Bateman and Rabin


Chapter Four

After they had arrived in America, Wayne and Drake went to Immigration and informed them of how he was related to him and his family. Immigration gave Wayne some problems until he flashed some money in their faces, ending said problems.

Wayne handed Drake some papers. "You won't have any problems staying in America now, Drake. This is your passport. Keep it safe and whatever you do, don't lose it."

"All right. Where are we going now?" Drake asked as they walked outside of the building to a large limosine which was parked in front of the building with the chaffuer still in the car.

"We're going home. Yes. Here is our ride."

"Hello, Mr. Bateman. How was your trip?" the chauffeur asked.

"It was fine, James." The chauffeur was a black man who was a slender, young man in his mid twenties. He had a friendly look about him and a nice, bright smile.

"When we get home, you'll be able to meet our great-grandfather, Rabbi Mendelson, and my parents, grandfather, brother and sister. I've already called them to let them know we're coming. My younger brother, Richard, sometimes frequents Hollywood but I don't know if he'll be there or not. My sister, Barbara, may or not be there as well. And I have some other friends I want you to meet as well."

"Who are these other friends?" the boy asked as he admired the scenic route. He was impressed with all the huge buildings and the smell of the nearby sea.

"These friends will train you in something called martial arts. I want you to work as hard as you can. As hard as your training as an acrobat was this training will be even more arduous."

"I thought you were going to train me yourself."

"Not yet. I have a trip to make in the Orient. There's an underground tournament I'm planning to go through."

"Will that be some kind of fighting tournament? I've heard about such things. Can I see it?" the boy asked with his eyes wide.

"Not this time. See that you train hard. When I return I'll train you even harder," Wayne said, his eyes and face darkening.

As soon as the limousine arrived at the palatial estate, driving through the huge driveway, Wayne and Drake got out of the car and walked into the house while some servants escorted them inside. After they had washed up and gotten new clothes, the whole family had dinner in their huge dining room which had chandeliers made up diamonds and crystal glass. The table was adorned with a pristine white cloth, china and beautiful silverware. Wayne wasted no time introducing everyone and telling them what had happened to Drake's parents and what they had done since getting out of Germany. But he left out the part about Drake agreeing to help Wayne's upcoming battle with the Third Reich.

"I'm sorry about what happened with your parents, Drake. But you're welcome to live here as long as you like," Wayne's still beautiful mother said, giving the boy a nice motherly smile.

"It's really bad, what happened to your parents. I guess the rumors about the Nazis being heals are true," Wayne's father, Aaron Bateman said more to himself than everyone at the table.

"So you believe me now?" Rabbi Samuel Mendelson said, giving Aaron an I-told-you-so look.

"That doesn't mean everything you said about the Nazis trying to wipe us Jews is true. Hostility to us Jews is nothing new. But I still have a hard time believing in a holocaust. There's no way Hitler and Germany will want to or be able to kill millions of us off. That's still so unbelievable. It's inconceivable!"

"That's why it will take most of us by surprise. The holocaust is not something God at least Wayne understands what will happen. He's planning to..."

"Uh, yes, Great-Grandfather. I'm doing a lot of things," Wayne interjected, giving the rabbi a secretive look which the rabbi comprehended.

"All these secrets. I don't think they're so necessary but I'll give Wayne the benefit of the doubt. I'm just pleased he's taken what I told him so seriously. Now he's added Drake Rabin to the mix. He obviously plans to train him the way he himself was trained. I suppose there will be others added to his crew. Maybe I'll help Wayne by informing a few young adventurous Jewish men of what's going on. But I'll be sure to make certain these men can keep a secret," the Rabbi thought to himself while the meal progressed.

"So, Wayne," Jerome Bateman, his grandfather said. "Where are you going to next? I hear you're going to the Orient on some kind of business errand. I didn't think we were in need of anymore silk. I hope you're not still believing in that crazy rabbi's ridiculous prophecies," the old, semi- retired businessman said.

"What?! Fool! You would be broke if not for me forewarning you of the coming Stock Market Crash and subsequent depression. And now you still call me crazy?!" Rabbi Mendelson exclaimed, rising from his seat, impressing everyone there with his presence.

"Um, my father is just tired; that's all," Aaron said nervously, trying to calm everything down.

"Grandpa's right, Dad," Wayne's younger brother by two years, Richard interjected. "There's nothing to all this holocaust business. And why'd you feel the need to go Europe in the first place, Wayne?" Richard Bateman had movie star good looks with short, wavy jet black hair and sparkling blue eyes. His muscular physique wasn't as impressive as Wayne's but he was still regarded as a hunk by the various beautiful women he dealt with. Being rich helped a lot as well.

"I left with the intent of bringing Drake's family here. Drake barely survived after the Nazis killed his family. Weren't you listening? Or are you still in a daze from all the wine, women and song you've consumed?" Wayne asked, giving his younger brother a harsh glare.

"Oh, come one! That's disgusting. We're at the dinner table here!" Wayne's younger sister by four years, Barbara Bateman, exclaimed. She was a recent high school graduate with bright red hair who had a statuesque, attractive, slender yet curvaceous and striking figure. She also inherited her beautiful mother's good looks including her mother's sparkling green eyes.

"What are you talking about, Wayne?! I don't sing!" Richard snapped.

"Why are you going to the Orient, Wayne?" their mother interjected, stopping the argument.

"There are some business contacts I want to make. There are also some rare spices in the area our family should get our hands on while the getting's good. You all know that there's a god chance a war will start up any time soon. We can stock pile rare merchandise from the Orient. When the war hits we'll be able to make a fortune. It will be good for the company."

