As I walk into the empty lounge I look around. Everyone left to go see a movie. I stayed behind. I'm not up for the movies tonight. I sit on a couch and stare at the ceiling as Disturbed blasts from the speakers across the room. I silently sing to the music. Today had been boring. It's New Year's Day and my new year's resolution is being single for atleast a month. Donna says that's impossible for me. I'll prove her wrong.

I stand up to get something to drink when Adrian appears out of thin air.

"What are you doing back so soon?" I ask him.

"My uncle asked me to meet him here," Adrian replies. His uncle is the overlord of hell. Hell isn't exactly what everyone thinks it to be. It's actually an underground palace where demons live. Once a soul is delivered to hell, Lucifer, Adrian's uncle, decides if he can use the souls or not. If he can he recreates the soul's human body into an upgraded version, in other words a demon. If he can't use the soul for anything, the soul is destroyed, or sent back to earth to start a new life. It really depends on how good or bad you were in your previous life.

Hell is an underground palace that goes on and on forever. It's like a big giant maze that only demons know their way around. Each demon is given their own room to stay in.

There are many different types of demons in Hell. Some aren't created by Lucifer. Some are demons by birth, like Adrian. The only demons that are born are those who are related to Lucifer himself and those who are the offspring of other demons.

Demons are just a nickname given to the people of Hell. They are demons because of their powers. The powers of a demon depend on their duty as a minion of Lucifer, their family, and by their rank. For those that are demons by birth, they sometimes don't develope their powers right away. Demons by birth also tend to have stronger powers than regular demons.

Then, Craven appears in the lounge next to Adrian.

"What are you two doing here?" Craven asks.

"I was wondering the same thing," says a voice from the dark corner of the room. I recognize the voice as my ex-boyfriend Demetrie.

"What the hell is going on?" Adrian asks.

"This is very awkward," I say. "I'm alone in the lounge with two ex-boyfriends and Craven." As I turn back toward the door to get a drink, the room starts to shake.

"Adrian what'd you do!" Craven, Demetrie, and I exclaim at the same time.

"Hey!" Adrian exclaims. "If I did something, I would be the only one getting punished. I have no idea what the fuck this is about."

Then the light from outside starts to fade away. I quickly run to the window. As I look outside, I notice that we are starting to sink underground.

"What the fuck!" Craven says. Adrian runs to the door and tries to open it. He turns the knob, but the door just won't open. We all look at eachother. Then, finally the room stops sinking and hits something. We all fall to the floor.

"What's going on?" I ask. We all stand back up and look around. The room is dark because the only thing that is outside the windows is dirt and gravel.

Then the door opens and three more guys walk in. I recognize Sebastian and Motley almost instantly. Yes, I still remember that little kidnapping incident. The third guy, I've never seen before in my life. He has shining silver hair and bright silver eyes to match. He has broad shoulders and is wearing a long red leather trench coat and a pair of black leather pants. The trench coat is open, which exposes his well built abdomen. There are two holsters on opposite sides of a belt that was pulled through the belt loops of his pants. Matching guns sit in the holsters.

"What are you guys doing here?" Motley asks.

"And what is she doing here?" Sebastian asks.

"We have no clue," Adrian replies. "Lucifer called me here and then Craven and Demetrie appeared and the lounge went underground."

"Lucifer told me to come here too!" exclaims Craven.

"Same here," says Demetrie.

"Well, that's nice, but why is Shelby here?" Sebastian asks. "All of us our demons except her!"

"She may not be a demon by heart, but she sure acts like one!" Adrian says and all of them laugh except for the guy I never met before.

"Go to hell...Oh wait," I say. "Okay then shove it Adrian!"

"When and where?" asks the new guy. I look at the new guy and glare at him. Then the door opens again and two large men walk in, or what I thought were men until they took off their cloaks.

"Lucifer has sent all of you here to play a game," says one of the creatures. They both look like giant rats with oversized teeth. They have brown matted fur and black beady eyes.

"Oh really, and what might the prize be?" Adrian asks. Then all of them look at me.

"Lucifer will explain the rules," says the second giant rat thing.

"So these are the little perks to being a demon huh?" asks the new guy.

