Bateman and Rabin


Chapter One

Wayne Bateman was born January the first 1914 in Bass Harbor, Maine. His Jewish family was wealthy in part due to the hard work of his father, Aaron Bateman. Aaron Bateman's ancestors arrived in America before the Revoluntionary War. They had moved to Maine during the early 1800's. In time they got involved in factories and shipping which made them a great deal of money during the Civil War. By the time of Wayne's birth, his grandfather, Jerome, was running his own factory and shipping port where his son, Aaron worked. Sometimes Aaron would go all around the world on business trips for his father and the company.

Wayne's mother, Ruth, was born to a middle class, hard working family. Many people accused Aaron of marrying Ruth for her looks but he didn't pay attention to such people for he really loved her. Her family had come from Norway during the 1880s. They had kept their Jewishness a secret until they had arrived and established themselves in America. Ruth's father, Jonah Mendelson, had been working for the Batemans as a long shoreman for over thirty years. Jonah's father was a rabbi named Samuel. Rabbi Samuel was regarded as eccentric, even though he was respected, due to his ability to predict the future with 90 percent accuracy. He would predict the weather, who would win at contests or sports and current events.

One night when Wayne was only four years old Samuel was going to work in New York for the next few days so he was staying in the Bateman mansion which wasn't far from the port where he was going to take a ship to New York. During that night Samuel had a horrible nightmare. He had dreamed of Jews all over Europe being slaughtered only because they were Jewish! Jews were hauled away like they were cattle and sent to their deaths. He foresaw Hitler and Nazi Germany starting a war that eventually engulfed the whole world. Worse than that, through science and black magic, the Nazis had managed to recreate the anakim of old! Germanic giants(1) working for Hitler terrorized the land. But despite the horror he saw he saw a faint hope, his greatgrandson, Wayne, as a grown man, strong, fast and of high intellect, fighting the Nazis secretly, hard and fast rescuing Jews here and there. He not only outsmarted the Nazis but other countries including the U.S. who didn't much like Jews in the first place putting a dent in the holocaust to come. Then Samuel woke up in a cold sweat.

"Wayne!" Samuel screamed at the top of his lungs. Wayne wasn't really asleep anyhow so when he heard his greatgrandfather call out to him he immediately went to his greatgrandfather's room and knocked on the door.

"Did you call for me, Greatgrandfather?" Wayne asked innocently from outside the door.

"Yes, yes! Come in! Come in!" the old man ordered. Once Wayne had entered his greatgrandfather's bedroom the old rabbi grasped his shoulders and looked into Wayne's eyes gravely.

"My son, this is very important. Years from now our people's enemies will try to wipe us off the face of the earth. I have foreseen this. You know how what I say always happens."

Wayne looked into his greatgrandfather's eyes and gasped when he heard this. "Greatgrandfather has always been able to see the future. I wonder what he's going to tell me," Wayne wondered.

"This will be a long time from now. But I saw some hope. I saw you as a grown man fighting these murderers of our people. I saw you outwitting them. Eventually their evil will be exposed to the world but by then it will be too late! You must prepare yourself. Do everything you can to improve yourself physically, mentally and spiritually. This holocaust will start around twenty years from now. You have plenty of time. Use your youth wisely! Now go back to bed you'll need your sleep," Samuel said to his greatgrandson.

"Wow! I felt as if I could see everything happening as my greatgrandfather spoke to me. What I must do is very important. I'll have to do everything I can to prepare for the coming disaster. I won't let our people down!" Wayne thought to himself as he walked back to his room.


As Wayne grew up he learned everything rapidly excelling at atheletic endeavors like acrobatics, breakfall and escape artist skills he had seen at the circus after talking someone into training him. Being a gifted athlete and a quick study helped him to learn martial arts like wrestling, boxing and savate kickboxing using his imagination and quick thinking to make himself better at these activities.

When his father would take his mother and him on his business trips all around the world Wayne saw a lot of different things like strange fighting styles, ingenius inventions and different ways of doing things. Wayne learned as much as he could. He trained in all the martial arts he had access to. He even managed to talk several martial arts masters in different countries into training him. They all were impressed on how fast he learned.