"Well, I'm glad you have your head on straight, young man. I was worried that you were going to the Orient to rescue Jews or something crazy like that," Jerome Bateman said sarcastically, giving Rabbi Samuel a sneering look. "And buying those islands just south of here. Did you really need to do that, Aaron? FDR owed us a lot for all the money we gave him to help him get elected. Using the favors owed to us like that was a bad idea."

"Now, Father," Aaron Bateman explained. "I didn't use up the favors we've accumulated with the President; I increased them. The President was happy to get rid of all that land there. He gave it away for a song. I'm still a good negotiator after all, having made the President think I was doing him a favor by taking those islands off of his hands."

"Well, all right. But I still don't think it was such a good idea. I hope you didn't strain your voice singing, Aaron. What do you plan to do with all that land?"

"We can make a hotel and vacation resort out of it."

"The islands you bought could house thousands of people. Millions even!"

"We can make factories there as well," Wayne interjected. "Once the shrubbery is cleared out we can make a lot of money off of that land. We can also increase the numbers of employees we have, creating good PR for the company."

"I suppose so," the semi-retired businessman said, relenting.

"That's right, Father. I also think the Depression will not last for ever. When it finally does end, we'll have all that land to use at our leisure," Aaron explained.


The next day Wayne was outside, getting ready for his business trip to Bangkok, Thailand when a middle aged Chinese man walked up to him. "Greetings, Master Chow."

"Greetings, Wayne. So where is my new student?"

"Right here. Drake! Come over here! This is Master Chow. He'll be training you in martial arts as I was telling you earlier."

As Drake walked over to the kung fu master with the Fu Manchu mustache, he was wearing his circus outfit, having guessed his training would begin early in the morning. "This is my new student?"

"Yes, Master Chow. Drake here is a circus acrobat. Since you're one of the best acrobatic kung fu masters in the world you'll be able to make a competent fighter out of him in a short amount of time."

"I see. He's a European acrobat. I'm not very impressed with Western style acrobatics but he still has potential. I'll train him. But I still think it's a bad idea for you to go to that underground tournament. The people running that tournament are dangerous and devious. You must also be aware of the participants in the tournament. The fighting styles there will be varied. There will be no pity in that naked city."

"I doubt they'll be more dangerous than the people I'll be dealing with in a few years but I'll be careful. Now, Drake. If you feel as if the training you're going through is too arduous or difficult think about what the Nazis did to your family and how you want to get them back for what they have done. You'll keep perservering if you stay focused. There will be other teachers training you in similar and all together different subjects so pay attention to what you're being taught. I'll be back soon."

The young boy looked up at Wayne for a moment. "I'll do it. I won't schlep it either!"

"That's the spirit," Wayne answered as Rabbi Mendelson appeared.

"Is going to the Orient and this training Drake is going to endure have something to do with what we talked about?" the rabbi asked.

"Yes, Great-Grandfather. The people there will be devious and dangerous but then so are the Nazis. In addition to sharpening my fighting skills I need to know and understand as much about the seemy side of civilization as possible. There are also some rare Asian spices and silk our family business can sell when I bring them back with me."

"And since Drake's family were killed by the Nazis he understands that they must be stopped. He'll train hard."

"Uh, Wayne. I was thinking." The Rabbi took him aside and kept his voice low. "It's possible that you might need more help. I'll be visiting New York in a few days. There will be a few Jews there who are trustworthy and don't see me as crazy for my predictions about the upcoming holocaust."

"All right, Great-Grandfather. We still need to keep what we're doing as secret as possible. The Nazis have spies everywhere in the countries of Europe. They'll sure to have spies here in America as well. So please be careful."

"I will be careful. These fellows will be helpful to our cause. But must you go to the Orient? I don't see the reasoning."

"We won't be able to house all the Jews from Europe on those islands just south of here. We will have to look at other areas of the world. And I also will be making contacts in Palestine. I have no plans of doing this all by myself. But there must be secrecy in this. I just don't believe the British will allow as many Jews who will need to go to Palestine free passage there despite what will happen. I have to lay the groundwork for what needs to be done while there's still time. Because as soon the war gets started there won't be time to plan but to act. While I'm doing all of these things I'll be making business contacts in order to get some hard to get merchandise our family can use to sell to make money. I haven't forgotten the need to placate my grandfather."

"Your grandfather is a fool who only thinks about money and he's not even so good at that but fare thee well. And come back soon." With that the Rabbi walked off.

"This guy's going to train this kid in some kind of arduous training, Wayne?" Barbara Bateman, Wayne's younger sister, asked, walking up to him after the rabbi had left.

"Yes, Barbara. don't interrupt them. What Drake will be doing will be necessary for him in the future," Wayne explained.

"You still believe the Nazis in Germany will try to wipe us out, don't you? Oh, well. I'll believe it that when I see it. Anyway I'm going shopping. Au revoir!" With that, the attractive redhead walked off with a spring in her step towards a waiting limousine.

"Your family just doesn't get it, Wayne," Drake said as he looked on with astonishment as the limousine drove off.

"Don't worry about it, Drake. Sooner or later all will be made clear. In the mean time we'll prepare for the storm that's coming. It's not just fighting I'm preparing you for. You'll need to know how to use radios, sneak in and out of places and do all sorts of things. So get ready." Wayne walked to another limousine which stopped by and got in it. Once he was in the car it sped off.

"Where are we going, Mr. Bateman?" a tough burly man said from the front seat of the limo while the other chauffeur drove.

"We're going to Bangkok, Thailand, Daniel. I'm glad you've agreed to some training from Master Chow. Where we'll going there will be a lot of people fighting in a similar fashion."

"Ya mean all that weird fighting you had me go through is gonna be that important?"

"That's right."


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