"Yes Angel, yes they are," says Motley.

"I'm gonna like this game!" exclaims Sebastian.

"Follow us," says the giant rat things and they turn and leave the room. We all follow out the door. We walk down many hallways and corridors. After what seems like hours of walking we finally reach a large red oak door. The door slowly opens to a large room. In the middle of the room is a giant throne. A man sits on the throne with a black crown apon his head. The man is not even a man. He is the devil himself, Lucifer.

"Wow Adrian," I say. "You never said you uncle looked so, human. I always imagined him as a big red guy with giant horns on his head." Adrian smiles, but before he can respond Lucifer stands.

"You are all probably wondering about why you are here," Lucifer says. His voice is deep. Everyone nods. "Well, as you know I have put up a little game for you all. I will now explain the rules. You will all be put in a small house together. It's a two bedroom house and has one bathroom. You will all live together for the next two months."

"You're kidding right?" I ask. "Are you saying I'm going to be stuck in a house with these six assholes for the next two months?"

"Well, since you put it that way, I'm just going to have to make it three months," Lucifer replies. "I really could care less about what any of you think about this."

"Uh, so who gets the room with Shelby?" Demetrie asks. He's still a little over-protective of me since we have broke up.

"I call dibs!" Adrian exclaims.

"No I do!" exclaims Sebastian.

"No! Neither of you do!" exclaims Demetrie.

"None of you get the room with me!" I exclaim. "I get my own room. It's only fair because I am the only girl!"

"I'll sleep in the bathtub," says Angel. "I would much rather sleep alone thank you very much."

"Fine, then I get the bed!" exclaims Adrian.

"But...but I have a girlfriend!" exclaims Craven. "I miss my Jacey!"

"Oh shut up you little fruit cake!" yells Sebastian.

"Yes, well, I will just let all of you get acquainted," Lucifer says. "Oh, and I will serve you all breakfast at eight in the morning in the kitchen." Then Lucifer snaps his fingers and all seven of us appear inside a livingroom of a small house. I look around and see a bedroom door.

"I call the biggest room!" I exclaim and run for the bedrooms.

"No! That's not fair if five of us have to share one room," says Adrian. I stop at a bedroom door and look inside. The room had four twin size beds. I then walk to the other bedroom to see three twin size beds. I look at the legs of the bed to see them bolted to the floor. I close the door and walk back to the living room.

"We have a problem," I say. "All the beds are bolted to the floor. Three beds in one room and four in the other. I'm picking the two guys that sleep in the bedroom with me. Everyone smiles and quietly lines up except Angel. I look them over. Craven has a girlfriend and won't do anything. "Craven."

"Oh of course, he's got a girlfriend!" exclaims Adrian.

"Duh," I say. I look over the guys again. Adrian and Sebastian would be too much of a hastle. Demetrie wouldn't be so bad, but neither would Motley, then again, Demetrie is my ex-boyfriend. "And Motley."

"I kind of thought that she wouldn't pick me anyways," Adrian says and walks away toward the kitchen. I sit on the couch.

"So does anyone know what the whole point of this damned game is?" I ask. Then a piece of paper appears on the coffee table in front of me. Before I can get it, Sebastian snatches it up and reads it aloud.

"You all must be wondering what the point of this whole thing is. Well, you all will be surprised to know that dear Shelby is a demon just like all of you." Sebastian pauses and looks up toward me. Then Adrian runs back into the livingroom.

"She's a what!?" he questions in a yelling tone. I then realize that he is all wet. There is a cup in his hand, he must have been drinking something and spilled it all over himself when Sebastian read that I was a demon.

"Well that explains a lot," says Sebastian. I glare at him again and flip him off.

"Anyways, keep reading!" exclaims Demetrie.

"I picked my top six demons. Adrian for his rank, power, strength, and his sense of humor. Demetrie for his affection, strength, and power. Sebastian for his strength, rank, and power. Motley for his intelligence, power, rank, and his tenderness. Craven for his rank and strength. And finally, Angel, for his agility, power, strength, rank, intellectuality, and for his slick and sly ways. He should know exactly what I am talking about."

"So what is that supposed to mean, Angel?" asks Adrian.

