I am going to tell you all now, this is a One Shot story. I got the idea for this the other night when I was trying to get to sleep. Just so you know the tittle Bodenea is pronounced Bo-dee-knee-ah. Have fun.

Warning, a little morbid (or so my editor says)


I am sixteen years old, and one of the very few people left alive on Earth. I was the first who was supposed to have died, this I am reminded of daily. I contracted a highly contagious and deadly disease. The only reason I'm still alive is because the disease gets worse as it is passed from person to person. As the first to get it, I only got the mild version of it Most are not so lucky.

The doctors weren't sure where the disease came from, only that it came. It struck quickly as well. One day I'm fine, and then I get a tingling burning sensation behind my left eye. The next day I'm sitting in class and for no reason the contact lense on my left eye bunched up. I got permission to go to the washroom to fix it. Just after I took the lense out, I saw nothing but red thought my left eye. It felt like I was crying too. My right eye was fine, and looking in the mirror I saw my left eye was covered in blood, and it was running down my cheek. I believe I screamed, and then passed out.

I woke in the hospital, my vision in both eyes fine. The bloody eye episode had only lasted ten minutes, not even really. But everyday, once a day, my left eye now bleeds. The doctors kept me in the hospital for a few days, and then let me go with a prescription for antibacterial wipes to hold on my eye when it bled. All was fine for about a day.

The doctors and nurses; two doctors, two nurses; who had been around me got the bloody eye. Only it lasted longer, and other normal bleeding; like when your gum bleeds from brushing your teeth to hard; lasted longer then it should. My best friend got the same symptoms and the doctors and nurses. We were all then put into isolation; no need to put anyone else at risk. My friend later died.

The condition we have is in no medical books, or scientific books. Nothing like this has ever been recorded in history either. So, as the first victim, I was given the honor of naming it. I named it Bodenea. It has no meaning.

I wish the story had stopped there. Soon my sister was put in with us, diagnosed with Bodenea. She is the second last known survivor. The next step Bodenea took was longer then what the rest of us had. It started with the bloody eye and excessive 'normal' bleeding, then victims lost their teeth, and finally the heart, liver, and intestines started bleeding. No amount of surgery could stop it. The victims died within the hour.

Only then were we let out of isolation, all in perfect health, other then out bleeding problem. The world outside the hospital was not the same one we left behind. People tried to live as normally as they could. But people were just dropping dead. Coffins, both empty and full lined the streets, and it became normal to be talking to a person one minute, and either they or you were dead the next.

It is terrible. People are dying by the hundreds. There is no known cause of the disease, no vaccine, no cure, no hope. Mothers abandon babies and children with symptoms of Bodenea, and those still healthy lock themselves away from the sick in order to stay healthy. Bodenea still finds them. It wasn't just our city that was affected, it is spreading world wide. No one was, or is, safe.

I first got Bodenea four weeks ago, and now finding people alive is getting harder and harder. There're corpses who aren't in coffins; no one wanted to touch them. I don't blame them, it's pretty gross.

Our little group of survivors; if you can call us that; have found one more. A seventeen year old nephew of one of the doctors. He too only has stage two, excessive bleeding, of Bodenea. We've become fast friends, as he's the closest to me in age. My sister is eight, and the doctors and nurses are in their thirties and forties.

It's odd to look around in the daylight, shining brightly and cheerily on a Ghost Town World. I always pictured the end of humanity to be grey, raining, and depressing. Maybe this is how dinosaurs died. They became to powerful so they contracted a disease and died.

Sometimes it's just better to go out at night. Then I can pretend nothing is wrong. I just snuck out of the house to visit some friends against Dad's wishes. Only the smell makes this dream not seam real.

We have no electric power either. Ever noticed how people relied on other people to get the electricity from the hydro-electric dams and windmills to one's house? I never did, until those people died. We use oil lamps now, and only when we need light at night.

Maybe this is the world getting revenge on people. After all we came, we conquered, we abused. We came, by scientific standers, through evolution; load of junk if I ever heard any. We conquered the world, killing each other in the process. We abused. Abused the forests, the water, the coal, the animals, and the atmosphere. If I were the world, I'd want revenge too.

The only thing that really really bothers me, is why are the rest of us still alive? Why did we not die? Did we do something others did not? Are we special in any sort of way? Did we try to make the world a better place? Or was it just luck? Luck that we got it first and survived. My sister suggested aliens sent Bodenea to Earth to kill all but a few people, and kidnap the survivors. I told her to not be silly. There's no such thing as aliens. Right?

I might eventually make this into a longer story. But at the moment I'm happy where it is. And it will probably stay a one shot. And if it does become more it will be after I have finished my story Justified Homicide and it's sequel. So don't hold your breath for an update. Thanks to my wonderful editor Flutterby who kindly edited this for me too.

Rebellion Author.