"CRRAAAPP!" I run to my first period as the minute bell rings.

"SEE YA AL!" Shouted Flo (Our Freshman drummer otherwise known as Florence) as he turned down the next hall to his right.

"My NAME is ALEX!" I grunted as I stomped down the hall.

"LATER ALICE!" Derek laughed as he rushed down the same hall Flo turned down.

"I'LL KILL YOU TWO!" I laughed menacingly.

I stepped into class just in time for the late bell and the beginning of the morning announcements. I drop my stuff in the back, corner seat next to my friend Amy who rolls her eyes at my arrival. I salute the flag a few rows ahead of me, and Amy grabs a hold of my arm and replaces it on my chest, where my heart should be.

I sit down and Amy pulls out a breakfast bar which she breaks in somewhat equal pieces and shares with me. The announcements procceed through the loudspeaker in the ceiling and I try to pay attention for anything that might be useful to me, but the class had other plans. After about fifteen seconds I give up and change my focus to Amy who is grumbling about not having a car as a Senior, and how sweet it was that her boyfriend, Jordan, spent the evening with her and her family.

Jordan was also the President of National Student Council at our Technical School. I am the Vice President, and with my experience from previous offices and other clubs and activities, my ultra B. skills, and my connections I am a shoe-in for Prez next year. Although Jordan strongly advises me against it, as a to-be Senior though I want as much to look good for college as possible. Plus I like to be in control, and being the top. Because I'm not all that athletic, and even though I am a good student, I'm not top-quality compared to certain of our school's students. The Advisor's a drag though... and because all of the work was loaded on Megan and I last year, I was hoping for some more hard-working officers this year... Fat chance. This time around, I serve as a bit of a dissappointment, compared to last year. But I have CLASS to go to, if that wasn't clear. My life already revolves around Marching Band, now I have to set myself up for this. Am I in love with pain and work or what?

ANYWAY. Nothing is standing in my way, next year I will be a Senior, a fourth-year band member (although only a third-year Guard member due to an unfortunate event freshman summer which caused me to be in Honor Guard), and President at my Tech school, and I will be making trips here and there all throughout the year. OH YES!

Amy taps my arm when the teacher offers extra-credit for last night's homework. I raise my hand and look at the three out of eleven problems I have done. "Can I do number nine?" I ask and the teacher nods and writes my name down.

"UGH!" Amy looks at me annoyed, "That's the only one I understood! I need the credit more than you do.." She pouts at me and slides toward the board.

I shrug and pick out another problem.

Ahh.. poor Mr. 25-year-old teacher. I love him, he is LOTS of fun in class, but he sometimes has... difficulty teaching lesons. It's hard when you are teaching the material for the first time, to a Calculus honors class no less. I had him last year too, with my friend Daphne Garrett. Boy was that a blast...

Daph is also in the Marching Band, one of the biggest geeks next to me we'd say... has been going out with Derek since November. Nobody saw it comming, but I was confused when I saw the hints. Strange with her record... Although her other three were also in Marching Band (at some point..).

The longest one I can remember (and I thought it was fitting before I actually met her..) was the Clarinet player, one from her own squad. He later became the Drum major, but they just had... problems.

Then there was the track-star, not what you would call a looker, but he has a ripped body and a GPA higher than most students have dreamed.

And the Cymbal-monkey for a short time, a total Jack-off if you would ask me about him... Funny, sure, but also the ex-boyfriend of her best friend, Kara. Not a good choice.

Now, of course she has problems with Derek, who doesn't... but they are just SO Darn CUTE!

Well, anyway... I try telling Amy about my jerk friend, Ryan Matthews, who has been ignoring me lately, but she appologized, shushed me, and said she REALLY needed to know this for the test Thursday. Oh great. A test Thursday.

The bell brings me out of my daze and the teacher stops the students out the door,

"Don't forget your homework-" The class groans and protests, but the teacher ignores them. Four problems? Sure I can do that. Do I have my textbook? Oh forget it... Great, an honors class. We can't even handle a few problems...?

