parachute into the sea

falling through the glass.

Taste of pain

taste of death

taste of what must be.

Sanity and windows

barred parchment cages.


One two three

I say

why stop now

why stop?

Onandonandon and boom.

No more dam or dyke

no safety, no bars


Why wait

counting backwards

Counting back words


One two three I say

and a healthy tan.

One two three

served on brownies.

No more singing papier-mache

of tofu bananas

and fish chips.


on the winds normalcy

but not for you

not of your world.


of the mirrored rooms

and iron trees.

Unending forests

of ricocheting bullets

white gold

bouncing in my head

happiness brain freeze.


One two three

and a cherry on top

and a memory defiled

and imaginings erased.

One two three…

Alternate ending?

I stand at the sink

there on the brink

they're on the brink

glass of apple pee

and three little bullets

falling through my fingers.

Three little killers

little con artists,

deceiving into temporary

papier-mache happiness

ricochet in drainpipes.


sewer rats count

one two three

pink flying sheep

and they smile happily.