh but I think you do!" Lupe says from beside me. "That prince guy could of killed you."

"You are so stupid," I say.

"If the guys and me hadn't shown up you could be cat food right now," Lupe jokes. I turn to him.

"If you guys hadn't shown up I probably wouldn't of went over there and I would probably be in the lake swimming without anyone bugging me!" I yell again." And besides, Jupiter and Prince Remedios's father are friends!" I then turn into the forest and start to run. I begin to change into my wolf form. Redish brown fur begins to spread over my body and my bones begin to grow. I feel my tail grow out from my spine and my hands form into paws. My teeth get larger as my face starts to form a snout.

As the change becomes complete I let out a loud howl. I smile to myself as I feel the wind blow through my fur. Minutes later I reach a small clearing with ten buildings. I head to the biggest building, my house. When I reach the door I hurry inside and up to my room. I change back to human form and get dressed into my favorite dress. I then hurry back downstairs and go to the study.

When I reach the door I lightly knock on it.

"Come in!" booms my father's voice. I open the door and walk inside the large room. My father sits at a desk and Neptune and my mother, Luna, are seated besides him.

"Hello Dawn," my mother says smiling.

"Hi," I say and nod to Neptune, Mar's and Skye's father.

"Hello sweetheart," my father says. "Can I help you?"

"I just thought you would like to know who I met by the lake today," I state as I sit in a chair across from him.

"Who!" he exclaims.

"Prince Remedios from the Tiger Kingdom," I say. My father's eyes widen.

"Really?" my father replies. "Wow, the last time I saw him he was just a baby. Maybe we should visit him and the rest of the tigers one of these days."

"That sounds splendid!" my mother exclaims. "I'll send Mercury to give Danella a letter tonight." My mother stands up and starts to walk out of the room.

"Come on Dawn, I need your help," my mother exclaims. I look at my father.

"I'll see you at dinner dad," I say and stand up and follow my mother.

Once we get into the hall and the door closes my mother whispers," So?"

"So what?" I ask.

'So, is he cute?" my mother asks. I give her a weird look.

"Is who cute?" I ask again. I can't believe she's asking my this.

"Remedios, is he good looking?" she asks agian. "The last time I saw him he was a year old and I was pregnant with you and your sister."

"I guess he's okay, I mean, for a tiger," I say.

"Oh come on! King Catullus was quite a hunk when we were your age," she says.

"EW! Don't want to be hearing this!" I exclaim and cover my ears. My mother starts to laugh.

"Go back to the lake and get everyone else, it's almost time to hunt," she finally says and walks away.

Chapter 3

Amos and I finally reach the castle. We walk inside the large building. Gabrielle hurries toward me.

"Remedios!" she exclaims. "Where have you been? You had everyone so worried!" She flings her arms around me in a big hug. I just stand there with no reaction.

"Where is my father?" I ask.

"Oh, he is in the library," Gabrielle replies. She is still hugging me, trying to pull me closer to herself.

"I must speak with him," I say and push her away from me. I head upstairs toward the library. It's the second door to the right. Amos follows.

"Oh Remedios, where have you been!" Amos mocks Gabrielle jokingly. "You've had us all worried!" He then flings his arms around me. I push him off and he falls to the floor. He starts to laugh.

"Don't start with me right now," I say and knock on the library door. "Go pick out my dinner clothes or something!"

"Come in," my father says from inside the library. I walk inside the library. My father is sitting on a small loveseat by the fireplace. He is wearing his red velvet robe with gold and silver trim. His broad features fill out the outfit perfectly. His piercing gold eyes watch me enter the room.

"Ah Remedios, what do you need my son?" he asks. His voice is low and deep.

"Well, you'd never guess who I met today in the forset," I reply. I sit down in an arm chair across from him.

"So that's where you disappeared to this morning?" he asks. "So who did you meet?"

"Jupiter's daughter Dawn," I reply. He raises his eyebrows.

"Oh really?" he says. "I haven't seen them in so long."

"I didn't know he had a daughter," I say.

"He has two daughters actually," my father says. "They are twins, Dawn and Dusk."

"Twins huh?" I asks. A smile slyly crosses my face.

"Oh calm down my son," he says with a chuckle. "So I take it that Dawn was pretty attractive then?"

"Attractive? More like gorgious!" I exclaim. "She has these amazing blazing firey orange eyes and beautiful flowing hair the color of the morning sun. And she has the body of a goddess." My father laughs again.

"You are so young and filled with such lust Remedios," my father says. "You remind me so much of me when I was your age."

"Is that a good thing or bad thing?" I joke. My father just smiles and shakes his head.

"Go get ready for dinner," he says. I nod and stand up. I walk to the door and open it. I walk out into the hallway and close the door behind me. I go down three more doors and walk into my bedroom. Amos was there, sitting on my bed. He had a suit already picked out for dinner.

"So, I picked out a gold tie so you and Gabrielle could match this evening," Amos says and starts to laugh.

"You just think that's so funny don't you?" I say with a smile. "Well, atleast girls like me."

"Hey! Girls like me," Amos argues.

"Name one," I say, narrowing my eyes on him.

"Well there was that one-" Amos pauses. "I hate you!"

"Aw, I was just playing Amos," I say with a smile. I playfully punch him in the left shoulder.

"I know," he says. He smiles back at me and punches me in the shoulder in reply with mine. Then there was a knock on the door.

"Remedios, may I come in?" Gabrielle asks from behind the door.

"No!" I say sternly. The door opens anyways. Gabrielle walks in and her eyes widen because I am not wearing a shirt.

"I just thought that you would want to know that your parents and you are going to eat dinner with Jupiter's family tomorrow evening," Gabrielle says. "Jupiter inviteds you just now and your father excepted."

"Oh joy!" I say sarcasticly. Amos starts laughing histarically.

"And your little human will be going too I presume," Gabrielle says stubbornly.

"Of course he is going and he has a name!" I say. "His name is Amos!"

Gabrielle takes a step back and then turns and leaves the room.

"I really don't see why she hates me so much," Amos says.

"She doesn't," I reply. "It's all an act. She just doesn't want anyone to know that she has a crush on a human."

"How do you know this?" Amos asks.

"I read her diary," I reply.

"Well that was mean," Amos says.

"Oh shut up!" I say.

"See!" Amos exclaims. "I told you that girls like me!"

"If you really believe that that's a girl then sure," I say and get dressed into my evening suit.

Chapter 4

"Hey Dawn," Lupe says as he enters my living room. I look up from my book and see him with no shirt.

"You mind putting some clothes on?" I ask.

"You know you like it," he says sitting down next to me. I roll my eyes. "So am I your body gaurd now?" I glare at him.

I don't need a damn body gaurd," I growl. Lupe smiles.

"Okay, but if you wanted one, who would be your first choice?" Lupe asks scooting closer.

