Pip and Lautreamont and All

(a pantoum)

Beauty is the chance meeting
of the sewing machine
and the umbrella
upon the surgeon's table.

Of the sewing machine
sitting in quiet promise
upon the surgeon's table
glory has been foretold.

Sitting in quiet promise,
these possessions dream;
glory has been foretold
from this lamp-lit serenity,

these possessions dream.
Forged in a rainy evening
from this lamp-lit serenity,
is their new existence.

Forged in a rainy evening,
turned abstract from inert...
Is their new existence

Turned abstract from inert -
and so thus is the surgeon
A polished face reflects.

And so thus is the surgeon
laid out on his table.
A polished face reflects,
half shielded by a mask...

Laid out on his table,
the disarmed artist,
half shielded by a mask,
transcendent. See that!

The disarmed artist
And the umbrella
transcendent. See that
beauty is the chance, meeting...