I glance at him out of the corner of my eye. I can see him struggling not to react to my teasing. I lick my lips to wet them, pretending they were dry.

"Um...oh," he says. I notice his hands tighten into fists then they relax again.

"So, are you going to tell me?" I ask rolling over to face him.

"N-no," he stutters again.

"Fine, then you'll jus-" he cuts me off by kissing me. My eyes widen with shock. He puts his hands on the sides of my face. I then close my eyes and kiss him back. His kiss is gentle and soothing. I finally pull away.

"Told you I would get the answer out of you," I say and get off the bed.

"Not necessarily, because I didn't give you an answer," Angel says. "There's a difference between lusting for someone and liking someone."

"The question was if you liked what you saw," I say. "The kiss made the answer obvious." Angel blushes.

"Oh..." he says. He quickly gets off the bed and walks toward the door. I watch him leave the room. I then look over to the other side of the room and see someone standing there, Sebastian.

"What a bad girl you are!" he exclaims. "So, that's two guys, what about me? Or, I could just tell Adrian about that little kiss you've had with Angel."

"Why do you have to be such an ass?" I ask, glaring at him.

"It's the way I was born," he replies.

"I can see that," I say. I think about my choices. Kiss Sebastian, or Sebastian tells Adrian and then Adrian hates me. I walk up to Sebastian and glare at him again. "The kiss will mean nothing."

"I know, I just want to know what it's like to kiss you," he says.

"Typical," I say rolling my eyes. I then look back at him. I lean forward and my lips meet his. Surprisingly, Sebastian is actually a great kisser. His left hand is holding the back of my head, probably making sure that I don't pull away too fast. I can feel myself relaxing to his touch and I am slowly closing my eyes. I quickly open them again.

Sebastian finally pulls away and just stares at me for a moment. For the first time since I have met Sebastian, he actually looked into my eyes. "Um...sorry," he says and hurries out of the room. I turn and watch him leave. I bite my lip and then follow him into the living room.

I go straight to the kitchen and grab a cup. I then open the fridge. It's loaded with food and drinks. I look at it, puzzled. I then close the fridge and open the freezer. It has tons of different packaged meats. I close that too and open the cupboards. Canned and boxed food fills the cupboards. Another cupboard has plates and bowls. I go to run into the living room, but stop. If I told the guys now, I wouldn't get any food. I turn back to the kitchen and open a cupboard. I find a bag of Oreos. I grab it and then pour a glass of good milk into a large cup. I then walk out into the living room.

"Hey guys," I say. No one looks at me. "There's food in the kitchen." Then all the guys are staring at me. "New, fresh, food." the next thing I know, I'm the only one in the living room and I can hear the six guys fighting over food in the small kitchen, which could only hold about three people, with still not that much room. I laugh and sit on the couch. I open the Oreos and start to eat them with the milk.

Soon the kitchen is quiet and all the guys are stuffing themselves. Adrian sits on my right, and gets as close as possible. I see Angel sit in the arm chair across from me, just watching me as he ate some cereal with good milk. Sebastian leans against the wall eating a grilled cheese. Craven and Motley are sharing a bag of BBQ chips and each have a ham sandwich. Demetrie sits on my left with a hamburger and a Coca Cola.

I look nervously over at Adrian, afraid that he might know about the kissing. He senses my nervousness and looks at me.

"Are you alright?" he asks.

"Huh? Oh, yeah, um. . . I'm fine," I say and take a bite out of my Oreo. I then glance over at Sebastian, who is staring back at me. I then look at Angel, who then relizes what happened after he left my room earlier. He smiles and then one word pops into my mind. Revenge.

"So, Sebastian, what were you and Shelby doing earlier?" he asks. "I mean, why were you two in the bedroom, together, alone?"

"We weren't," I say immediatly. "I mean, we weren't doing anything."

"Oh, but I believe the question was directed toward Sebastian, not you!" Angel says. He finishes his cereal and sets the bowl on the floor next to his chair.

"Please don't do this Angel!" I say in Angel's mind.

"Why?" he asks in my mind.

"Because, I don't want to hurt Adrian." I say. "We just got over one fight. I don't want to start another!"

"Okay, so what about my feelings earlier?" he asks. "Did they mean nothing to you? Did you not care if you hurt mine?"

"You said I couldn't hurt your feelings," I argue.

"When it comes to love, I am weak," he says. He lowers his gaze from mine and looks down at himself in shame. Adrian stares at me. He's noticed that something was going on.

"What is he talking about Shelby? What does he mean by that?" Adrian asks aloud. Angel quickly looks up toward Adrian and me.

"I didn't mean anything," Angel says, as he gets up and leaves the room. He walks into the kitchen and then a moment later, I hear the bathroom door slam shut.

"What was he talking about!?" Adrian asks in a yelling tone.

"Nothing Adrian," I say. I stand up and walk into my room again, leaving my Oreos behind.

"Does that mean I can have her Oreos?" I hear Craven ask. I shake my head and close my door. I lay down on my bed and close my eyes. A moment later I hear my bedroom door creak open.

"Fine, if you're not going to tell me, then I think we are over," Adrian says in a sad tone of voice.

"Adrian, we were never really together!" I exclaim.

"Stop fucking toying with me then!" he yells. "I hate you!" He turns away and slams the door shut so hard that the room shakes. I can hear his muffled yells in the other room. "I want to go home now!"

"Adrian are you okay?" Craven asks.

"I'm fine!" Adrian yells. "I'm perfect!" I hear someone stomp out of the living room and into the other bedroom. Another door slams and shakes my room again.

I sit up and wipe away a tear from my face. I then get up and walk back into the living room. All the remaing guys are staring at me.

"WHAT!?" I scream. They all jump and look away. "UGH!" I yell and go into the kitchen. I put my arms on the counter, and put my head into my arms as I begin to cry again. Then I feel a hand on my shoulder. I look up to see Sebastian with his hand on my shoulder.

"Are you alright?" he asks. I quickly hug him and he nervously puts his arms around me.

"Him too?" both Adrian and Angel say. I quickly let go of Sebastian and turn around to see Angel in the doorway of the bathroom and Adrian in the entrance to the kitchen.

"No, he was jus-" I begin to say, but Adrian cuts me off.

"You fucking slut!" he yells. "I never want to talk to you again!" He throws a bouquet of roses on the kitchen floor as a tear rolls down his cheek. He runs away and into the bathroom with Angel. They slam the door closed and I hear the lock latch.

"Oh my GOD!" I yell and walk away. I go into my room, yet again, and slam the door shut behind me. I jump onto my bed and cover myself with the covers. I cry more. My feelings are so screwed up right now! I hug my pillow and close my eyes. Soon I fall asleep.