"Oh, well, that's really none of your business Adrian," replies Angel.

"Anyways," says Sebastian. "Now, Shelby. You come from an ancient line of demons. Your parents asked me to help them find you someone perfect to marry. Shelby, you are of great importance. You have amazing powers, you just have to find them inside yourself. Always, Lucifer."

"Okay, so, now what?" asks Craven. "I have a girlfriend, I don't wanna marry Shelby. I mean it's not like there's anything wrong with her, it's just that she's not Jacey!"

"Don't worry Craven," I say. "I never really found you attractive anyways."

"Hey!" exclaims Craven. "What did I do to you? You don't have to be such a bitch!" Craven exclaims and runs toward one of the bedrooms. He locks the door behind him.

"Oh, poor Craven, he'll get over it," I say and then turn my attention back to the letter. "So is Lucifer saying I have to pick my future husband out of you six?"

"Oh, well why the hell am I here?" Adrian asks. "Shelby hates me!" He then walks back into the kitchen.

"Hell, I don't even know you, why am I here?" Angel says.

"Well well well, so how does it feel to be the only girl here?" asks Sebastian.

"Shut up Sebastian," I say and stand up and walk to the kitchen. I find Adrian sitting on the counter. "Adrian, listen. I don't hate you!"

"Well, that's how it seems!" Adrian exclaims.

"Well I'm sorry if I made you think that I hate you," I say sitting next to him.

"Yeah sure," Adrian says and jumps off the counter. He walks to the bathroom and slams the door. I hear the lock latch and I sigh.

"God dammit Adrian!" I yell. I jump off the counter and walk back into the livingroom. I then head to the bedroom Craven had locked himself in. I try to open it, but it doesn't open. I step back and kick the door. The door flies open with little effort. I hear the boys behind me gasp at my sudden strength. Craven screams when he sees me. "Shut up you wuss!" I yell and throw myself onto a bed. I pull the covers over my head and close my eyes.

"This is one hell of a game!" I hear Angel exclaim from the livingroom. "You know it's kind of like the Real World on MTV." I ignore him and try to fall asleep.

When I wake up it's two in the morning. I look around the room and see Craven and Motley sleeping. I stand up and go to a dresser and pull out clothes for today. I then head to the bathroom. I open the door and close it behind me. I then turn the light and set my clothes down and the sink. I open a closet and pull out two towels and set them on the sink too.

I open the curtain of the bathtub and scream. Angel is lying down in the tub with a pillow and blanket.

"What the hell are you doing in here?" I yell.

"Oh, um...I'm sleeping in here like I said I was going to," Angel replies. "Now, do you mind, I'm trying to sleep." He rolls onto his side so that he is now facing the tiled wall.

"I just want to take a fucking shower so get out!" I yell. He just lies there for a moment then he quietly sits up and looks at me with narrowed eyes.

"You know, you could just ask nicely," he says. "I agree with Adrian, you are a bitch."

"Look, can you please just get out so I can take a shower?" I ask politely. I even add a little smile to top it all off. Angel rolls his eyes and finally climbs out of the tub with his pillow and blanket in his hands. He leaves the bathroom and slams the door closed behind him. I lock the door and turn on the water in the tub.

I turn the hot and cold water knobs until the water is at the temperature I like. I turn on the shower part and quickly undress. I step into the warm water and close my eyes. The water runs down my head and my nude body and finally goes down the drain. I can feel myself start to cry a little.

"Why me?" I ask myself. "Why can't it be Marissa or someone who would love to be stuck in a house with six great looking guys? Why not someone who's resolution for the new year wasn't to be single for more than a month?"

"Maybe fate picked you because you started treating people like dirt!" I hear someone exclaim. I quickly open my eyes and slightly open the curtain and peak out into the rest of the bathroom. No one is there, so I close the curtain again.

"Adrian?" I question out loud.

"What?" he asks.

"You're not in the bathroom are you?" I question as I put shampoo into my hair and lather it into my scalp.

"No, I'm in the kitchen," he replies. "I can hear you talking to yourself though."

"Oh, so how was your night?" I ask not knowing what else to say to him after what happened yesterday.

