Thousands of feet shuffle across a patterned floor.
A sparking dress that resembles stars,
And the feeling that your now in love with the universe.
But not me.
I am in love with those that love the universe,
Those that jumble my words,
Just to make it seem like I am speaking just about the universe.
But I am only comparing the universe to the girl in the starry dress
And I am only comparing the one in love with the boy that doesn't love me.

He grabs her hand, I feel his grasp.
He leads her to the center of the floor,
And I feel my heart jump.
But I am not her, I am but a spectator,
I am just a bleak smile and never the target of his full affection.

Hearts start to shatter with the slow beat of each song.
The melody, the sway, the dip at the end, and then they kissed...
And I felt his lips... And then I knew that he was truly happy,
I could not and would never want to end the feeling that he had,
Even though it was not with me,
And will never be.

Perhaps it was the realization,
Or the pure beauty of the moment,
Or perhaps it was all the blissful murmurs in the room
That resembled the words of thoughs that knew better,
Or just didn't know at all,
But it sunk in
And the bittersweet feeling that I was completely happy if he was
Consumed me like a disease.