Hello all. This is a poem I recently wrote. It's about a guy I know who can say and do the sweetest things, but still leave me wondering. Sometimes I wonder what he would think if he read my poem. What his reaction would be like. Some of you out there might have fallen for one or two of this type of guys. So I dedicate this poem to all of you out there. I hope you like it.

Falling in love with a love rat

Our day started out unexpectedly,

I was dreaming of your eyes,

But you never looked at me,

I was smiling at your back,

But you never did smile at me.

After a few moments of uncertainty,

I finally plucked up the courage

To talk to you.

We got wet so you took off your shirt,

And gave it to me to hold onto,

When you weren't looking I took

A whiff of it,

And it smelt of you.

Whenever you raised your eyebrow at me

In that oh so charming way,

I felt like there were only two people here,

You and me in the light of day.

And whenever you sat close to me

Looking at me like you needed me,

I felt like I was living a dream,

A dream I hoped would never end.

And as you held out your hand

To help me down,

I felt like we were meant to be.

So tell me,

Did you feel that way too?

I was in love,

Everyone could see that,

And when you paid for my food

And offered me some of yours,

They thought you might be in love too.

But sometimes things

Has a strange way of ending up,

And sometimes the truth

Catches up with reality.

I started to wonder,

Did every other girl

Fall for your oh so charming ways?

Am I just one of those girls

Whose heart you can toy with,

And then check her name out of

Your life?

I don't want to be that girl,

Whose expecting more to happen,

Who expects too much out of a

Love rat.

I want to be the girl,

Whose feelings are returned

And who lives happily ever after.

But maybe I'm asking for too much,

From a guy who knows no boundaries,

When it comes to breaking hearts.

How would I know that?


You broke mine already.