Over time he had learned other Western styles, like pankration and Russian wrestling. He didn't always learn these styles in totality but he used what worked the best as he combined everything he learned to develop his own style of fighting with and without weapons. He also had learned gung fu(the ability to take a beating), steel body (mild resistance to killing attacks), tai chi, and speed hitting( the ability to hit punch and kick a target or targets several times in a second).He also learned some of the "mystical" skills from the east like body control, ambidexterity, bump of direction, object awareness(allows him to function in the dark) danger sense, high pain threshold and the ability to find weaknesses in objects and people. He also increased his acrobatics, breakfall and escape artist skills as he learned more martial arts.

As he trained with some of the best strength trainers in the world he learned everything about the human body from a medical and scientific point of view that he could use what he learned to be able to run faster and leap a lot higher. He also got more knowledge of how gravity worked and the "weak spots" of gravity. This knowledge helped to increase his abilty to lift, run and jump in such a way so that he could do more than he would able to do otherwise.

After having learned how to disguise himself and act like someone else he got involved in street fights to see how a real fight would happen. During this time he learned how to take on a lot of assailants at a time; he had almost gotten himself killed a few times but he used what he had learned about first aid and recovering from injuries. He used western medicine and eastern healing practices to their fullest advantages.

There were times when he would outrun and outleap his opponents and the local police learning how some cops in foreign countries would take bribes and be corrupt. Even in America there was some corruption. As he learned about the seamy side of civilisation he became streetwise.

Wayne learned a lot of languages fast from the best linguists in the world with his quick learning talent, eidetic memory and speed reading. He learned some Asian languages but mostly he concentrated on the European languages, even learning a few Middle East languages.

He had learned as much about planes, automobiles, and boats as possible. He learned everything he could about the newest technology and how to improve on it and make it work for him the way he wanted it to. When he couldn't learn the totality of a subject he found out who the experts on these issues were and who would be inclined to help him with his plans. He had already figured out some ideas on how to carry a lot of people from Europe to America as quickly as possible very quietly.

Wayne learned so quickly that by the time he was fifteen he was ready for college. While he was in college he had learned how to drive a car, drive a boat and fly a plane. He had even worked as a stunt pilot without anyone knowing because he disguised himself as someone else when he flew. He studied hard and by the time he was nineteen years old he had graduated college. This was 1933 and then the Nazis were about to take over Germany.

He had already trained to be a thief in France and learned about spying and electronics, especially bugs. He sneaked inside several Reichstag buildings and bugged them. It was a dangerous self appointed mission but the shaolin stealth training and the thief training he had undergone pulled him through as no one was aware of what he had done. The bugging devices were well hidden in walls and phones. He did this before the Nazis were able to fully establish their control over over Germany. Wayne had spoken with many geniuses in several fields of interest; some of which worked for his father's company. They had helped him build devices that would allow him to listen in on his bugs from miles away.


"The German copy of Mein Kaumpt and the English copy are markedly different. There's no doubt about it. The Nazis mean to kill a lot of Jews. They'll wipe us out if they can," Wayne thought to himself as he read over the copies of Mein Kaumpt in his room.

In late 1935 his grandfather visited him. "Wayne, how have you been? I hear you've visited Europe. Were you there for pleasure or were you preparing for what I told you about when you were a child?" Rabbi Samuel asked him. "You've obviously grown into a strong young man. You look like a cross between a circus strong man and a acrobatic."

"Yes. Let's talk in here," Wayne said as he looked around as if someone might be watching them. They then went into a secret room in his father's mansion.

