(for Polina)


Today the world is breathing in.
You give up without noticing

The necessary sigh, wreathed in
The eddies of your troubling.

Somber eyelashes, wrapped in
The sky like a contracting skin.

Your gaze cast out, and out, fixed in
A siege of all the little things.

This life you lose a thousand times
That you give up without a fight,

A tug-of-war, of you and sky -
Is one you've never justified.


Today the world is breathing in
-To you - for you are drifting in

A haze, a shallow dream, Lethe in
Your heart, a merciless easing

Which all the world is answering.
Believe in your own rescue. In

Your isolation's mastering.
Tug on the air, it's listening.

Grass-shadows leap to touch your face.
This close-bound world resuscitates;

Inhale, a simple act of faith
In force and feeling. Come awake.