"Probably Saturn, or Mercury," I say.

"Yeah, right," Lupe says. "Saturn's to busy with Cloud to really care about you and Mercury isn't even that strong." Lupe scoots even closer.

"So, when I become Alpha, will you become my mate?" Lupe asks.

"What makes you so sure you'll become Alpha?" I ask.

"I'm the stronget here! Your dad is getting pretty old and Neptune is right up there with him."

"What about Saturn and Hunter?" I ask. "You know they'll fight."

"Yeah, Hunter will be easy. Saturn will be a bit of a challenge but I can take him," Lupe boasts. "So will you be my mate when the time comes?"

I don't answer. I couldn't say yes or no because I know I'll end up becoming Alpha female if Dusk doesn't. I shrug. Lupe smiles and leans toward me.

"I'll take that as a yes," Lupe whispers. I stare at him as he leans over and plants his lips on mine.

"WOOOHOOO! Go Lupe!" yells Mercury from the doorway. I begin to pull away, but Lupe stops my head from moving. He pulls me closer to him and cages me underneath him. I hear laughing and growling from the doorway. All the boys are watching! Then Lupe french kisses me. I, again, try to pull away. His large body makes it hard to move. I feel his hand run down the sidee of my leg. Then a deep grol comes from the doorway. Lupe pulls away and looks up. I do the same and see my father. The boys quickly leave the room. Lupe doesn't move, leaving me caged underneath him still.

"Could you go somewhere more private?" my father grrowls. Lupe smirks.

"Sure thing Jupiter," Lupe says. Jupiter nods and leaves. Lupe then looks down at me.

"Your room or mine?" he asks. I push him and he falls back into the couch laughing. I stand up and begin to walk away. Lupe quickly stands and follows. Before I reach the doorway I feel him wrap his arm around me, stopping me from walking. He begins to kiss my neck.

"Stop Lupe," I say. He just laughs.

"Why won't you be my mate? Am I really that bad?" asks Lupe.

"Idon't love you Lupe," I say.

"Give me a chance and you will love me," Lupe whispers.

"You know Dusk likes you. Go to her," I say.

"She's to easy, and I don't like her the way I like you," Lupe says.

"Let me go Lupe," I exclaim.

"Fine!" he unwraps his arms. I continue out the door. I hurry outside. I see the group of boys outside. Pluto glares at me but the rest just snicker.

"Dawn!" I turn my attention to Dusk. She jogs up from the forest. "Hey!"

"Hi," I say.

"So I heard you and Lupe got something going on," she says. A smile is on her face but I knew deep down insided she was full of jealousy.

"Not really, he kind of cornered me," I say. We start to walk toward Cloud's house.

"Oh," Dusk says.

"I tried putting some good words in for you," I say. "He just won't leave me alone!" Dusk smiles. As we reach cloud's house the door flies open and Huunter flies out.

"And stay out!" yells Cloud. Hunter smiles and runs toward the group of boys laughing.

"Why'd you do that?" yells Snow from behind Cloud.

"Because he was being a menace," Cloud yells back. "I seriously don't understand why you like him so much."

"Well when your not acting like a bitch, he's actually something!" Snow screams. Snow hen pushes Cloud aside and storms away.

"Woah, dog fight," Dusk laughs. CLoud then turns her attention to us.

"Oh, hi, sorry you had to see that," she says. "Come on in."

Cloud turns and walks inside. We follow and walk into her living room. Moon, Rayne and Skye are all sitting on the floor trying not to laugh. Cloud growls at them. We sit on the coucch.

"So what happened?' Dusk asks.

"Hunter was just being...himself," Cloud says throwing herself into an arm chair.

"So anyways," Moon says. "Mercury came back with a letter frrom King Catillus. He's coming to visit tomorrow. We have to hunt extra meat for the damned tigers."

"Oh stop whining Moon," I exclaim. "They are obviously worth it. My parents have known them for years."

"Oh yeah, I heard you met the prince," Dusk teases. "So is he good looking?"

"For a cat," I say. I don't really care about him. He isn't really important.

"Hunter claimed to have seen you and Lupe kissing," Moon says. Then all attention is on me.

"Uh...yeah," I say shyly.

"So are you to together now?" Cloud asks.

"No, he had just cornered me," I say.

"You should give him a chance," Skye says.

"Yeah he might be worth it," Moon says. I don't respond. I had been thinking about it lately. Would he really be worth it? He is handsome, especially in his fur. I shrug. Then there is a knock on the door. Cloud gets up to answer it. She opens the door to Lupe. Moon and Skye smile at eachother.

"Hey Lupe, we were just talking about you," Cloud says. Lupe steps into the room.

"Really?" Lupe says with a smirk. "What were you saying?"

"Oh...stuff," Moon smiles.

"Well in that case can I borrow Dawn for a moment?" Lupe asks.

"Sure," everyone says at oncee. I give them a 'I can't believe you!' look. Then I stand up and follow Lupe outside.

"What do you want?" I ask sternly.. Lupe turns toward me.

"Listen Dawn," Lupe says, his tone softer than usual. "I really like you and wish you would give me a chance. I'm sorry if I came on too hard. I just really like you."

I stare at him, shocked by his words.

"I...uh," I stutter. Lupe takes my hands and I look up at his face.

"I know you don't love me and I can't say that I love youbecause I'm not sure if I do, but if you let me trty maybe we could learn to love eachother," Lupe says. I just stare into his dark eyes, still short of words.

Lupe gently pulls me closer and then lightly kisses my lips. I feel entrtanced by his gentleness. It felt weird coming from a creature so large and strtong. When Lupe pulls away he just stares at me waiting for a reaction.

"Lupe," I start to say.

"WIll you just give us a chance, please?" Lupe pleads.

"I..." I try to think of the right words to say. I look deeper into his eyes. "I'll try Lupe."

Instantly his eyes light up. I could tell he wanted to howl for joy.

"Really? Really Dawn?" Lupe asks. Excitment is building inside of him. I thought he was going to burst. I nod. "Oh thank you!" He runs his fingers through his shaggy hair. "I thought..."

I smile. I had never seen him like this. Then Lupe, out of nowhere, picks me up and hugs me. I squeal with astonishment.

"By the way," Lupe whispers in my ear. "Pluto said you wouldn't say yes and was so positive about it. Just to make him a little jealous, can we be really be flirty around him?"

I laugh. "Are you sure it's not just for your own pleasure?" I ask.

"Of course it is!" Lupe exclaims. I laugh again. Lupe hugs me again and then kisses me on the cheek. "I'll see you later."

Lupe then turns and runs into he forest. I watch him leave and then turn back to Cloud's house. I see the curtain in the window close and I shake my head. I head back inside. As I enter the living room everything goes quiet. All eyes are on me as I sit back down.

"Well?" asks Moon. "Did he propose or something?"

