Chapter Nine – Apologies

The moment I stepped on school ground, I thought I was going to throw up. My heart was racing and my palms were sweaty. Yesterday at the photo shoot I made some drastic changes to myself. I knew all eyes were on me like I was some new girl.

"Hey, baby!" Chris said, walking over to me and kissing me on my forehead.

"I feel like throwing up," I said.

"What'd I do?" he immediately backed off.

I frowned.

"It's not you. It's this," I replied, pointing at my face.

He smiled and hugged me again.

"Sara, you look gorgeous," he said.

He looked and his watch and then told me that he had to go and that he would meet me later.

Alex and Lydia were nowhere at sight. I squeezed the strap of my bag as I walked to my locker. Then, in front of me came three people I definitely did not want to meet today. Megan, Jessica and Catherine were walking towards me. I couldn't run because they saw me and they knew it was me.

"Whatever you're trying to pull off, it's not working," Megan said, scanning me from head to toe.

"Definitely not," Jessica agreed with her friend.

My eyes narrowed and I was going to hit them very, very soon.

"Guys, shut up okay," Catherine said as I was about to say something.

My eyes were going to pop out. Megan and Jessica gasped.

"What did you say?" Megan asked, getting a little angry.

"I said shut up, Megan. Get it through your thick skull," Catherine answered.

Jessica gasped. "You did not just say that!"

"Yes I did," Catherine smirked.

"You are so not one of us anymore!" Megan said and stomped off with Jessica.

Then, Catherine turned to me and smiled.

"Sorry about them. I know they can be such bitches sometimes," she said.

Sometimes? Sometimes?

"Uh, it's alright. Thanks by the way," I replied.

"No problem. Well, other than the fact that I so totally don't have friends anymore, no problem," Catherine said.

Catherine Christensen was a sweet-looking girl with a beautiful body and could pull off any look. Today she wore a black tube top with dark jeans and a grey cardigan. He dark blonde hair was tied up in a ponytail.

"Well, you could join me for lunch. I haven't seen my friends anywhere yet anyways."

Yes, I felt sorry for the girl. After all, she did just stand up for me.

A wide smile was spread across her face. "Really?"

I nodded and she gave me a hug immediately.

And one thought ran through my mind, 'Oh my goodness. I just found another Lydia.'

After taking some stuff out of my locker, Catherine and I walked to class together. In class, I saw Lydia, but Alex was nowhere to be found. He was probably skipping class again. Obviously, Lydia was still upset about what happened between her and Alex. Her usual bubby self was on vacation. This was the dark Lydia whom I've just met a few days ago. She didn't even see me walking in with Catherine.

"Hey," I said.

Lydia looked up.

"Hi," she said.

She looked behind me and by the look on her face, I knew she was asking what I was going with Catherine Christensen.

"Long story. Tell you later," I whispered.

"Hi, Lydia," Catherine said.

"Uh, hi," Lydia replied, trying to fake a smile.

When it was finally lunchtime, Catherine and I walked to the cafeteria. Lydia needed to go to the washroom and insisted that Catherine and I went first.

"Is Lydia okay?" Catherine asked, somehow looking genuinely worried.

"She's a little distracted right now. Personal stuff, you know," I answered.

Catherine just nodded.

Why was she suddenly so worried about Lydia?

"Lydia!" I called out.

Lydia turned around and then she just kept walking.

"Lydia, wait!" I said, walking towards her.

"What, Alex?" she stopped and asked.

I felt like shit because I knew she was hurt.

"You never showed up yesterday," I said.

"Sorry, I was, uh, busy," she answered.

It was an obvious lie.

I ran my fingers through my hair, not knowing how to break the news to her, but she needed to know.

"I know you think that I'm in love with Sara, but it's not her. I swear," I said.

Lydia narrowed her eyes.

"Then who is it?" she asked.

I couldn't say it.

Lydia let out a sigh. "Well?"

"It's… it's…"

After school, I was about to get into the car when Chris came.

"Hey," he said, giving me a peck on the cheeks.

Two girls who were walking pass looked and whispered something to each other. I couldn't help but wonder what it was about.

"What have you been up to lately?" I asked Chris and smiled.

"Nothing much," he replied.

Something was bothering him though. Sure, he did not say it, but I could tell.

"What's wrong?" I asked.

"Nothing's wrong. I just need to tell you something," he answered.

Yes, something was definitely wrong.

"Go ahead," I said.

He inhaled deeply. He opened his mouth and said whatever it is he said.

I could not hear a thing because a Subaru drove pass and honked loudly.

The ending to what he said was 'feelings for her.'

Feelings for her.

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