"Fine I guess," he answers. "I'm going to go watch tv." I can hear him walk out of the kitchen and into the livingroom. I hear the muffled voices of Adrian and Angel and the sounds of some random tv show.

I finish with my shower and get out. I dry myself off and get dressed. I then open the bathroom door and walk into the kitchen. The fragrance of freshly brewed coffee smacks me in the face. I walk toward the coffee pot and open the cupboard above it. I pull out a coffee cup and pour myself a cup of coffee. I put two spoonfulls of sugar into it and mix it in with the coffee.

I take the cup of coffee and walk into the livingroom with it. I see Adrian stretched out on the couch and Angel is on the floor with his eyes glued to the tv. I sit on the floor next to Angel and stare at him. He is wrapped inside the white blanket. His silver hair is sticking up in almost every direction in the back and his shaggy bangs are covering only one of his silver eyes.

I laugh a little. Then I hear Adrian start to chuckle too. I look up at Adrian with a small smile. His black hair is neatly covering his eyes, so I have no idea if he can see me or not. He is only wearing a pair of black boxers with little red hearts on them. His almost perfectly muscular abdomen has a few tattoos on it.

One of the tattoos goes all the way around his waist. It's a pattern of orange and yellow flames. The second tattoo are the words "Love No One" across his chest in black old english style letters. I look back toward Angel. He has fallen asleep.

"Why are you up so early?" Adrian asks, startling me a little.

"I guess I just couldn't sleep," I reply. Adrian sits up, so I get up and sit down next to him. I could feel his eyes on me though I cannot see them. "So why are you up so early?"

"I guess I just couldn't sleep," Adrian replied mockingly. His voice is soft for the first time that I can remember. Something is wrong with him, his voice is usally loud and obnoxious. How could I ever hate him?

"Are you alright?" I finally ask. My voice guilty because I know that it must have been what happened yesterday.

"I'm fine," he replies defensively. Why is he lying to my face?

"Look Shelby, it's just nothing okay," Adrian says. "Please just don't worry about me, because I'm fine."

"Adrian, I have to worry about you," I say. "I still have some feelings for you. I don't know how to explain it, but you just have to know that the feelings I have for you are true and no matter how much you annoy me, I will never ever hate you!"

His face is turned toward mine and I can tell that he is staring at me. He is looking into my eyes and I know it. I would just read his mind, but for some reason he is blocking me. He is either too stunned to answer, or he is too happy to speak. Then finally, he looks away from me.

"Adrian please, tell me what's wrong!" I almost demand. Then, just as he stands up, a small drop of liquid rolls from his left eye. He walks away toward the bathroom.

"Oh, so now you've made the poor demon child cry," Sebastian's voice creeps up from behind me. I feel his hands slide onto my shoulders, I could tell he was enjoying this.

"Why are you such an asshole!" I exclaim. I stand up and run to the kitchen. He is smarter than I thought and doesn't follow me. I slowly walk to the bathroom door and knock softly. No answer. I knock again.

"Yes?" I hear his voice ask from inside the small room. His voice is softer now, which makes me want to just hug him and say "everything's gonna be okay."

"Everything is okay Shelby," Adrian says. He's been reading my thoughts again.

"Then, why are you hiding in the bathroom?" I question.

"I am hiding because I'm embarrassed," he replies. The bathroom door flashes open and Adrian is standing there. His cheeks are wet and rosey colored. "I like you Shelby. I like you a lot and well, now I'm confused. I don't understand girls." I laugh a little. He just stares blankly at me. His hair is out of his eyes now and I can finally see them. They are still a little puffy from his crying.

"Don't worry, guys are hard to understand too," I say. Adrian smiles a little and wipes the tears away from his cheeks. I step forward and hug him. He wraps his arms around me and hugs me back.

"Can I kiss you?" Adrian asks randomly. He lies his head on my shoulder as we stand in the bathroom doorway. I look at him and smile. I lean forward and lightly kiss his lips. When I pull away I can taste the salt from his tears. "Salty?" Adrian laughs a little.

