It's falling you say… My heart.

It's getting too heavy to carry,
This static animosity hanging here.
I just smile and turn up the volume.
Perhaps the wailing of my heart
Will drown you? Just disappear.

It's intoxicating these cold fingers,
Wrapping around my soul darkly.
Who do they belong to I wonder?
Again I'm still lonely. Just die.

'It's falling" you say staring sadly,
And surely the stars are missing.
I just smile and strike a match.
Maybe if I burn away my heart
I will understand? Just cry.

It's incredibly cold in this world,
Hugging yourself to me tightly.
When will you let me go I wonder?
Why do you cling? Just break.

It's becoming tiresome you know,
This pretend love you believe in.
I just smile and taste someone's lips.
Try to realize that being gorgeous
Isn't enough anymore. Just fade.

They're seducing me those lights,
Slowly I've been cutting you apart.
Who owns those hazy lips I wonder?
Can you see I've gone? Just see.

I'm worrying you don't understand... I'm worrying.