"No!" I exclaim. "He kinda just asked me to be his girlfriend."
"And?" Cloud asks.

"Well you saw the reaction!" I say. I glance over at Dusk. I see all excitment leave her face.

"They're here!" Pluto exclaims running from the forest. Dusk and I look up from our kill.

"Hurry and go get cleaned up girls and get your brother," Jupiter says wiping his mouth. Lupe picks up a large lifeless moose and my father picks up another. They walk to the dining hall.

"I'll get Saturn, go get ready," I say hurrying toward Cloud's house. I knock on the door when I get there. I hear stumbling and a large bang. Then the door opens a little and Saturn's head peaks out.

"What do you want?" Saturn growls. I smile.

"The tigers are here," I say.

"Who is it Saturn?" Cloud says from behind the door.

"Dawn, uh, okay I'll be there in a minute," Saturn slams the door shut. I then hear yelling and something crash. I turn from the house and start to walk towards the dining hall. I fix my dress and hair and then stop when I hear horses. I look to the woods and see five horses appear from the woods. I see Prince Remedios and his human. I see a gaurd. I then see Catullus and Danella. When the prince sees me he smiles.

Hunter and Mars walk up to the Tigers and take the horse reins as they climb off the horses. I walk up to them and greet them.

"King Catullus and Queen Danella," I say curtsying. "It's good to meet you."

"You must be Dawn," Danella says. "Your hair gives it away." I smile. Prince Remedios takes a step forward and takes my hand. He then kisses it.

"Good to see you again," he says. "And look, you're fully clothed this time." He smiles again. I blush in embarrassment. Prince Remedios then takes a step back again. I feel an arm wrap around my waist and look up to see Lupe.

"You too Prince Remedios," I say. "Dinner is this way." I turn with Lupe and lead them toward the dining hall. When we go inside, my father turns quickly.

"Catullus!" he exclaims. He swiftly walks over to us and the two kings hug.

"I haven't seen you in so long my friend," Catullus says.

"I hope that never happens again!" Jupiter laughs. "Here sit by Luna and me. Hello Danella!" My father slightly bows to her. He then sees the prince.

"Remedios my boy! Oh have you grown!" Jupiter exclaims. He firmly shakes Prince Remedios's hand.

After my sister, my brother, Lupe and Cloud are introduced we all sit down. I sit next to Prince Remedios and Lupe sits on the other side of me. Prince Remedios's human, Amos sits on the other side of Remedios.

"What's new with you?"he says.

"Oh...Nothing really," I say. "Life here in the forest isn't as exciting as your palace."

"You honestly think that my palace is exciting?" he asks. "Well, you have never been there. It's a lot more boring than you would think."

"Really? Well it's probably more interesting than it is here," I say. I here Catullus and Jupiter let out a booming laugh over old memories. "They must be very good friends."

"Are you kidding?" he asks. "I would love to live out here. I hate being cooped up in that palace all day. Hell that place is so boring that I get lost on purpose."

I laugh at his remark.

"Well in that case I take it back," I say. "But out here in the forest isn't much fun. You wake up, get dressed, walk around, hunt, walk around, eat, walk around, and sleep. Oh, did I mention walk around?" I take a drink of my wine.

"I'm pretty sure you forgot to mention that," Remedios jokes. We both laugh.

Then my father talks to Remedios for a while. After we eat we all go outside.

"Would you like to go for a walk?" I ask Remedios out of boredom. I glance over at Moon who is staring at Amos.

"Um, sure, why not," he replies. We turn toward the woods.

"I think my friend Moon likes your human, Amos," I say.

"No, girls don't like him," the prince laughs.

"Are you sure?" I ask looking back. Moon was now talking to Amos. Amos looked a little nervous. "Look for yourself." Remedios looks toward Amos.

"Poor guy," he says smiling. "He looks nervous doesn't he?"

"He must not be very experienced with girls, is he?" I ask smiling too.

"No not really," he replies. "So how far are we going to go?"

"A couple miles maybe," I say jumping over a trunk. "Do you want to change?"

"Well, in order to change I have to take off my clothes," Remedios replies.

"So," I say. "I know a tree up ahead that we could put are clothes in until we get back, and it's not like we have to get undressed in front of eachother. We're in a forest. I'm sure we can find somewhere private."

"Well, I never said that I was afraid of being naked in front of you, but I don't know if you care or not," he says.

"The only reason I suggested that is because I thought you would be uncomfortable," I say. "I don't care at all. I do it all the time." When I look over at Prince Remedios, he was already unbuttoning his pants. "You wanna wait until we get to the tree?"

"Sure, why not," he replies.

I shake my head and laugh. Minutes later we reach a big oak tree with a large hole in it.

"Here we are," I say. I look back over at Remedios. He already had his shirt off. "Well your in a hurry now aren't you?"

"Maybe," he says with a sly smile.

I laugh and turn away from him. I reach around my back and start to untie the strings. I started to struggle with a string that was in a knot. Then I felt Remedios's hand. He unties the knot for me. That's when I felt a little akward.

"Uh, thanks," I say.

"Any time," he says. When he steps away I start to get out of my dress, letting my fur start to grow. After the dress is fully off I finally complete my change. I felt his eyes on me the whole time. After the change I turn to see him in his tiger form. He is twice my size and white with black stripes. I smile and pick my dress up with my paw and stuff it in the trree. Remedios does the same with his clothes.

"Ready?" I ask. I could feel excitment building inside of me.

"Baby, I was born ready," he laughs.

"Good," I say. "We're going to a small pond about five miles straight ahead. Last one there is going swimming with the fishes!" With that I shoot forward. I hear him behind me and then he was at my side.

"Hi how's it going?" he asks.

"Well, you're about to!" I exclaim and then pick up speed. I hear him yell and struggle to keep up with me. About five minutes later I see a large bush. The entrance to the pond. "One more mile!" I lie. I break through the bush and stop inches from the pond. I wait for Remedios.

He breaks through the bush, but doesn't stop. He goes straight into the pond. I start to laugh. When he breaks to the surface he has a fish in his mouth. I laugh even harder. He spits out the fish.

"You tricked me!" he exclaims. "That wasn't very nice Dawn!"

"Oh, did the poor little kitty get all wet?" I tease. "You poor little prince!" He swims back to shore and shakes the water off of himself.

"That was quite refreshing," he says. "It's your turn." He pounces at me and we both go into the water.

He pushes me under with one huge paw. When I surface I growl at him. He just laughs. I jump on his back and nip at his ears. I then push him back his head surfaces, he's back in human form.

"Well now, that was fun," he says. "Now I'm cold."

I change into human form too.

"You're cold?" I ask. "You wuss."

"I am not!" he exclaims. "You're just mean." He laughs again.

"What can I say? I'm a big bad wolf!" I joke.

