Arch and Oblivious

As the flame rises high into the calm morning skyline, as fear is deeply engraved in the innocent citizens' minds forever, and as the drama of rescuers and survivors is unfolded intensely, the city stands in awe, as the human's dare attempt to reach the sky collapses through the solem arch.

The rest of the world just goes by. Clock alarms in the early morning have awakened the dawn and the yawning sleepers hesitantly stepped out of their comfortable beds. Cars are rolling down on the highways as the nocturnal murkiness is replaced by the illumination of another day. Sky is bluer than ever, and trees, buildings, and human minds orbiting around them happily co-exist. Workers stretch and are ready to sweat off their bodies. Teachers peruse textbooks and prepare another lesson. Students are standing by the bus stop, jovially chatting with each other as they breathe the morning fresh air.

One plane is not an enough justification. Strangers hold onto each other as they tremble in terror. It is merely a dot in the sky, but within in prevails every possibiliy of human extremes; they are up in the air, trapped within a limited space and totally disconnected from the haven of the ground; individuals who have tapped too much into the meaning of soul are in a complete control, wielding objects humans themselves have invented; bloodshed beholds the moment, and following a brief release of screams a suspended silence is forcefully held. Cabs moving towards the arch stop; drivers and passengers look out of the window to figure out what is happening; and neither is realizing that the meter is still ticking on.

Moms have already fixed a substantial breakfast to their resisting children. The children have entered the realm outside their house doorsteps and socialize in an elementary level. Some do interact. Some delve into their own understanding and read books. A public worker drives her yellow vehivle towards the children. She is oblivious, too; so are the moms; so are the children; so is every person who shares the small biosphere with them. Life passes by in an unmistakable consistency. Bus arrives and carefully weaves through the maze in the neighborhood.

The mad birds punch a hold through the Babylon. Smokes trail off their memories. The bystanders in the park are all frozen statues now; they just stand there, fixated in awe. Two pillars lose their glory so daringly captured within the framework of the arch. Some people run; some people take pictures; some cry out piercingly. Everywhere the sound of running feet and the shouting of doubt pervade. History is forever changed; nobody will ever look at the arch's opening in the same way; nobody will ever walk under its shade with the same feeling. Al along, the symbols of New York burn away slowly-cruelly-on the picture.

Everything is peaceful. The students have ensconced themselves in the bus. Chilly air coming through the windows is sweetly refreshing. Some students sleep; some students do the last minute homework; some sit down quietly. On the way to the school, the bus passes by landscape all familiar to the students-hospital, restaurants, mall, et cetera. All the buildings are intact and look stronger than ever, and the students are on their way to study; some like to; some do not; but whatever feelings that have and whatever they are experiencing on the bus, that is all that matter for now.