"Aw isn't this sweet, well why don't the two of you get a room so I can eat my cereal in peace," Angel says from a small table across the kitchen, opposite side from the bathroom and Adrian and I. He is sitting at a small round table with a bowl of cereal in his hands, facing us, sitting the wrong way in the chair.

"What if we don't feel like it?" I ask. "Maybe we'll just do it all right here, right in front of you." I glare at him. "Oh, and by the way, that milk was sour. I checked earlier."

"Eh!" he exclaims and chucks the bowl toward Adrian and me, but misses purposely. "I knew it tasted a little funky."

"We're gonna do it all?" Adrian asks jokingly. "Oh and Angel this house has a ton of old food in it. I wouldn't eat any of it. Lucifer said he would feed us anyways."

"Oh...I knew that," Angel says. He walks out of the kitchen and into the livingroom.

"You better clean that up!" Adrian yells. Angel comes back into the kitchen and grabs a spounge from the sink. He bends down over his mess of cereal and spoiled milk and starts to wash it off of the floor.

"Looks like we got a slave now," I joke. "Next you can clean the bathroom. That toilet looks like it hasn't been cleaned in ages. My room is a little messy too. Sharing a room with two boys can be such a bitch."

Angel stops scrubbing the floor and just looks up toward me. "Fuck you," he says slowly as if I were stupid or something.

"You wish," I reply in the same exact way he had said his last comment.

"No, I dream about it every day in night!" he exclaims jokingly. He throws the spounge into the sink and walks back into the livingroom.

"Sicko!" Adrian yells in a joking manner. I laugh. After a moment I look at Adrian.

"So what do you wanna do?" I ask. Then I realize the many different answers Adrian could come up with. I watch a smile spread across his beautiful face. "Wait, let me guess. You wanna make cookies?"

"Not in this house!" Adrian exclaims. "We have no ingredients and all the food that is in the cupboards is nasty and old. I'd rather go cuddle on the couch." His smile grows bigger.

"Since when does Adrian the Great cuddle?" I ask sarcasticly. "I don't know if we should. We might creep Angel out."

"So," Adrian replies. "And I'm not great, I'm awesome."

"Fine, Adrian the Awesome. We'll cuddle," I say. I take Adrian's hand and pull him to the couch. We sit down right next to Angel and I climb onto Adrian's lap. I look over at Angel and smile a bitchy smile. I then look back at Adrain.

"Wanna make out in front of him and gross him out?" I ask Adrian in his mind. I block anyone form listening.

"Only if you want to!" Adrian replies, his voice echoing in my head. He leans in and our lips meet again. I roughly french him and he kisses back. I wrap my arms around his neck and run my fingers through his hair. His arm rubs my back, I feel his hand on my neck. About three minutes later the couch shifts and Adrian and I pull apart to see Angel get up.

"What's wrong Angel?" I ask. "You don't like the show? Is it too PG-13 for you?"

"More like rated X," he replies. "I hate you both." He walks into one of the bedrooms and slams the door. I then see Motley and Craven walk out of the other bedroom. Both of them have hair that is sticking up in every which way.

"Ha, it kind of looks like you two were sleeping together," Sebastian says from a dark corner of the room.

"Very funny," Motley says, giving Sebastian a glare full of spite. "What's Angel's problem?"

"Oh, he's just jealous because Adrian can get some and he can't," I say. "Adrian and I were putting on a little show for him and he got mad."

"Oh, that's not such a good idea," Motley says.

"Why?" I ask.

"Well, he lost his girlfriend like a month ago to hunters," Motley explains. "Everytime he sees couples he gets angry. He used to be like you guys, all cuddling with her and stuff, well when he was off duty."

"Oh now you tell us!" I exclaim. "Now I have even more apologizing to do! Some one needs to tell me these things about people. I'm going to end up getting my ass kicked because no one tells me anything!" I climb off Adrian's lap and walk up to Sebastian. "And how long have you been watching?"

"I surprisingly just came in when Motley and Sebastian came in," Sebastian replies.

"Well, I didn't know that you two would be such asses in front of him," Motley says. "Geeze, acting like it's my fault."

"Well I have to blame someone!" I exclaim. I walk across the room and enter my room. I go through my stuff, which was brought to me sometime when I was sleeping. I find my cellphone and turn it on. I then dial Donna's number and wait for her to answer.