"Yes you are," he replies. "And, you messed up my hair."

"Ahhhh! You poor thing!" I laugh. "Is the little prince gonna go cry to his mommy?"

"Maybe," he replies. "But seriously, I think we should get back now."

I look up at the moon.

"Yeah, it is getting late," I say. I start to swim back to shore, but before I could Remedios grabs my hand. I turn my head around to face him and his lips meet mine. I pull away in shock.

"I'm sorry!" he exclaims. "I didn't mean to it's just that I think I like you. You're the first girl that actually showed me a good time rather than trying to hook up with me for my father's money."

"Uh...I...I don't know what to say," I reply still taken back by his actions.

"Look, let's just forget this happened," Remedios says. "It was an accident."

"Umm, okay," I say. I then turn back toward shore. I see two glowing eyes, Lupe. Then they disappear. I change into wolf form as I swim back to shore, Remedios not that far behind me.

Chapter 5

I change to tiger form again and follow Dawn back toward the tree. I didn't mean to kiss her. It just happened so fast. We finally get to the tree about ten minutes later. I change back to human form and put my clothes back on. Dawn does the same.

"I really am sorry Dawn," I say.

"Don't worry about it," she says. "Just don't tell anyone you don't trust."

"I know that, but I just feel awkward now," I say. "Are you sure it's alright?"

"Listen," she says turning to me," I understand that you're uncomfortable, but it's okay. You can't help it if you're attracted to me." She smiles.

"I know, you're just so hard to resist," I joke. "Well, we should get back now."

"Way ahead of you," Dawn says walking away. When we reach Dawn's house I see my parents are still in deep conversation. I walk behind me father's chair.

"Father, don't you think we should be leaving now?" I ask.

"Oh, well Jupiter offered to let us stay the night because it has gotten so late," he replies.

"Oh," I say. I roll my eyes as I walk away. I walk back outside and sit on a log.

"Ahh help me!" I here someone yell. I recognize the voice as Amos. Then out of nowhere he jumps behind me. "Thank God it's you! That crazy wolf girl was chasing me!"

"She likes you that's why she's chasing you," I say. Amos stares at me, dumbfounded.

"Really?" he asks excitedly.

"Of course really," I reply. "You should talk to her."

"I think I'll do just that," Amos says. He gets up and walks away.

I get off the log and lay on the grass. I look up at the stars. They are sparkling in the moon's light.

"Let me go Lupe!" I hear someone yell. I turn my head to see Dawn struggling to get out of Lupe's grip. Lupe says something too soft for me to hear. "Let me go!" Lupe pulls Dawn closer. He says something else.

"NO! I was willing to try, but if you're going to act like this then I'm not going to try anymore!" Dawn screams. Lupe growls. Dawn tries to push him away. Then Lupe pulls her forward and forcibly kisses her.

I quickly stand up and run over to them "What the hell are you doing to her!" I growl. Lupe pulls away and glares at me.

"None of your business cat! Go catch a mouse or something!" Lupe barks.

"Why should I do that when there's a giant rat right before me?" I ask sarcasticly. "Let her go!"

"Why don't you make me kitty?" Lupe growls.

"Stay out of this Remedios," Dawn pleads. "I don't want anyone to get hurt!"

"No!" I yell. "Not until he let's you go!"

"Plea-" Lupe interrupts Dawn.

"What if I don't?" Lupe asks. Out of the corner of my eye I could see some people starting to crowd.

I take off my shirt and pants and change into tiger form. I then lunge at Lupe with one large white paw. I quickly swipe at Lupe's abdomen.

Lupe pushes Dawn aside and changes into wolf form without even taking off his clothes. He quickly dodges my attack and then jumps on my back.

"Stop!" Dawn yells. Before I could react to Lupe he is flung off my back and I am knocked to the ground. When I look up I see my father holding me down in his tiger form. I look over to see Jupiter barley holding back Lupe. Lupe was almost twice Jupiter's size.

"What the hell are you doing Remedios?" my father asks.

"He wouldn't let Dawn go!" I growl. I push my father off of me.

"LUPE!" Jupiter yells. "I welcomed you into my pack with open arms and this is how you repay me, by embarrassing me in front of my guests! I will not tolerate this. Apologize or I will be forced to banish you from this pack."

"Remedios you could have came and got somebody instead of tryng to handle this on your own!" my father yells.

"Yes father," I say.

"I won't apologize to a damn cat!" Lupe yells. "Get off me!" Lupe pushes Jupiter off and knocks him to the ground. "See old man! You're weak. I think it's time for someone else to take over." I hear deep growling coming from every single wolf here.

"I challenge you for alpha Jupiter, and anyone else who wants to fight!" Lupe growls.

"Lupe this isn't the time, we have guests!" Saturn yells. My father runs over to Jupiter and tries to help him up.

"No Saturn, it's the perfect time, everyone's here!" Lupe yells.

"Lupe! Stop this nonesense!" Luna yells. She is in her wolf form too. I then realize everyone is in their fur, except Amos and Moon. Moon whispers something to Amos and then they both turn and run into the woods.

Lupe walks over to Jupiter and pushes my father aside.

"Come old wolf! It's time to step down!" Lupe yells. I lunge at Lupe again and we both fall to the ground. I bite into the soft flesh of his stomach, careful not to break the skin. I stop biting and pull away.

"Don't you ever push my father again!" I yell.

Then a great howl rises. Everyone looks over at Dawn.

"Stop!" she yells. "This is so childish. If there's going to be a fight for Alpha we should atleast have it somewhere where nothing can get damaged. We will have the fight on the next new moon." Dawn walks over to her father and helps him up. She leads him into his house and Luna, Dusk and Saturn follow. Lupe gets to his feet and runs into the woods. Then everyone goes back to their houses. I help my father up and then Dawn comes back out.

"I'll show you where the guest house is," she says. She then turns and we follow. She leads us into this medium sized cabin. I go inside and fling myself into and armchair.

"Thank you Dawn," my father says. "And I am so sorry about my son's actions tonight."

"No, it was not Remedios's fault. Lupe is the one who should be apologizing. Remedios was just trying to be a good friend," Dawn says. "I'm just sorry you had to witness such violence."

"Well, anyway," my father says. "Is your father alright?"

"Yes, he's fine," Dawn says. "He just needs to gather some energy for next week."

"Yes of course," my father says. "Well tell him I said good night." Dawn nods then her eyes meet mine. I mouth the words "I'm sorry" and she turns around and walks away. My father shuts the door and turns toward me.

"Look Remedios," he says. "I'm not mad about what happened out there, but you are lucky that Dawn called it off. You see the wolves are different here. It is a custom that when ever there is a fight over a female, the one who wins is then her mate."

"You mean that if I would have won, that Dawn would have had to be my wife?" I ask.

"Yes, or she would have been Lupe's wife if he would have won," my father replies.

