a/n- I was looking through my old poetry journals, and I found this one that I wrote awhile ago, before my best friend came out, and then forgot about. I guess this is to everyone who has watched helplessly while someone they love goes through a really hard point in their life.

He's at my door,

Tears mark his face,

I quickly let him in.

He dries his tears and opens up.

Says he feels like 'a sin.'

He needs some help,

He's come to me to cry, express his pain.

I've never felt more needed

As I hold him, keep him sane.

'She knows, I'm sure,'

He says, with worry etched across his face.

'If I go home, I'm sure that she'll be right upon my case.'

'I asked to be an ally, and she asked if I was gay.

Said 'I don't know, Mum, I'm not sure!'

And then I ran away.'

'Of course I knew, but how to say?

She'd make it a big deal.

I couldn't have that, I had to go.

I wish this wasn't real.'

'I just wish I was normal.

-Just like all the other guys.

A pretty girl, my parents proud,

Away from prying eyes.'

At this point, he is sobbing

And I don't know what to do.

I want so much to help him,

To call in some 'feel-good crew.'

But all that's there is him and me,

Hot cocoa and the rain.

I'm his best friend,

I feel it's up to me to ease his pain.

I want to stop the hands of time

And figure out some plan

To let his parents know,

Or just to find him a good man.

But as life goes, it's Sunday night-

His hist'ry project's due.

I go to get his jacket,

As he slips into his shoe.

I muster up my warmest hug,

Then open up the door.

I watch him walk away,

Feeling more and more unsure.

What will he do when he gets home?

Come out, right then and there?

Or tell his mum he's busy

And to get out of his hair?

My conscience mutters 'follow!'

In a thoughtless, angry tone.

I feel I've failed at friendship

As I send him home alone.