"I wish they would stop asking me about my father. I wish they would stop asking me about me. I wish they would stop asking me. I wish they would stop asking. I wish they would stop. I wish they would… I wish…"

I put the pen down, because I knew I wasn't going to get what I wanted out of my head. Writing things down does let me get my emotions out, but if I decide that I want to reread whatever may be in front of me, it doesn't make sense.

Like I said, it does get my emotions out, but the memories are still in my head. So I just forgot. Yes, I force myself to forget. If I try hard enough, I'm sure that I could recall every incident that I may need, but I try hard enough so that I wouldn't be able to recall every incident that I may need. Because that will do me no good.

I prop myself up on a wall. The wall that my bed leans against, rather, is pushed against by the desk that sits on its other side. I look around the dark room and see the closet at the foot of my bed which I would love to crawl into if only there were room, and the computer in the opposite corner. I look at the cherry wooden shelves and drawers that cover up everything, which could have hinted the existence of walls, behind them. Everything has a door, a wooden door, a glass door, a sliding plastic door, or blinds. Not even curtains, but blinds. As if my room wasn't small enough, there were masses of objects on the edges of the room, cluttering it beyond belief. I didn't mind having a small room; it made me feel like this was my space, something that only I needed to occupy.

I didn't want to turn the light on, but I was interested in the activity outside my room. I slide off of my bed and take a step over to the window, shift the blinds, and look at the streetlamp, the road, and then the streetlamp again.

"OH MY DEAR GOODNESS, January is NOT supposed to be a sixty-degree month." I sit in the swiveling chair in front of the computer and place my chin on my fist. My dark brown hair falls in front of my eyes. I stare at it for a moment before I blink and all of a sudden I'm at the door with my coat.

I walk down the street, past the lightless, identical houses and the quiet yards where dogs would usually greet me with an angry bark or cheerful wag of the tail. I debate weather I should get a Hot White Chocolate from Dunkin' Donuts or an English Toffee Cappuccino at the Wawa, my two favorite drinks. As I go through this mental battle I notice a light in the graveyard across the street. It's not a spooky graveyard, it's a Jewish cemetery. In fact, several relatives from my Father's side have been buried there. My mom's side is Russian Orthodox. Great mix, I got to tell you.

Oh yeah, the light. Did I mention I have major A.D.D.? Well… of course, I cross the street, ignoring the honk I'm given, and approach this light same as a fly would. The light, however, was accompanied by a body. I hid behind a tree to further investigate… so it's a little bit cliché, okay. So sew me.

I'm not sure why, but my pulse significantly increased, and those damned hands of mine that were holding the tree began to shake. For some reason, I was excited, as if I were expecting a ghost or a mystery behind this supposed person.

Now apparently I was leaning in towards the figure because I ended up falling and noticed a face staring at me from the bench just a few feet away. I've got to say, this face, was not a very bad looking face, at all.

Wearing some jeans and a loose Tee this is either a comfortable girl or... well gee, there sure are some really feminine guys out there.

"Hello." Plainly stated.
No 'who are you' or 'what are you doing here' just a simple, sweet, 'hello.'

Turning back around and speaking down into his or her lap said, "Come, sit." And for some reason I obeyed. 'Hunny, that's how you get raped and murdered.' Amy has told me a thousand times already. But hey, I have a good judge of character. Usually.

"So… sorry. I didn't mean to stun you." I said twiddling my thumbs in my lap.

"You didn't." looking up, relaxing and sort of letting go of the breath he or she was holding in, although why, I wasn't sure. "I think I've seen you around. You live here, don't you?"

Kind of surprised at the thought that somebody that doesn't live here would be here, I answered, "Yeah… I'm Alex, by the way. But I just wanted to get out. I want to get out of it all. After I finish my year, I'm out of here."

Why I just said that, I'm not even sure, but I did feel like punching myself in the head.

"Why?" They asked and I was kind of confused. Luckily, as if catching my thoughts, they reassured me, "Why leave so long from now? Why don't you just go now?"

I wonder why I haven't thought of that. "I could, but school…" I said lamely. I'm passing just fine, and I know my Calculus, International Studies, and Language and Composition. Basically, I could skip a week or two.

After I got no reply, I just began thinking out loud. "I always wanted to go East, but I don't have enough money yet. I'm not sure where I want to go right now. Rather, where I can go right now." I stood up hopefully, clenching my fists toward the sky, losing myslef in a mist of ideas.

"You can go anywhere you want." I was cut in the middle of my thoughts, but that was okay, I didn't know where I was going with that anyway.

"Well… if I have the money. I'm not even sure what I want. I just want out. Out of daily life, out of High school drama, out of family arguments." That wasn't good enough, not even I believed in what I had just said, and I knew what was coming.

"But you'll be coming back to the same thing." Close enough. I was expecting the whole, 'don't run away from your problems' spiel.

"I'll have time to figure things out. Where I want to live after High school, who I want to be with, who I don't want to be with… that kind of thing." I can't believe this, and neither can this person.

"Yeah... especially that." They smiled a little above the light. Oh yeah, the light! Was that a candle? The figure set it down in front of our feet.

"I'm going to go take a walk." The person said, rising from the dedicated bench.

Forgetting that it's a Wednesday night, forgetting to look at my watch to see that it's already 10:17, and not even thinking about that English AP Midterm that I have tomorrow, I got up and walked with this person for half a mile, and then hitting me like a rocket that is falling back to its launch pad, I stop.

"You should go, I'm probably going home now and it'll take you a bit of time to get back." My newfound mentor answered for me.

Just before I get to say anything else, I see him or her stretch hands overhead and say, tilting a head back between the shoulder blades, "Oh, you can think of me as Echo." And walk down the hill, out of sight, leaving me to think about which way my house is.

A/N: So I do not Own Dunkin Donuts, and I do not own Wawa, but other than that.. I'm just thinking this up using music, setting, and emotion. Give me some hints, will ya?