"Oh," I say.

"Well, tomorrow is coming soon and we must all get some sleep," my father says. "I think there is a loft up there where you and Amos may sleep. Your mother and I will sleep in the bedroom down here."

"Speaking of Amos, where has he gotten to?" my mother asks. Then Amos finally comes inside the cabin.

"Speak of the devil," I say.

"Where were you?" my father asks.

"I was out in the forest, sorry I'm late Sir," he replies. Amos and I then climb the stairs to the loft.

"What was the whole fighting thing about?" Amos whispers.

"Lupe wouldn't let Dawn go," I reply. "Then my father and Jupiter tried to break us apart and now there's going to be a fight for alpha."

"Oh, you're not in it are you?" Amos asks.

"I don't know, but my father told me that if I would have beaten Lupe that I would have had to marry Dawn," I reply. "So where did you and Moon run off to?"

"We went into the forest and talked by the lake," he replies. "She kissed me!"

"It's about time Amos got some action," I say laughing. I start to put on my night clothes. I then lay down next to Amos on the queen sized bed.

"You better not kick me!" Amos exclaims.

"As long as I don't wake up with your arms around me," I joke.

"Deal!" Amos says and we both drift off into sleep.

Chapter 6

My head comes to the surface of the lake. All is silent. It's been four days since the fight back at home. Lupe hasn't been seen at all, but I can feel his presence all the time. He's been watching me. I've also had this weird feeling in my gut. Everytime I walk through the woods or go to the pond I hope that Remedios would be there. He never is.

Today is the hottest day of the year. The pack decided to go to the coast for the day. They are all probably relaxing in the ocean and getting major sun burns. I'm all alone on the lake.

"Why do you always bring me along?" Amos whines.

"Because, you're my, uh, servant," I reply. "And besides, don't you want to see Moon?"

"She's not there, she is at the ocean," Amos replies.

"How do you know that?" I ask.

"Because she told me last night," Amos says. I give him a sly smile. "I's too late isn't it?"

"Yes," I say. "Do you think Dawn will be there?"

"I don't know, maybe," Amos says. "Moon said that Dawn has been off on her own lately and when she is around, she's been taking charge, like she's alpha female or something."

"Oh, I see," I say. We finally get to the lake and I see someone in the water, all alone. I recognize the person as Dawn. "Amos you should go back to the palace."

"What! We just got here," he whines. He looks up toward the lake. "Oh nevermind I get it. Good luck!" He winks then turns around and walks back the same direction that we had just came from.

I slip off my clothes and quietly get into the water. I swim toward Dawn. When I get close enough to her, I grab her leg and pull her under the water.

I turn under the water to face Remedios. He smiles and I glare at him. I break back to the surface and he does the same.

"You bastard!" I yell. Remedios laughs. "You scared me half to death!"

"I'm sorry!" he says, laughing again. "So, how have you been?"

"Fine," I say taking a deep breath. "You shouldn't be here." I cautiously look around the lake.

"Why shouldn't I be here?" he asks. "It's a lake and it's hotter than hell out here! I don't see what the problem is. Unless you feel uncomfortable because I'm naked."

"No, that's not why," I say with half a laugh. "I'm not alone is all."

"I don't see anyone else," he says. "And Amos better be on his way back home!"

"It's not only him," I say nodding toward the shore. Amos realizes he's been caught and runs back into the forest. "Lupe has been missing the last couple days, but he's been watching me. I can feel him. I just don't know where he is," I whisper.

"And you being nude doesn't bother me," I laugh.

"Oh really?" he asks with a sly smile. "Well, it doesn't bother me either."

"I just really don't think you should be here," I say nervously.

"Why?" he asks. "I'm not afraid of him and I doubt he's that much of an ego freak to do anything. We should give him some credit."

"Trust me, he's a major ego freak," I say. "But that's not why. If he does come out of hiding he will challenge you. I don't want there to be a fight over me. We wolves have certain customs..."

"I know, my father told me," he says. "I'm not going to leave, I'm too stubborn."

"Tell me something I don't already know," I tease.

"Well, I'm still a virgin," he jokes. "But seriously, if you want me to leave, you're going to have to make me!" I laugh and then splash him.

"Okay!" I yell and then push him under the water and I go under with him. I then start to swim away. I look back to see him following. I look forward to see a cave. I swim toward it. I go inside and then swim up. I break to the surface and then Remedios does too.

"Wow, I never knew about this place," he says.

I climb out and hurry behind a rock for a towel. I pick one up and wrap it around me.

"Yeah, this is my get away cave," I say throwing him one. "I come here all the time." I walk over to a small pile of wood and pick up my two flint rocks and try to start a fire. After it gets started I go to a small box and open it up. I pull out two small lifless rabbits. "Hungry?"

"Wow, you've got everything here don't you?" he asks, as he gets out of the water and wraps the towel aroung his waist.

"Yup," I say. "I practicly live here now. I only go home at night. I plan to fully move in when the new Alphas are decided." I grab a blanket and spread it out on the hard ground."Oh, but what if you are the new Alpha female?" Remedios asks.

"I don't want to be the new Alpha, especially if Lupe becomes the Alpha male," I say. "I'd rather die then be his mate." I look over at him. His muscles are perfectly outlined. I wanted to hug him.

I sit next to Dawn on the blanket. Both of us are only wearing towels and I still feel kind of awkward, but in a way I liked it.

"So, why was Lupe so mad that night?" I ask.

"Well, he followed us and saw the kiss," Dawn says. "I was kinda dating him and he got mad. I told him it was an accident. He wouldn't stop bugging me about it and I broke up with him."

"So it's partly my fault then," I say.

"I don't blame you," Dawn says. "I should have told you that we were dating. Not that that would of stopped you since you're soooo attracted to me. You couldn't help it."

"Oh whatever!" I laugh. "I can resist you any time I want!"

"Oh really?" Dawn asks. She smiles slyly. "So if I were to kiss you, you could resist kissing me back?"

"Of course," I reply.

"Let's test that theory," Dawn says. She leans over and gently kisses me on the lips.

I try to pull away, but my lips wouldn't let me. I kiss her back and stroke her cheek with my hand. She pulls away and smiles.

"Okay, so I was wrong!" I exclaim. "But I bet that you wouldn't have been able to resist either."

"Try me," Dawn says.

"Fine!" I reply. I pull her down on the ground and my lips meet hers. I gently comb her hair behind her ears with my fingers. She pushes me away.

"See, I have more control than you!" she says.

"Well, actually, I only used that as an excuse to get you to kiss me again," I say with a smile.

"All you had to do was ask," Dawn says. She smiles slyly. I go to kiss her again , but before I could something bursts out of the water. We both turn to see Saturn. He was very pale.

"Dawn, you have to get home now," Saturn says.

"Why? What's wrong?" Dawn asks sitting up.

