Disclaimer: As I think I mentioned in a previous chapter, I do not own 'The Office', American or British version. However, I love it dearly and it is one of the few shows I watch weekly.

Chapter Sixteen:

The next morning in Lit, we hand in our essays and for once I'm not dreading my grade. Mr. Loeffter spends the day lecturing on grammar and how the placement of commas affects the interpretation of many poems. How boring. At the end of class he gives us a poem written in Old English and asks us to write our own version of the poem for next Monday. I'm a little disappointed that we didn't have partner work today since I wanted to work with Luke, but whatever. I'll have plenty of time to talk to him later.

The rest of my day goes pretty much like any school day does. In gym, we play soccer again and I actually think I'm improving. I manage to pass the ball to N.B. without any huge problems and I don't get into any arguments and I'm not the butt of any Yankee jokes.

In French, M. DuPont gives us copies of Le Petit Prince and tells us to read up to 'chapitre quatre' for tomorrow. The day ends and I somehow end up with only maths and French due tomorrow. Hooray!

Luke and I go to the library after school to discuss the poem and make out a little. We figure the poem is about the Narrator's feelings of love and hate towards his wife, with the changing of the seasons as the extended metaphor for his feelings. I don't have a wife so this may be a little difficult to rewrite, but now that I have a decent grip on my feelings for Luke, I think it'll be a little easier to express emotion.

I take out my math homework and attempt to work on it, but it seems like every two minutes, I look up and see Luke sitting across the table from me, staring at me. It's so nerve-wracking that I find I'm hardly getting any work done.

"Stop doing that," I tell him.

"Doing what?" he asks innocently.

"Looking at me."

"I'm just stretching my neck. How am I supposed to get my work done if I can't periodically relieve my neck of its pain?"

"Oh shut up. I know that's not what you are really doing," I say.

He just smiles in return.

At 4:30, the head librarian kicks us out because she says she has to close early and we go to the study area near the ref to keep working. Amazingly, by 6:00, we have both finished our homework. I mention something about going back to my room to grab my computer so we can watch 'The Office' and Luke frowns at me.

"I am not watching the bad American version," He says to me. "It is the British version or nothing. The British version is funnier. "

"But John Krasinski and Jenna Fischer are so perfect together!" I argue.

"I don't care," he says. "You need to experience the original."

Luke quickly runs to his room to get his laptop and some headphones. We watch three episodes before supper and I'm laughing the whole time. He's right, it is really funny, but I'm still too attached to Jim and Pam's relationship and Michael's awkwardness and hatred of Toby (which makes me sad 'cos I like Toby, but it also makes me laugh) to say the British version is better.

By now, people are starting to filter in, anxious for their dinner. Luke packs up his computer and we go to the dining area to set our stuff down and get in line for food. It's some form of hamburger that reminds me of sloppy Joes with vegetables mixed in. Mmm, complete meal in one bun! I get one but I already know I'm not going to eat it, so I just fill the rest of my plate with – what a surprise – salad. Luke and I are the first to the table and we sit across from each other at one end of the table. Eventually the rest of the gang joins us and Luke mentions that I just watched the British 'The Office' for the first time. A lively discussion ensues in which I am the subject of many jokes about not admitting the original is better. But seriously, I can't help it if I love John Krasinski too much to find more enjoyment in the British version than the American version.

During our discussion, I notice Luke's plate is empty and he keeps eying my untouched meat thing. "Would you like my leftover meat/bun thing?" I ask him.

"Can I? You don't want it?" he asks.

"Are you kidding?" I scoff. "This thing looks disgusting!"

"Sweet!" he says as he takes it from plate. He takes a huge bite and somehow manages to not spill any on himself. I'm so jealous. I always spill food if it is anything other than pasta or salad. I'm not as bad as one of my friends back home who spills on herself whenever she wears a certain sweatshirt, but when it comes to food, I have my share of klutz moments.

After dinner, the guys and girls part ways, each off to their respective dorm building for an evening of relaxing. As we leave, I notice Ellen and Mark smooching and I glance over at Luke, wanting to see his reaction. I think he misinterprets my action because he chuckles and gives me a solid peck before joining in Derek and Josh's discussion of European rugby teams. Guys and their sports.

I jog to catch up to Carolyn, Erica and Belinda.

"So, you and Luke, yeah?" Belinda says to me.

"You saw that?" I ask, completely surprised.

"You'd have to be blind not to see it," Erica chimes in.

"Damn, I was hoping to keep it quiet," I groan.

"Oh, nobody cares. Almost everyone at this school has noticed you guys together and it doesn't matter anyway. I think it's cute," Carolyn says.

"Thanks," I say, blushing.

I go to bed happy and have sweet dreams of Luke helping me in school. Is that strange? I find it a little disturbing that I consider Luke helping me with schoolwork a good dream. Anyway, I sleep well and wake up completely refreshed and ready to start a new day of school and I'm actually looking forward to getting out of bed and eating breakfast. Wow.

… … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … …

Short, yes I know. Next chapter will be better, I promise.