I shake my head and Amy waves out the door. I pick up my books and rush out of the room and one floor up to my sort-of favorite class... International Studies Honors... History isn't quite my forte, but this, also 25-year-old, teacher sure does help out in class. Plus Nikki, my best friend of the year. She is so gorgeous. I'm not even kidding. She lost a lot of weight over the summer, but I don't even care. She is obsessed with her weight, and complains about her D-cup breasts. But she has long, dark hair down to her elbows, and her skin is light and pink. She is so funny, and I love sharing information with her, so she will tell me something of her own.

She comes in just as the bell rings and I wave her over to the back of the room. The teacher gives a disapproving look because I'm not in my assigned seat, but I would rather sit next to Nikki rather than being surrounded by the popular jocks of the school and the somewhat into themselves girls. But whatever, they're nice for the most part, and funny at the least.

I reluctantly get up back to my seat and look back at the very built and good-looking blonde sitting behind me and just smile. I don't talk to any of them much, only under certain circumstances. I look past him and Nikki mouths out for me to come back there later in the class.

We don't do much in the class, but that's not our fault. Misplanning on the teacher's part, but I don't mind that either. He shares lots of stories and he just got over the loss of his father, who used to be a respectable teacher at our school.

The class goes by with a few notes, Nikki and I taking turns writting it down, and I scetch some drawings in the margins.

"Hey, Lexis,"

I look up at Nikki to see her standing over me with her binder and bag, motioning for me to get ready to leave.

"Comming, luv," I gather all of my belonging in my arms and we wave our way past the teacher. Always the last ones out.

"Can I talk to you, Lexis?" Nikki weaves through the hall gracefully and promply in front of me.

"Sure thing, sweets, what's up?" I say curiously as our almost-gay friend, Andrew approaches down the hall. Nikki looks at him oddly and turns to me,

"You know, I'll tell you afterschool. How about we go somewhere today?"

"Good choice! We have a half-day, right? Alright.." I think up a scheme.

"You know what, let's all go get some coffee, go on an adventure in the forest and go to Lacy's house." Andrew casually answers for us.

"Sounds good, I'll just text my mom, meet us in the Catwalk, mkay?" Nikki walks down the hall to her locker and the two of us follow, both quite tall compared to the other people in the hall. Especially Nikki who is a good six inches or so shorter than us.

Andrew and I look at eachother and shrug.

I don't really share any friends in my Language AP class, which is probably a good thing because I would get too distracted. I prayed that I wouldn't have anybody I know too well in my most difficult class. I silently said my 'thankyou's to the sky.

I met up with Derek, Daphne and Kara after class and we all just sat on the floor in an empty space in the hallway, talking about senselessly. I kept glancing at Daphne who was giving me strange, questioning looks when she caught my eye. I take it she couldn't talk around Derek about certain things in my life or hers, he would get too defensive or involved.

I got up and blinked her way, "Well, I'll see you guys, and Daph, I'll text you." I smiled at the group and Daphne nodded her approval.

As I was walking down the stairs, to the cafeteria and the bus landing, I couldn't help but think about that night in the graveyard. What a strange person...

I almost ran into someone as I walked past the glass doors to the bus landing.

"HEYYY, nice ears Kitty!" Ryan Matthews shouted down the hall.

Of course. I forgot I was wearing Cat ears. That must remind me of something, is there an event today?

"And Hello, Voltron." I raised my eyebrow as I glanced down at his shirt which reflected the image of a Voltron on it.
Drumline sure does crack me up.

He nudges me as we walk past eachother and I wish he didn't. He's a good friend. But ... aw screw it, I'm being stupid.

I walk out the doors to take the bus to my Tech school and sit next to one of my friends, listening to S.O.A.D. and the Chili Pepers all the way down.

I couldn't help but think. About everything. And nothing at all. And where I was going to go to get away from Ryan Matthews, Kara, and other high school drama, and whether I had to go back to the graveyard for help, or find that person, Echo.

And when we pulled up to the Tech School, something told me I wouldn't have to look very far.