"It's dad, he's...he's dead," Saturn says.

Chapter 7

I feel all the color leave my face.

"Dead?" I ask.

"A grizzly...He was hunting alone. It came out of no where," Saturn says. "He wanted to get us something to eat for the beach."

I start to cry. I couldn't help myself.

"I'll... I'm coming," I say. Saturn nods and jumps back into the water. I turn back to Remedios.

"I'm so sorry!" he says and hugs me.

"We've got to go," I sniff. I stand up and so does Remedios. We put the fire out and jump back into the water. When we reach the surface of the lake we swim ashore.

"Go tell your parents," I say. "You'll need to be here as soon as possible for the burial." Tears start to stream down my face. I quickly wipe them away.

"Are you alright?" Remedios asks.

"I'm fine, just go," I say and change into wolf form. I run into the woods. I howl at the sky. The day had been so great until now. When I get home I see everyone standing in a circle. I stay in wolf form and walk up to my father. He was still in his fur. My mother had her head on his still chest. My sister was crying into Pluto's chest. I sit down next to my father. I then lift my head to the sky and howl. Soon everyone joins in.

I run through the forest. I had just changed into tiger form and was trying not to stumble over loose branches. Then I hear howling. I recognize the lead howl as Dawn and it encourges me to run even faster.

A few minutes later I get to the palace. I run in through the doors, I don't even bother to close the doors behind me. "Father!" I scream. I run up the stairs toward the library. My father opened the library door and gave me a strange look.

"My goodness Remedios what is it?" he asks. "And why are you naked?" I just realized that I had turned back to human form without even noticing.

"Jupiter is dead!" I exclaim. "He was out hunting alone and a grizzly got him! Come on we need to go. Dawn needs me!"

"Get some clothes on boy and I'll get the horses sattled," my father says.

"We don't have time, just get into your fur and I'll go get Mother!" I exclaim and start to run out of the library.

"Well at least grab your robe!" my father yells. I run to my room and grab my robe. I then run back down the stairs and into the lounge. My mother is sitting on a couch with her friends, having tea.

"Mother!" I yell. All of them look over.

"Good heavens!" gasps one of my mother's friends. I quickly put my robe on.

"Remedios, what in heavens name is going on!" my mother exclaims.

"I'm sorry, but Jupiter is dead and we need to go now!" I exclaim. "He was attacked by a grizzly and we need to go! We're going in our fur so grab your robe.

The three of us finally get to the woods in our fur and with our robes hanging from our mouths. The pack is still howling and it's getting louder the closer we get. A few minutes later we find the pack all surrounding Jupiter's dead body.

We change back to human form and put on our robes. My mother quickly hugs Luna. "I'm so sorry Luna," she says.

Luna just cries even harder. My father walks up to Saturn and puts a friendly arm around him. I look around for Dawn and see her sitting right next to Jupiter. Some of the boys walk away and then come back with shovels. As they carry Jupiter's body to a small grave site behind the houses Dawn doesn't move from the ground. She was in human form with a blanket around her. I walk over to her and kneal down next to her.

"I'm sorry," I purr. I wrap my arms around her. She pushes me away.

"It's my fault, instead of going with everyone else I was kissing you!" she yells. Tears are streaming down her cheeks.

"No it's not your fault!" I assure her. "You didn't know that something like this would happen." She hugs me and I hug her back.

"I just have this deep feeling that it wasn't just a plain old grizzly attack," Dawn says. "Jupiter could take a grizzly easy. Unless it was a shapeshifter grizzly. They're bigger then average size. Lupe had to have had something to do with this." Dawn hugs me tighter.

"Why now?" she cries. "Of all the time in the world, why now?"

"I'll be back," I say. I slip out of my robe and go back to tiger form. I run back into the forest, in search of Lupe. After about ten minutes of runnig, I hear someone heaving for air. The scent of blood flows through my nostrils.

I finally see Lupe lying on his side by a tree. There are claw marks all over his abdomen and a dead grizzly lies a few feet away from him. Lupe is breathing slowly, as blood leaks out of his body.

I rush to him. His eyes are still open and he tries to speak. I turn back to human form and try to help him up. He leans on my shoulder and we start to slowly limp toward the pack. We take two steps before Lupe starts to slip. I quickly grab him and try to stand him back up again.

"Somebody help us!" I scream. At that precise moment one of the pack boys burst through the bushes.

"Lupe!" he yells. He rushes to Lupe's other side and helps lift him. We then start back to the village. Half an hour later we reach the village and Dusk rushes over to us.

"Oh my god! What happened?" she asks. Soon everyone was helping Lupe. He was brought into Luna's house and set on the couch. One of the older wolf women, Star, helped clean his wounds. I then went and looked for Dawn. I checked her room and found her laying down.

"I found Lupe," I say quietly. "He killed the grizzly." I sit down next to her.

"He killed the grizzly?" Dawn asks in disbelief.

"Yes," I reply. "He's badly injured, but I think he's going to be alright."

"Okay...If he killed the grizzly then he must of been helping my dad then," Dawn says. She looks up at me. "I just want this day to end." I see tears start to form in her eyes again. I lay down next to her and hug her tightly. She silently cries into my shoulder. I hold her tightly and we soon fall asleep.

Chapter 8

I wake up alone. I quickly sit up in search of Remedios. I see a note on my pillow.


I had to go help my parents get back home safely. I will be back tomorrow. Don't worry. I will be back soon.

With all my love,


I fold the note and set it on my dresser. I open my bedroom door and walk into the livingroom. It is dark but I can hear deep breathing. I let my eyes adjust to the dark. I look to the couch and see a dark figure, Lupe. I take a step back. I still didn't trust him.

"Dawn?" asks a hoarsed voice. Lupe slowly sits up and then winces with pain. "Is that you?"

"Yes," I say. I walk around the couch and sit in an arm chair across from Lupe.

"I was hoping it was you," he says. He lays back down. "I'm sorry about Jupiter."

I look away from him. "What happened?" I ask softly. Lupe hesitates.

"It's hard to remember," he says. "I was hunting. I then smelt your dad's scent. I followed it. When I finally found him he was wrestling a grizzly. It was a shapeshifter. Your dad was being over powered so I tried to help. Then I remember the bear hitting your dad, and there was a snap of bone breaking. I chased the bear into the woods and called for help. Saturn appeared and I told him what happened. I then went after the bear."

"Why? You could of just watched instead of risking your life," I say.

"He was still my leader," Lupe growls. "I still respect him. He taught me a lot." I look down at my feet. I then stand up. "Is there a way you can move the fight for Alpha to another night?" Lupe asks.

"You must really want to become Alpha," I say with a smile.

"It's not the only thing I want," Lupe says. The smile leaves my face.

