FoR alL Of Us
By: Kitty/Shino Tenshi

We are placed as nothing in this world. Or what you think anyway.
Just pretty dolls to cover up the truth and hatred with pitiful lies.

Just vessels to do all your damn dirty work. To possess things you can't get yourself.
Forget love, forget this stupid things you feel.

Once, you become this and see what I've seen,
you truly become lies. Just things you bastards use up all of our soul's energy and displace so

But, justice will come to us damned in the darkness.
We'll slowly rise above their power. And we will be victorious.

No more will we be dolls. No more we'll be used to killing, bondage, terrorism, murder and for
your playful viewing.
No more we will feel like shit.

As once we hoped,
we'll be victorious. Not dolls... For once treated like humans at least...
No more rotting bags of flesh.

No more of your lies...

It'll be for all of us.

INsPIred by the TV