Beloved Lost in a Moment

We were walking together
Side by side as equals in love.
As we held hands I noticed
That the air grew colder.

Stupidly I let go for just
One moment in that brief time.
As you walked a step ahead
I watched your shadow grow.

It hurts to see you smile,
That's how much I love you.
As you look to the sky and
Breathe I feel my heart cry.

Moving constantly the world
Goes on and to me it's the same.
As I feel your fingers brush
Mine I cherish this memory.

Petals of time has washed
By and still I remain as I was.
As I close my eyes and hear
Your voice I get that feeling.

Standing face to face with
You is painful since you're gone.
As I spill my invisible tears
Memories are being erased.

If I could stand by you again
I could do all I never did before.
As the same moment passes
From before I find I'm weeping.

We were walking together
Side by side lost in our love.
As we held hands if only I
Had noticed the air was colder.

It's a tragedy. Imagine a moment lost forever in just a moment.