"Lupe," I say. "Don't, I'm not in love with you and never will be." I stand up and walk outside. I take a deep breath and look around at the dark village. It's too peaceful. I can feel the mourning everywhere. I feel the tears again.

"No, stop Dawn, no more crying, I'm done with crying," I tell myself. I look at the forest. Remedios would be here soon. I go back inside and ignore Lupe's apologies. I go straight to my room to change my clothes. I go to my closet and search for a clean dress. I find an orange and red dress in the back. I take it out and set it on my bed. I see light creep into my room from the window. It was dawn. I slip out of my dirty dress and let it fall to the floor. I then take the orange dress and unzip the back. I step into the dress and zip the zipper back up. I grab my brush and put my hair up in a half ponytail, letting my bangs fall slightly over my eyes. I look in the mirror. It was a bit formal for everyday wear. I shrug and walk to the window. The sun slowly rises and I smile as I feel the warmth. I hear my door open and turn to see who it is. Remedios stops at the door and his jaw drops. He closes his mouth and closes the door.

"Dawn, wow, you look," he stops to find the right words," like dawn." I laugh a small laugh and walk to him.

"Thus my name," I say hugging him. He hugs me back and I feel him breathe in my fragrance. "Remedios, I want to leave. I can't stay here. I just want to get away for a while. Maybe until after the new pack leader is decided."

"Well, where are you supposed to go?" he asks. I feel his grip on me get tighter.

"I don't know, anywere," I say. I look up at him without letting him go.

"You know, there is probably like a couple hundred guest rooms at my palace," he says. "You could come stay with me if you want to."

"Do you think your parents would mind?" I ask.

"No, after all, it will be my palace soon," he replies. "And now that I think of it, screw the guest room you can sleep in my room with me." He gives me a wink and we both fall backwards onto my bed laughing.

"Thank you," I say. "Doesn't Amos sleep with you? In your room I mean."

"Only on weekends," Remedios jokes. "But seriously, I want you to come stay with me for a month or five."

"I'll have to go back after the fight for Alpha," I say. "It's in a month. I want to be with my mom and sister."

"Do you think that I could be in the fight?" Remedios asks.

"What?" I exclaim. "Why would you want to do that? Aren't you happy enough to be king of the tigers? Are you really thirsty for that much power?"

"No, but what do I do when I get challenged by someone?" he asks.

"What? What are you talking about?" I ask confused.

"Well, on my way in here Lupe stopped me," Remedios says. "He said he wasn't giving you up without a fight. I had no choice but to take the challenge."

"Uh, you could of talked to me first!" I exclaimed. I push him away and walk to the window. "Oh! The nerve of him!" I then turn back to Remedios. "Can you pack my things while I go talk to my mom?" He nods and I walk out of the room.

When I enter the living room Lupe tries talking to me.


"Shut up Lupe!" I growl. I walk straight past him and down the hall to my mom's room. I knock on the door. I hear a muffled voice and enter the room. I see my mother sitting up in the bed rubbing her eyes.

"What's the matter dear?" she asks in a tired voice.

"Mom," I say sitting on the bed. "Is it possible for another person to fight for Alpha, even if they're not a wolf?"

"Well, that depends on who they are and if it's just for Alpha," she says. "Why? Who else wants to fight?"

"Well, Lupe challenged Remedios, for me," I say shyly. I look at her face and see pure shock.

"Why Remedios? He's a tiger, he is-" she stops and looks at me. "For you? Remedios wants to fight for you? But he's a tiger! Dawn have you been letting on that you like him? I know he is handsome dear but he's a tiger not a wolf!"

"Mother, I know. I didn't let him on that I liked him at all. There was at the beach and I didn't show any intrest in him at all. Then we went for a walk...and well, that's when he kissed me."

"He what!" my mother exclaims.

"He said it was an accident and he told me he liked me. That's what caused that fight. Lupe had been spying on us and he got angry with me. Mother, don't be upset," I say when I see anger and shock rising in her. "I'm going away for a while, Remedios said I could stay with him at the palacec until this whole pack thing is figured out."

"You're going to Catullas's palace?" says a voice from the door. I turn to see Lupe in the doorway. "Why would you go there?"

"To get away from you and all this fighting, I can't stand it here, I need a break," I say standing up. I kiss my mother on the cheek. "I'll write." I then push past Lupe. Before I reach my room he grabs my arm.

"Dawn, why are you going with him?" he asks.

"Because he's a very close friend who cares about me," I say yanking my arm out his grip. I begin to walk away again.

"Seems you are more than friends," he says. I turn back to him.

"You know nothing Lupe, you're just a self centered basterd who doesn't care about anyone but himself!" I exclaim.

"I care about you!" he yells.

"No you don't, you only care about being alpha and getting some attractive girl as your stupid mate! Go to Dusk, she's willing to be your mate!" I storm down the hall to my room.

"I will have you!" he yells after me. I ignore him and slam my bedroom door behind me. Remedios is sitting on my bed with a large suit case next to him. We just stare at eachother for a minute. I then walk up to him and hug him. We sit in eachother's arms for minutes. Then we finally leave.

As we enter the forest I turn to get one good look at my home. I the turn back to Remedios and I take his hand as we walk to my new temporary home.

Chapter 9

When we reach the palace I look over at Dawn. Her mouth had dropped open in awe.

"It's so big," she says. I laugh and put an arm around her waist.

"It's too big," I say. We walk inside and my parents greet us.

"Oh Dawn!" my mother excliams hugging Dawn. "Hello!"

"Do you mind if she stays here for a while?" I ask.

"Oh of course not!" my mother exclaims.

"I thought I was the king?" my father says.

"I'm the wife and I say she stays," my mother says glaring at my father. "Come Dawn, I'll show you where you can stay." Dawn turns to me and smiles. I smile back and watch them walk up the stairs. I then turn to my father.

Before I say a word Amos comes running down the stairs.

"Remedios, sir!" he exclaims. He reaches us and stops. He takes a deep breath and then fixes his posture. He then turns to me. "Can I speak to you privately sir?"

"Uh, sure, I will see you later father," I father nods and walks away to the library. Amos and I then head up the stairs to my room.

"Yes Amos?" I ask.

"I just saw Dawn, what is she doing here?" he asks anxiously.

"Dawn will be staying with us for a couple months," I reply. Amos stays quiet until we reach my room. As soon as the door closes behind us, Amos begins to talk rapidly.

"Remedios, I've been doing some research about the wolves and I found some very important things. I know you are like madly in love with Dawn, but it's impossible for any kind of relation to happen. Wolves aren't known to live in castles and don't like being caged up much. She was raised in the wood. You were raised in a castle and you are both acustom to different things. She hunts her own food. Yours is served on a gold platter and-"

"Amos," I interrupt. "Get to the point."

