The Perfect Song

I want to sing a song right now,

But there's no one song to sing.

There is no song that I can find

To truly express just me.

There's been a want for one all day,

But no way to let it go.

How can I just sit here now

And ignore what I want to know.

I want to know if there is a song

That can express how I really feel.

A song that always knows

Just what I need to reveal.

I need a song that I can sing

Over and over again.

The song that doesn't really care

If I'm happy, sad or in pain.

This song would be my guide

To not ignoring who I am.

Every day I try to find this song,

But write poems when in a jam.

How can I find this song

When I do not look for it?

I need to open my eyes now

And not just write and sit.