"Hello?" she asks from the other end of the phone.

"Hey, it's Shelby," I say.

"Hey Shelby, where the hell are you?" she asks. "And do you know where Adrian and Craven are?"

"That's what I'm calling to tell you about," I say. I tell her the whole entire story. All the way up to the kissing Adrian in front of Angel. I wait for a response after taking a deep breath. "Can you believe I'm a demon!?"

"'s weird," Donna says. "My best friend is a demon."

"Yeah. . .I'm stuck in a small house with five guys, and one has a girlfriend, one kidnapped me recently, one is totally hot, but is such a prick, one I go to school with and I've had a major crush on for, like, ever, and then the other I don't even know. All of them are as hot as hell too! I've already ruined my New Year's Resolution. It's hell! Literally!"

"Sounds interesting," Donna says with a small laugh. "I wish you would be able to come back home now. I'm so bored without you."

"Yeah, well all there is to do around here is watch hot guys argue and punch eachother all day, or watch a T.V. with only three channels. It sucks. . ." I say. Then a idea comes to mind. "Actually, I've got an idea! Texas Hold 'em Strip Poker!"

"Ha, well have fun, I'll call you later then," Donna says.

" 'Kay," I say quickly and hang up. I then search through my things again. I finally find my small box of cards. I smile and head out into the living room. All the boys, except Angel, are sittin either on the couch or on the floor. I walk up behind Adrian and whisper into his ear.

"Wanna play some Texas Hold 'em?" I ask. "We'll play the clothes version."

"Of course!" he exclaims.

"I'm in!" says Sebastian. He must have read my mind because I didn't say anything to him.

"Yahtzee!" I hear Craven yell from one of the bedrooms. Adrian gives me a strange look then gets up and walks to the bedroom where Craven was. He takes a look into the room and starts to laugh. I walk up next to him and peer into the room. I see Motley and Craven laying on the floor. Craven is marking something on a peice of paper and I see dice on the floor, five twos. They are playing Yahtzee.

"Guys, we're getting ready to play strip poker," I say.

"Oh, well we'd rather play Yahtzee," Motley says.

"And besides, I wouldn't want to see you without a shirt or anything. I have a girlfriend," says Craven.

"Fine, come on Adrian, lets go play. Ask Angel if he wants to play," I say and go back into the livingroom with Sebastian. "I've never won this game," I lie. I'm a champ at Texas Hold 'em. I almost never lose and I like to brag about my fake losing streak. Guys then agree more easily at playing. Sebastian smiles. "I'll need a few pointers."

"Okay, I can do that," he says.

"So, Texas Hold 'Em huh?" Angel asks from behind me. Adrian comes back into the room and sits next to me on the floor. Sebastian sits across from me and Angel sits next to me on the left side.

"What about Demetrie?" Angel asks.

"Yeah, I'll play," Demetrie says and sits down in between Adrian and Sebastian.

"Great, I'll be dealer first, rules," I say. "No betting, winner of the pot gets to choose what the losers take off. If you fold you are safe from taking anything off. And no reading minds! Understand?" The boys nod and I deal the cards.

After dealing I take a peak at my cards. Queen of hearts and King if hearts. I don't put any expression on my face.

"Angel?" I ask.





"Uh yeah check."


"Check," Adrian says. "Shelby?"

"I'll check," I say and then deal one card face dwn and three face up. A two of hearts, a nine of clubs and a five of hearts. One more heart is all I need.

"Angel?" I ask again.

"Check," he says again. Everyone else after him checks too, including me. I flip another card, a three of hearts. Perfect. I look at Angel and he checks. Everyone checks again and I flip the last card. A four of diamonds.

"Anyone folding?" I ask.

"Me!" Adrian exclaims.

"Same here," says Demetrie.

"Anyone else?" I ask. Angel and Sebastian shake thier heads. "Okay show your hands."

I flip my queen and king over. Sebastian has a three of a kind twos, and Angel has hearts flush, ace high. Sebastian's mouth drops open at my cards and I glare at Angel. He smiles.

"Well?" I ask crossing my arms.