"There is no way you guys could become a pair," Amos says. "She's is heir to her own throan and you are taking over this kingdom in a few months. You have to pick a tiger mate Remedios. It would be crazy to have Dawn as a mate. It would ruin the kingdom."

"I love my people Amos," I say," but I'm not going to pick a mate for politics. I pick my mate for love. And why are you making such a big deal? It's not like I'm going to announce her as my new wife or something. She just needed to get away from home for a while. And you are a human and you're dating a wolf."

"Remedios. . . I looked some things up on mixing species. Most children of mixed species don't survive. Either that or they become deformed in some way. If you do have Dawn as your mate, if, there is a high chance that your children won't survive and there will be no heir to the throan," Amos says.

"Wait, I'm confused," I state sitting on my bed. "Since when did you become interested in my love life?"

"Since I over heard your parents talking about you and Gabrielle," Amos says lowering his head. "They said something about the you two getting married. She's going to be your mate."

"Okay, and are you saying I should go with it? Just so my father's blood line will carry on?" I ask sternly, anger rising inside of me. Since when did my parents decide who I was going to marry, and why is my best friend siding with them?

"Yes." Anger escapes me and I rise quickly and a loud roar bursts from me.

"I don't care if my father's stupid blood line stops with me Amos! I love Dawn! I know I only just met her but she means the world to me! As long as it made her happy I would leave the kingdom right now and move in with her in the wolf territory. Even if it was half way across the world! Don't tell me who I should choose to have as my mate Amos!" I yell. Amos was now on the floor, in a corner where I had cornered him. Then a slick smile slides across face. I automatically become confused.

"Okay, that's all I had to know," Amos says. He stands up and makes his way out of my room. When he opens the door I see Dawn.

"Good Morning Dawn," Amos says slightly bowing. He then turns to me and winks. He leaves the room and Dawn looks at me. Her cheeks were a deep shade of red.

"May I come in?" she asks.

"Oh, uh, yeah," I say, still dumbfounded by Amos's reactions. Then it hits me.

"So, I heard your little speech," Dawn says walking up to me and setting her hands on my chest.

"Oh, you did?" I ask embarressed.

"Yup, and you know what I thought about it?"

"Uh, what?" I ask lookng into her firely eyes. Her eyes seem to get closer and then I realize she is kissing me. She wraps her arms around my neck and I wrap mine around her waist. This kiss was passionate. It is different from the small joke kisses from the day before. This one means something. Love.

When we finally part I look down at Dawn's beautiful face.

"I do love you Dawn," I say.

"I know, I love you too," she says smiling. "Would you really give up your whole life, just for me?"

"Dawn, I would give the whole world for you," I say. "Okay, now I'm beginning to sound really romantic and cheesy."

"I like your romantic and cheesy side, " Dawn laughs. "But I like your stupid side, that's what made me fall in love with you." She kisses me again, just as passionate as before. Then some one clears there throat and we pull apart. In the doorway of my room stand my father, mother, Gabrielle, and Amos. Amos has a giant smile on his face. Gabrielle's face was full of jealousy. My mother has gone into shock and my father looks angry.

"Hello. . ." I say with my arms still around Dawn.

"I thought we already had this conversation!" my father screams at me. I flinch.

"Actually, all you did was tell me that if I would have fought Lupe, Dawn could have become my wife," I say.

"Didn't you take the hint?" he exclaims.

"Obviously not," I say sarcastically. The King growls and I shut my mouth.

"This is exactly what I didn't want to happen Remedios! You do understand that you aren't aloud to have her as your mate. Gabrielle will be just fine." I stand up against my father at the mention of her name.

"I hate Gabrielle!" I yell. "She doesn't love me! The only thing she loves is herself and our money. She won't care what happens to me if we got married. I know Dawn loves me and cares for and I feel the same about her."

"Boy, you just met the girl! And you don't know the meaning of love! Not yet!" he roars back.

"I know the meaning of love! Love is when you can't stop thinking of the person you're in love with! When you will do anything to please them or do anything to keep them safe! When you would give up the crown of a kingdom for them! All the money and riches in the world couldn't keep us apart!"

My last words echo in the large room and I stare angerily at my parents and they stare intentivly back. Silence then consumes the room. After what seems like hours I turn and storm out of the room. I stomp up the stairs and go into my room. Dawn is sitting on my bed. When I enter she stands.

I slam the door behind me and lean against it. Dawn hurries over to me and hugs me. I hug her back.

"I want to scream!" I say in an aggrivated voice. I look up at the large ceiling and put my head on the wall. I feel a tear slide down my cheek. I quickly wipe it away.

"No, don't hold it in Remedios," Dawn says. I look down at her. "Before my father passed I almost never cried. Yesterday I didn't just cry about my father. I cried for all the things that have hurt me in the past."

We walk to my bed and lie down together. We fall asleep wrapped in eachother's arms, with tears slowly sliding down both of our faces.

A knock on my door awakens me from a peaceful sleep. I open my eyes and sit up. I feel Dawn do the same next to me.

"Enter," I say. The door opens and Amos walks in.

"We have a problem," Amos says.

"What?" I ask.

"Dawn's whole entire pack is here," Amos says. "They are all down stairs and your parents aren't to happy with your decisions. Your brother, Dawn, is yelling at Catullus and Luna is fighting with Danella. Somebody better do something, quick."

All of a sudden Dawn is next to Amos. I climb out of bed and head downstairs. When we reach the library it is almost filled. I see Saturn yelling at my father and all the males of the pack are behind Saturn. There are gaurds behind my father. Luna is talking with my mother, well more of a loud talk. There are gaurds also behind my mother and the females of the wolves are behind Luna.

I see Lupe in the back of the library. He has a small smile on his face as if amused. Then Saturn looks over in Dawn and my direction.

"There's the scum!" one of the male pack members yells. I think his name is Hunter. Saturn growls at the male and he backs down.

"What is going on?" Dawn asks. Then voices explode from everyone.

"QUIET!" I roar. Everthing goes silent.

"Mother, why are you here?" Dawn asks.

"I do not understand why you left! This is not like you to run away," she exclaims.

"The reason your slut of a daughter is here is to steal our son from us!" my mother exclaims.

"She is not a slut!" Luna screams. Then the yelling starts back up. I look at Dawn. No expression was on her face. I watch her eyes shift from family to family. She then turns to me.

"Remedios, I can't take this," she says. She then turns and walks away. No one notices her leaving so I follow and catch her arm when we reach the hall.

"What do you want me to do Dawn?" I ask. She looks up at me.

"The whole reason I left my home was to get away from the fighting," Dawn says quietly. "It has followed me and I want to get away."

"Then we'll get away," I say. "We'll leave the kingdom. We'll travel into the Lynx territory. We'll ask for shelter there. I am good friends with their king. He is only a few years older than me and we talked all the time. He'll take us in. Maybe we can . . ." I stop. Maybe it's too soon for marriage.