"I've been looking over the landscape of Europe. There's no way to stop the slaughter to come but there are hidden areas of Europe like forrests, back alleys and mountains. I've studied the German military. They're rearming at an alarming rate. Hitler and the Nazis want to take over the world not just Europe. They might well succeed up to a point. I can't see the French army standing up to them; they lack the will; the Great War sapped the French of their fighting spirit. And the Germans sure to run roughshod over the Soviet Union. The Russians were never the most competent soldiers to begin with but with Stalin purging his military they're even weaker. The only thing the Russians have on Germany is their numerical superiority. I could be wrong but the nations surrounding Germany are weak. Once the Germans have rearmed there'll be nothing to stop them from taking over Europe; that's the worst case scenario," Wayne said in a low voice.

Everything in the dream the Rabbi had over ten years ago came back to him. "So you've really taken what I've said to heart. I'm glad, my son. But I hope you have planned to do something to minimize the death and destruction that will come to our people."

"I haven't given up. But there's no way to stop it all together. Even if I manage rescue a few Jews and bring them here, the people in America won't stand for it. Jews aren't popular in this country. The main reasons this country hasn't treated us badly are because of religious freedom and the fact that the whipping boys of this country are the Negroes. Thank God it's them instead of us."

"That's true. We do have a lot more freedom than Jews in other countries. Wayne has helped Blacks in the south many times despite having been attacked the Ku Klux Klan for rescuing a black from a lynching. If Wayne can help people who have nothing to do with us, he will surely help his own people." "What plans do you have?" the Rabbi asked him seriously.

"There are some islands just south of here. If I can talk my father into buying some of them and building a lot of homes and factories there maybe we can hide the Jews I plan to bring in."

Samuel's face brightened it at this and piped in at this point. "Maybe if I talk to some of the leaders of the American Jewish community they'll help us. We don't need all this secrecy."

Wayne gave his greatgrandfather a hard and serious look. "They can help us indirectly but we need the secrecy. If the whole country finds out about what I plan to do we're be stopped cold."

Rabbi Samuel looked at his grandson for a moment. He was very pleased that he had taken to heart what he had told him when he was a child but he seemed so intense. "As if I could judge anyone for being too intense," the rabbi thought to himself.

"All right. What you've said makes a lot of sense. We'll keep this secret for the time being. I would have liked to have showed up the other rabbis and Jewish leaders who still think I'm crazy for believing that Germany will do a whole lot worse than set up pogroms but some of those rabbis have big mouths and would tell everyone what we're doing. But you'll need to go to Europe again soon. I have a grandson who lives in Germany. His name is Joachim Rabin. I told him to leave the country but he never listens. Anyway, he has a wife and child. They work in the circus as trapeze artists. I would like you to get them out. I read that they were being harassed by the Nazis in the last letter they sent me. I'll talk your father into letting you go back there."

!CREAK! Aaron Bateman opened a hidden door and regarded his son and his wife's grandfather. He looked young and handsome for his forty three years as he had an atheletic and muscular physique with gorgeous black hair. He weighed 185 pounds at six feet tall. Aaron got plenty of exercise playing tennis or doing other rich man's activities. In addition to all this he had an imposing presence.

"I should have been able to sense my father's presence. I will have to spend more time increasing my awareness abilities. I can't afford to let anyone sneak up on me," Wayne thought to himself as he regarded his father.

"I had hoped you had outgrown your greatgrandfather's fairy tales by this time, Wayne. It's really troubling that you still believe this old man. Your college grades were so high, too. Where did I go wrong? I obviously didn't pay enough attention to you. Samuel here practically raised you himself. " Aaron said as he gave the Rabbi a patronizing look.

"Now I know about the Nazis and how much Hitler hates the Jews. But wholesale slaughter? I've heard you tell so many people how us Jews will be killed in Europe over the years. But I doubt that will happen. At any rate, nothing will happen to us Jews here. If something like a 'holocaust' was going to happen it would have happened by now. Christians in Europe are fairly good people; even if they don't agree with us they won't tolerate the nightmare scenario you've cooked up, Samuel," Aaron Bateman said to the old rabbi.

"You believed in my 'nightmare scenario' when I told you about the stock crash of 1929. You believed me even when your father told you I was crazy. You talked him into 'playing it safe' and selling everything he had in the market. After the crash you set things up so that your family was the wealthiest in the state of Maine," the rabbi answered hotly.

