Penny walks down Cruise Avenue. Her light brown hair gently sways in the wind. Her blue-green eyes are bright in the moonlight. She walks with grace but also with caution. It's a late Saturday and their is a full moon out. The town here is small and has a low crime rate, but one can never be too careful. Penny's tennis shoes make no sound on the sidewalk and the streets are silent, with the exception of a car that passes.
Soon the small town fades behind her as she enters a park. She doesn't stop at the swings where she had spent her childhood days playing at. She walks right past the slide on which she fell off and had to get her first stiches. No, Penny walks straight towards the forest at the end of the park. The park begins to disappear as she walks into the dark, erie forest. It becomes darker but her eyes adjust quickly.

She then stops when she hears something. She slowly turns around and sees a dark figure behind her. It's shadow is tall and it stands no less than twenty feet away. Penny turns quickly and begins to run. Her long black trench coat flares behind her as she jumps over fallen trees and branches. She runs and runs.

Then Penny finally looks behind her the figure is gone. Penny looks up at the trees, watching for her stalker to jump out at her. Minutes pass and the only sound is her heavy breathing and the wind. Then out of nowhere the dark figure appears. Penny steps back, away from the figure. She keeps backing up as it keeps coming forward. She never takes her eyes off of the figure.

Penny is stopped by a tree. She puts her whole body against it, having nowhere to run. The figure is the right in front of her. It cages her between the tree and itself. It's face is only inches away and she can smell It's sweet breath.

"Gotch ya," the figure say in a deep, enchanting voice. Then It leans forward and It's lips meet Penny's. Penny then pushes It away.

"God Favian!" Penny exclaims. "Why do you always have to sneak up on me?"

"Oh, because I'm bored and I love how you always play along," It, or Favian says. Favian steps forward again and cages her once more. "Besides, you now you love it. I mean, it's how we first met." He leans forward and their lips meet once more. Favian kisses Penny harder and the small kiss becomes a french kiss. Favian puts hands on the sides of Penny's face and Penny kisses back.

Finally Penny pulls away and she smiles at him.

"You are so bad," she whispers.

"I know, and you love it," Favian says. They kiss again, more gently and then Favian slowly begins to disappear.

"No, not again!" Penny exclaims as he vanishes. Penny reaches out for him, but he is gone. Penny falls to her knees and begins to cry. He was gone again. It happened everytime she came to the forest. Ever since he left. She always thinks it's his spirit, though she doesn't know if he truley is dead. Maybe she is just going crazy and all of this is a halucination.

Favian was, is, Penny first and only love. She met him in her last year of junior high, eigth grade. He was the new kid. The scene that had just happened minutes ago was excactly how they met. He had seen her in school before and instantly liked her. One day he followed her into the forest. He had scared her and had to chase her to stop her. He cornered her into a tree and had given Penny her first kiss.

Last spring he disappeared. No one knows where he went, if he's dead, or if he an away. His family was always supportive of him and they adored Penny. They moved soon after his disapearence. Penny is now a junior in the high school and has been heartbroken ever since he left.

She stands up and wipes away her tears. She begins to walk out of the forest. After crossing the park and walking through the town she finally came upon her small home. She walks in the front door and sees her mother standing their, waiting for her.

"Pennsylvania Adams, where have you been?" asks her mother. Pennsylvania is her full name. It's the state Penny lives in and Penny hates it.

"In the forest," Penny answers. She looks up at her mother. "I saw him again." At the moment Penny began to cry again, her mother softened up and hugged her only daughter.

"Shh,shh, it's okay," her mother comforts. "You really shouldn't torture yourself this way hunny."

"But it's the only way I'll ever see him again, and it always seems so real. I can't help it. I'm addicted to him," Penny sniffs.

to be continued. . .

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