"Both of you, socks," he says. About an hour later, it's down to me and Angel. I have a shirt and under garments. He's got his boxers. Sebatsian has just gotten out. The river is out and I have two aces.

"Winner of this round wins and loser has to walk around the house with no clothes for an hour. No blankets or anything," I say to Angel, who is now across from me.

"Fine, whatcha got?" he asks. I flip my cards over and show him my pocket aces, which makes me have a three of a kind because there is already an ace in the river.

"What do you have?"

"I've got a problem," he replies. He lies down his cards and he has two kings in his hand. There is already a king in the river, which also gives him a three of kind also.

"I win," I say slowly with a sly smile.

"You suck!" he exclaims.

"Oh well, drop your drawers," I say. Angel glares at me as he stands up. He slowly starts to pull his boxers down, off of his body. He gives me small smile before he takes his boxers all the way off. He quickly puts his hands down to cover himself. I laugh. Then Craven and Motley come out of the bedroom.

"Holy shit! Put some pants on Angel!" Craven yells.

"He can't, he lost!" I exclaim, still laughing.

"You know you like it," Angel says. Adrian quickly covers his eyes, while laughing. Motley makes this face that looks like he had just eaten a lemon. Demetrie is sitting there with his eyes glued to the tv, but he is laughing too.

I stand up. I still have only a long shirt on over my underwear and bra. I sit on the couch and tuck my legs under me. I look back at Angel. "So, what size shoe do you wear?" All the guys give me weird looks. Donna and I have a little joke. Half of their shoe size is how big their "tool" is, if you know what I mean.

"Size twelve," Angel replies. "Why do you want to know?"

I break out laughing. I laugh so hard I almost fall off the couch. I catch myself and lean back against the couch.

"Size twelve?" I exclaim. "Six inches, wow!"

"What?" all the guys say at once. I laugh again.

"Six inches!" I yell. "Get it?" They all stare at me, dumbfounded. "Oh my god! It's how big your. . . stick is you dumbasses."

"Oh! You're gross!" Craven yells.

"So, is that a good thing for me?" Angel asks.

"I don't know, anyone wear a bigger size than twelve?" I ask the rest of the boys.

"Um no I wear twelve too," says Adrian.

"Same here," says Sebastian.

"I wear size eleven," says Craven.

"No comment," says Motley. Demetrie is too focused on the tv to answer. I doubt he even knows what we are all talking about. Actually, I think he is too jealous of all the other guys getting more attention. He is still in love with me.

"Wow, sixes and five and a halves. . . Interesting," I say. Then silence consumes the room. Angel just stands there covering himself. After a few minutes of awkward silence I speak up. "Okay, put something on Angel. I think you've suffered enough." He sighs and pulls his boxers back on. He then sits down in a chair. I watch him in the chair. I can't help myself. His perfect body is better than Adrian's, and that's saying something. He looks over at me and I quickly look away.

"Like what you see?" Angel asks. I look at his face. It holds an amused expression. A sly smirk outlines his mouth and his eyes hold a playfull gaze. Then an intense feeling of awkwardness fills the room. I look away. I then glance at Adrian. He is looking at Angel with jealousy. I could only imagine the threats he must be making inside Angel's mind.

"You didn't answer my question," Angels says. His smirk has gotten even bigger, he must be doing it just to make Adrian mad.

"What's your point?" I say with a shrug.

"That was the point," Angel says. "I want an answer. Or are you just too afriad to answer because your boyfriend is in the room and you don't want to disappoint him?" I roll my eyes.

"Maybe I don't want to answer because I don't want to hurt your feelings," I snap.

"I highly doubt that you could ever hurt my feelings," Angel replies. "I am way too experienced with life for anything to hurt my self esteem. In fact, I would pay you if you could hurt my feelings."

"Whatever Angel," I say and look at the T.V. Some stupid soap opera.

"No Eric, don't do it!" exclaims Craven at the T.V. Everyone starts cracking up.

"Oh, come on it's getting good," Craven says. "It's not like there is anything else to watch."

"It's just a little creepy, they never said his name," I say.

"Um...well...I read his mind," Craven says.