Aaron looked at the older man for a moment. "I was the one who investigated the stock market and found it out that it was as unstable as a house of cards! I didn't just take your word for it! And I convinced my father to take it easy and slowly get out of the market only after a great deal of work and talking to an army of consultants. They told me how Joseph Kennedy and the Rockefellers got out. The New Yorker, a business magazine, predicted the coming collapse. Even if we didn't get out of the market we would have survived it; we didn't have a whole lot of money in the stock market anyway. I'm the one who fixed things so that my family would end up a whole lot richer instead of poorer."

Rabbi Samuel stared at Aaron. !WOOSH! A powerful wind appeared out of nowhere blowing against the rabbi giving him a powerful aura and adding to his presence. "I forewarned you so that Wayne would have everything he needed to rescue our people and fight our enemies. It was not just so you and your father could have more money and live a life of luxury doing as you pleased. Your father is a bigger fool than you are. I know how much he despises me! We Jews in America who have things easy compared to the Jews in other countries owe them everything we can do for them. If you abandon their plight You and your house will be destroyed!"

Aaron was taken aback. Aaron Bateman was practically fearless, well, practically. He was breathing heavily as the wind died down after Samuel had finished with his speech. Wayne was also impressed but he wasn't sure if all that had changed his father's mind.

"Father, how about if we go ahead and buy those islands? I'm sure we can buy them for a song. I know you've given President Roosevelt a lot of money when he ran for president so he owes you. As far as anyone is concerned those islands are worthless. If you buy those islands from the government and my greatgrandfather is wrong, you can make those islands into vacation resorts, new homes, factories, airports, and anything else. It could be like a new town or city. But at least for a period of time we have to keep what we're doing a secret. But we can start building right away. If Greatgrandfather is right then thousands of Jews will have a refuge from the holocaust to come. I also plan on rescuing some of the most prominent Jewish scientists, talents and geniuses in Europe. When they work for us they'll make us a lot of money. And you and our house can enjoy our wealth, our increased wealth, with a clean conscience. What do you say, Dad?"

Aaron Bateman thought for a moment. "Well, I guess we can make money off of those islands refugees or no refugees. I probably can get those islands from the government for cheap. F.D.R. does owe me and the U.S. government needs the money. But don't just limit yourself to Jewish prominents. If there are any Christians or anyone else who has phenomenal skills bring them in too. If the world's going to explode the way Rabbi Samuel says it's going to, then other people will want to get out of danger as well. But make sure you bring some useful people to me. We'll make a fortune either way. I haven't forgotten how you've brought in some scientists and geniuses who've helped me make even more money. As long as you keep doing things like that I'll go along with you and your Greatgrandfather's crazy ideas."

Rabbi Samuel regarded Wayne and his father. "Wayne understands his father well. Having the Jews who are rescued work and make Aaron a lot of money never occured to me. I don't exactly like his father's motives but it looks as if everything will go smoothly."

"Now I know you want to go to Europe to get your cousin out but be careful out there. Don't try to take too many of those Nazis on. I've seen you fight a bunch guys on the street in the past. Just don't overestimate yourself. Make sure you come back safe and sound," Aaron said to his son.

"Yes, Father. I'll be careful," Wayne said respectfully. Aaron Bateman then walked off to take care of some other business.

"You were surprised when you didn't sense your father listening to us. Don't worry about that. I think everything that happened here was God's will. God go with you my son," the rabbi said to Wayne.


(1) The anakim were the giants of the Old Testament. The Israelites had to fight giants in order to claim their promised land. David fought Goliath who was also a son of the giants. For more information on the subject check out Steve Quayle. He has a website devoted to the subject of giants and other things.

AUTHOR'S NOTES: I don't know how much time I'll devote to this story. I have a lot of fanfics I write. I have an imagination and all the years of reading comics and watching cartoons will probably affect how this story turns out.

I was inspired to write this story by Herman Wouk's Winds of War and War and Remembrance. If anyone who wants to give me some information that I seem to be lacking just direct me to the website or book I should take a look at.