She looks down upon the two heads of sandy-blonde hair and smiles. These are two of her best friends in the entire world. She loved them will all her heart and would do anything for them whether it be to hurt an ex or be a shoulder to cry on. She had been with one and hit on the other albeit she wasn't sure of what she wanted at the time. Actually at the time she knew what she wanted and took it out on the nearest caring guy. All she wants was a guy to care about her.

One of the guys on the floor broke up with her; after which she had cried but had since gotten over it but after a few months more had wished for the physical part of the relationship again. He was her first and only love in her life so far. She had only dated him in her entire life so the situation was understandable. Sure there would probably be others but she would always hold a place in her heart for him. No matter how many guys she would date she would always compare them to him; whether she did it consciously or unconsciously. One part of her still wants him back but another part of her wants someone else but it wasn't anyone in particular. At the moment she was just hunting around. After being broken up a few months their relationship had finally come back to a comfortable friendship. In fact it may be better than before. At least she thought so.

The other guy on the floor is her best friend and confidant. After hitting on him because of sexual urges and feeling starved of physical touch, they became friends and nothing more. In fact they became so close that they didn't consider themselves just friends, they were brother and sister. Granted they weren't from the same backgrounds at all, they were of different colours and he was forty-two days older than her they didn't see that as an obstacle. They had now put a label on their relationship and it works for both of them.

She reaches down and ruffles both their heads of hair. After the act they look up at her curiously. They look at each other and an understanding passes between them. An unspoken conversation. After a short period spell they smile at each other and turn to face her. Their smiles unnerved her and made her squirm in her seat. They both slither up on each side of her and smile at her slyly.

"What are you guys gonna do?" she asks as she looks from one guy to the other. "Why are you guys looking at me like that?" They both sit silently. "O-kay, I'm gonna go now" she says as she gets up from the couch. They each grab one of her arms and pull her back onto the couch and start to tickle her in her sides. She started giggling. "Stop! Oh god, stop!" She shouts as she tries to wiggle out of their grasp.


"Oh, thank goodness! I'll get it!" She jumps up and quickly makes her way to the door. She opens the door to find Angel with her back turned.

"Angel! Thank goodness you're here! I'm so glad. Come in here, I need backup," she begged, yanking her friend through the door.