He shouldn't have to go through life with people hating him or not liking him because of his lifestyle. This may not be the kind of lifestyle that you agree with. If so, then don't criticize him. Don't hate him for his lifestyle but love him for his personality. Just because he prefers males doesn't mean he's a whore. If you stopped and had a conversation with him you would be amazed at how intelligent he actually is. Although no one and I mean NO ONE should know as many pointless facts as he does about the topics that he knows about but he does. And as random as those points are they are interesting. But you don't know that. You haven't even stopped to think about that. Once you heard he was homo you'd already labeled him. You've heard all you've wanted to hear. Not what you need to hear. He is beneath you now. That's what you've decided. You cannot sit on your high chair and judge him based on your beliefs. Who gave you the power to be his judge and jury? If you believe in it, then God will be his judge. God will be his jury. By God, so shall he be judged.

Don't talk down about him in front of me because I will stand up and defend him. I have no problem standing up to you. I don't care how much taller or older you are than me. I will not allow you to talk about him like that. I am one of many who would be more than proud to stand up and defend him against whatever close mindedness you have. This is the new millennium and a new wave of thinking has come along with it. If you think that being homo has come along with the new millennium then you are wrong. It isn't some new fad that has started up and will be away with the next decade. It's here to stay and so is he.

Queer. Gay. Homo. Fag. Poof. Call him whatever you want. I prefer to call him my best friend.