"It's the T.V. dumbass, you can't read the minds of the people on T.V." Angel says. We all laugh again.

About an hour later I get tired of soap operas and go into my room. I lay down and stare the ceiling. Then i feel the bed shake. I look over to see Angel lying next to me with that sly smirk on his face again.

"So what's the real answer to that question?" Angel asks. "Don't worry this is only between you and me. I promise I won't tell Adrian."

"Why do you care?" I ask sitting up.

"Because, I just want to know," he replies.

"What do you think?" I ask him.

"I don't care about what I think, I want to know what you think," he says. "Why are you being so difficult? Do you just like being an annoying bitch?"

"Yeah," I say simply. I pull down my shirt that had started to show things. "Why do you have to be such a dick?"

"How am I being a dick?"

"Because you're being rude, which in my case, is being a major dickhead," I state.

"Maybe I'm being such a perverted dick because if it wasn't for your stupid ass being born I wouldn't be stuck in a house full of guys and only one girl," Angel says rudely. "I hate being stuck here, especially with you!"

"Well then why don't you get out of my fucking room and stop bugging the hell out of me!" I yell. "And you can't blame me for being born! It's not my fault my parents don't know how to keep their legs closed!"

"I didn't mean to say that, I'm sorry," Angel says. "And woah, I didn't want to know about your parents and them being sex junkies."

"God..." I say lying back down and covering my face with my hands. "Sorry for snapping at you. This just really sucks! Being stuck in a small ass house with five really hot guys really sucks. Especially when your New Year's Resolution was to be single for atleast a month. I ruined that with Adrian."

I sit back up and look at him. I stare into his eyes, not knowing what to say.

"So do you really want to know what I think about you?" I ask, giving into him.

"Yeah," he says.

"Well. . ." I say, trying to think of the right words to say. "I did like what I saw and still do. You're quite attractive."

He raises his eyebrows. "Would I be just as attractive if I were popping bubble wrap?" He smiles again and I burst out laughing.

"Oh yeah! That is so sexy!" I joke.

"Oh, so do you want me to sit here in front of you, in nothing but my boxer shorts and pop some bubble wrap?" he asks, still smiling. "Because if you want me to, I will do it."

"Oh my God!" I exclaim, still laughing. "You are so retarded. Please don't. That'll be so weird!"

"Fine, but just incase you change your mind..." he says and pauses as a sheet of bubble wrap appears in his hands.

"Okay. . ." I say. "Anyways." I look away from him, still laughing a little. I then look back at him and see his eyes scan over my body. "Do you like what you see?"

"Maybe, but of course I have to wait at least a half hour to give you an exact answer, just like you did to me," he replies.

"Oh, come on! Don't be an annoying bitch like me!" I say and make a puppy face, which usually always works, though I rarely ever use anymore since I always get my way.

"Nope," he says. "I want to be an annoying bitch."

"Fine," I say and cross my arms across my face and make a pouty face. Then an idea hits me and I smile a sly grin. "You know I can force it out of you, and I have two ways to do it. A physicaly painful way and an urging painful way."

"Why would you want to hurt me though?" Angel asks.

"When I want an answer, I'll get one, one way or another," I say in a threatening voice, but not in a mean way.

"Well, that isn't nice," he says. "I mean geeze, all you really had to do was read my mind."

"Aw, but that's no fun!" I say and I get closer. "So are you going to tell me or do I have to force it out of you? Either way I'll win so make up your mind."

"Well, I'm not going to give up without a fight," he replies. He smiles a beautiful smile and I almost melt right there.

"Fine," I say and I move closer to him. When our faces are only inches away, I smile slyly. First I'll try to get it out of him the flirty way.

I act like I'm going to kiss him and when he leans forward I pull away. I roll away and sit up. I grab my book from the night stand next to my bed and open it. I run my hands through my hair. Then I twirl a strand of hair around my finger. All guys can't resist the hair flirt. It's just too tempting.

"W-what are y-you reading?" he asks with a stutter. He's starting to fall into my trap.

"Little Women, it's a real good book," I say and look at him. I smile and wink at him. Then I turn my attention back to the book. I rub my neck and move hair out of my eyes. Then I continue to play with my hair.